Texas Family Reckoning
book 2

Tall, blonde, and deadly gorgeous.

Brian Sloane knew that Lindsey Cook was a looker. One glance would let any male with eyes know that fact. Platinum blond hair that hung to her waist, classic blue eyes that would disappear next to a clear summer sky and a body that should be gracing covers of magazines. A looker all right.

This was the longest he’d ever been with a woman and he hadn’t met her yet.

He knew how old she was, where she’d graduated from college, that her best friend’s name was Beth. All that information was on her internet site. He knew she lived in Arlington, drove a sports car, kept two goldfish, and was allergic to cats. She’d had five jobs in the past three years and did freelance web designs. He also knew why she’d migrated to Texas after burying her cousin. Jeremy had drowned while they’d been on vacation together about six months ago and she’d stayed after settling his affairs. Her cousin’s female lawyer had been extra chatty during happy hour.

Unfortunately, accidents happened everywhere, leaving one question he couldn’t answer. How long she would live.

Brian entered the sandwich shop and tried not to zoom all his attention on her. Searching the remaining tables, he noticed no one else was alone, so it was probably safe to assume she was his appointment. 

“You’re Brian?” she asked, extending her hand. Her smile could mesmerize him. He’d watched her work that magic on several customers–male and female–over the past couple of weeks.

“That’d be me.” He took a slender palm in his own, gave a quick squeeze and sat at the table. A well-chosen table in the middle of the very empty sandwich shop. The red silky blouse clung everywhere and plunged just enough to make his imagination go a little wild.

“So, you said that Jeremy’s lawyer recommended me for a job. Your email said something about a ranch website?”

“Yeah, about that. This might sound strange, but I’ve been doing some research and—” Was that sudden look in her eyes one of surprise? An alert? How had he messed up?

“No website?”

He stared, thinking hard on what his answer should be. It was important she listen to him. Her life depended on it. He couldn’t just say that. Could he? He’d avoided the truth long enough. 

“To be honest—”

“Excuse me just a sec.” She looked into her purse. She brought her keys to the tabletop. Hooked to the ring—now pointed at his face—was a small can of pepper spray. “Who are you and why have you been following me? I saw you in front of the store yesterday and you were in line behind me when I got coffee last week.”

“Whoa there.” He raised his hands trying not to jump away from that can. “I really am Brian Sloane. I’m a Fort Worth paramedic, just like I said on the phone. I’ve got ID.”

She shook her head slowly from side to side. Was she thinking about believing him or shooting that pepper spray into his eyes? Okay, so he’d slipped up and not only let her see him a couple of times, but he’d made eye contact at the coffee shop. Who could have resisted? She was smoking hot.
“I’m going to leave,” she said, “and you better stop following me. Just so you know, I took your picture when you walked in and if I see you again—even by accident—I’ll report you to the police as a stalker.”
Texas Family Reckoning
Book 1

He leaned forward, and she jerked to attention. Skittish as a newborn colt. “I know this is a weird way to meet.”

“To say the least.” She kept the nozzle pointed at his eyes. Extremely close to his eyes.

“But I do have information regarding your family.”

“I don’t have any family.”

“What I mean is…I’ve been doing research and I think Jeremy was murdered.”

“I thought you were an EMT. You sound like a reporter.” She brought her finely shaped eyebrows into a straight line, showing her scrutiny and distrust. Not knowing she’d just delivered an insult to highly trained paramedics everywhere by calling him an entry-level EMT.

With a new sister-in-law around his house he was picking up on a lot of subtle feminine looks that he’d had no clue about before. This look? Well, it didn’t leave any room for interpretation.

He shifted. She jerked.

“Just getting my wallet. Okay?”

“Is there a problem, Lindsey?” The guy behind the sandwich counter stopped wiping the display cases.
“I’m fine. Just dealing with another jerk reporter.”

“I’m not a reporter.” He shook his head, looked at the big fellow who was very defensive of the woman in front of him and repeated, “I’m not a reporter.”

“Then why are you following me?”

“It’s a long story that I’d rather not have pepper spray aimed at me while I tell it.”

Lindsey’s long straight hair gently framed a delicate, expressive, beautiful face that he’d been attracted to since the first picture he’d seen of her online. It sort of took him by surprise when she leaned back in her chair, dropped her hands to her lap and waited. The key ring in plain sight. Her protector returned to cleaning. The shop’s patrons went back to business as usual.

“I’d like the short version please,” she said, pushing her hair behind her ear. “You’ve got five minutes and then I’m leaving.”

Short? How did he explain such a complicated story?

“All right. Twelve years ago I thought my brother caused the accidental fire that took the life of one of our former teachers, your second cousin, Gillian Cook. But I was wrong. She was murdered.”

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