Tuesday, June 17, 2014

E.E. Burke's Best of the West featuring Rebecca Paisley

For all you lovers of Western romance, I’ve recently added another favorite author to my Best of the West collection: Rebecca Paisley

Her recent release, RAINBOWS AND RAPTURE, had me laughing and crying at the same time. And the uber sexy hero gives a whole new meaning to "tall, dark and handsome." You'll still be dreaming about him long after you turn the last page. 

RAINBOWS AND RAPTURE is being published for the first time as an eBook by Amber House Books, and is one of six western historical romances Rebecca has written, along with several western novellas. Here's an excerpt: 

   Russia, feasting on an ear of corn while in her bath, squealed loudly when the door opened and banged against the wall. Her corn splashed into the water, then bobbed up again and floated next to her breasts. Immediately conscious of her nakedness, she slid deeper into the steaming water, her eyes never leaving the tall, black-garbed man in the doorway.
   Santiago stood motionless, as if someone had nailed his boots to the floor. Santa Maria, she was beautiful, sitting there with water and candlelight splashed all over her. Droplets shone on her creamy skin and shimmered through her strawberry-gold hair. One even twinkled from the tips of her long tawny lashes.
   He could see nothing but her heart-shaped face and delicate shoulders, but God, it was enough. It was almost too much.
   Taking a deep, cleansing breath, he swiveled, closing and bolting the door. “Are you over your crying spell?” he demanded, trying to sound harsh but detecting a note of concern in his voice. “Because if you’re not, tell me right now. I’ve no intention of dealing with any more of your tears tonight.” 
   “Oh, is that so?” Irritation overthrew the last fragment of Russia's grief. “Well, let’s do somethin’ fun, then. We’ll play horse. I’ll be the front end, and you jist be yourself.”

Meet Rebecca

Since her debut novel was published, bestselling author Rebecca Paisley has become known for creating her very own unique brand of magic on the page.

She decided early in her career to write the sort of books she wanted to read. Her determination earned her a slot on the Publishers Weekly bestseller list and the Romance Writer's of America Honor Roll. She's been a RITA finalist, won the Romantic Times’ “Lifetime Achievement Award” and “Career Achievement Award,” a Reviewers’ Choice Award for “Historical Romance Fantasy” and a “Best Love and Laughter” Award.

Rebecca currently lives in North Carolina with her menagerie of beloved pets, still believes in magic, and still relies on “pixie voices in her head” to inspire her as she works on a brand new book.

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Now on to some questions...

E.E. Why Western romance?

Rebecca: It’s not like I watch hundreds of western movies or read westerns that are not romance novels.  But I tend to sway toward western romance because I lived in Texas for about 27 years, and I like to include Mexico in my stories.  Since I write historicals, it only made sense to set some of my books in the Southwest so I could satisfy my love for Mexico and its men. 

My husband, Sergio, was born in Puebla, Mexico.  I had applied for his U.S. residency papers after our wedding, but they took a really long time to come through, so I lived in Mexico with Sergio for about a year and a half. I was already in love with my Mexican husband, but I also fell in love with the Mexican culture.  I didn’t speak Spanish when I first got there and made many mistakes as I learned the language.  Sergio and his brother were absolutely NO help as I struggled with Spanish.  In fact, the worst things I said, the better they liked it.  I once saw my mother-in-law struggling to get a car door shut, and I told her to shut it “con huevos” – which I thought meant to shut it really hard.  Turned out “con huevos” is a naughty thing that means “with balls (or testicles).”  Can you imagine saying that to your brand new mother-in-law, who wasn’t real happy with you in the first place?  Sergio and his brother almost had strokes laughing.  It’s okay, though, because when Sergio finally got his residency papers and we moved to the U.S., I got back at while he tried to better his English. Ha! 

E.E.: Life with Sergio sounds like something out of a romance novel. Did you have a fairy tale wedding?

Rebecca: Our wedding was in Carthage, North Carolina, a little town right outside Southern Pines. Sergio and I had a real wedding in a church a few months later, but our first wedding was in Carthage because that’s where the courthouse was, and I needed a fast marriage certificate to send in with my petition for Sergio’s Green Card. 

So, we got to the courthouse and, daft person that I am, I wasn’t aware I was supposed to have two witnesses.  (This factoid should show y’all why most of my heroines are also on the naïve side.  Write what you know, right?)  Anyway, we got to the courthouse with no witnesses.  And the judge/Justice Of the Peace was out having lunch somewhere.  The courthouse people told us he would be going to the jailhouse after he finished lunch. Sergio and I went on over to the jail to find him. He came along shortly, and the deputy sheriff was there as well.  But we still needed one more witness besides the deputy. So a prisoner stood as our second witness.  If I remember correctly, the prisoner was in jail because he had tried to steal someone’s pine straw. He got caught because he was drunk and couldn’t get away fast enough. Do not let anyone tell you Mayberry doesn’t exist. I did, indeed, have Sheriff/Justice Of the Peace, Andy Taylor, Deputy Sheriff, Barney Fife, and prisoner, Otis Campbell at my wedding.  

E.E.: How often do you get lost in a story?

Rebecca: If the story is something I’m writing, I am completely lost in it because you never know when an idea is going to come smashing into your mind.  Some of my friends and family think I’m a bad listener because I have to ask them to repeat themselves.  I do get taken away by my own thoughts when I’m writing.  As for being lost in someone else’s story…Yes, I can and have read entire books in one sitting. I love the world of fiction where anything can happen.  I think I might have been born in a story, and then I jumped out of it and became Real.

E.E.: What’s your favorite “love” word?

Rebecca: Cherish.  I love the way it sounds when spoken, the way it looks when written, and the fact that it makes me feel like something wonderful is going to last forever.  You can love something to pieces, and then it ends, but you can always summon the same feelings you had for it to begin with. So it never really ends, and you can cherish it all the hours of your life.

E.E.: Be honest, do you put yourself in the heroine’s role?

Rebecca: Of course!  I have to be them in order to see and feel the story.  Goldie Mae from DIAMONDS AND DREAMS is probably the heroine who takes after me the most.  But I had a lot of fun being Russia Valentine in RAINBOWS AND RAPTURE, too.  Her cat, Nehemiah, was my real cat at the time, and the real Nehemiah had just as many nicknames as the Nehemiah in the book.  Also, Russia’s hero, Santiago, was from Mexico, just like my husband, Sergio.  And a lot of things Russia does that irritate Santiago are things I’ve done to poor Sergio, too.

E.E.: If you could interview one person, who would it be?

Rebecca: Probably Mary, the Blessed Mother. I’ve always tried to imagine what Jesus was like when He was a little boy. I reckon He was pretty much like most little boys, but I’d love for Mary to tell me about some of her memories.  What food was Jesus’ favorite? Did He have a pet? Did He ever sneak away and go skinny-dipping with his friends, or catch minnows in a little creek?  What was His bedtime?  And it tickles me to think of having an interview with Mary.  “Hello, Mary, Mother of God.  Won’t you please have a seat?  Would you like some water or something else to drink before we begin?” Ha!  Just makes me laugh.  And I was able to write a scene kind of like that in RAINBOWS AND RAPTURE, when Russia goes into a church and tells Mary to please not come floating down on a cloud.  Russia was a prostitute in a church, and she was afraid and didn’t know how to act.  But she faced her fears and doubts anyway because she wanted to say a prayer for Santiago. It was a very meaningful scene to me.

E.E.: Which of your characters would you most like to invite to dinner?

Rebecca: Santiago Zamora from RAINBOWS AND RAPTURE.  I would drool over him instead of my meal, even if my food was lobster!  He remains my favorite, sexiest, most wonderful hero.  I have tried to kind of duplicate him in other books just because he was so awesome to me, but no other hero I’ve ever created has come close to him.  And I can’t really hit dead-on as to why I love him so much.  I just do.  From the very instant he came to be, my heart has belonged to him.

E.E.: What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?

Rebecca: I have learned who I am. Yes, people are constantly changing, but our deepest, most curious selves are there for life, I think.  And unless you are a serial murderer or the like, you are okay the way you are.  The most magnificent people I have ever met are people who are not afraid or embarrassed to give free rein to their truest selves. I believe that is one of the main reasons I write.  The hero and heroine teach me or remind me of who I am. My sub-characters REALLY allow me to delve into all kinds of personalities. It’s so fun to create people. 

Gotta Ask: Is there a “Blooper” in your story (it may have been changed before printing)?
Gotta Answer: Oh, Lord.  Yes.  In RAINBOWS AND RAPTURE there was an awful blooper. A reader caught it, and my editor, Teresa Medeiros, changed it immediately. The hero, Santiago, wanted to put his arms around Russia, the heroine, but that’s not what the sentence said.  It actually said something like, “He wanted to slip his anus around her.” It was a heart-stopping error caused by a scanner. I’m not sure how many readers were offended to death, but I can tell you that Teresa and I laughed about that mistake for weeks.  We even changed the book title to SEVEN SHADES OF SPHINCTER. I can’t remember any book by any author that contained a blooper that bad! 

Rebecca is giving away copies of her eBooks THE BAREFOOT BRIDE and DIAMONDS AND DREAMS to one lucky reader. Enter the raffle and leave a comment.

Who would you vote for as "sexiest hero" in your favorite romance novel? 

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Linda said...

LOL over the blooper story! Most unromantic :D
I couldn't attempt to name a "sexiest hero". What is it that every reader says; "I fall in love with all my book heroes"?

Mary Preston said...

Rebecca is sounds like your life is full of inspiration for your writing.

Best blooper ever!!

As for the sexiest. I must say it's always the one I am reading about at that time.

May said...

Too many! Love roake from JD Robb series. Also Westley from princess Bride!

E.E.Burke said...

Rebecca, thank you for joining us today. I laughed all the way through setting up this blog. As for sexy heroes, Santiago is high on my list. He's hot! And that scene where he's bathing...yowsah! My favorite hero is whoever I'm writing at the time. My CPs say: "You're in love with (fill in the blank with whoever I'm writing about) aren't you?" I guess we have to fall in love with our heroes if we want our readers to, as well. Your love for Santiago shines through.

kathyisareader said...

Sounds fun! Thanks for the intro to an author who is new to me!

Rebecca Paisley said...

Hi, Mary. I have often fallen in love with the heroes I'm reading about too. Julie Garwood's historical heroes come to mind. I'm really glad to be doing this blog, though, because I wanted to make sure everyone knows what a jewel of a man Santiago Zamora is. I didn't even know what he was going to be like until Russia called him a grape-slinger. When she said that, I knew immediately who he was going to be. Russia needed a strong hero, one who could take anything she dished out. Santiago did that and much more.

woolfcindy said...

I love Rebecca's books. I been reading and rereading her books. Each one is on my keeper shelf. My favorite is Moonlight and Magnolia's, which unfortunately, is not available yet, but I'm confident that it will be. I'm so happy they are finally available on Kindle. I just bought Rainbows and Rapture and hope I win one of the other two.

Rebecca Paisley said...

You know some sort of worrisome thing is coming when your editor sends you an email with the subject, "Now, Don't Worry, but..." My initial emotion was a sickening sort of shock. But in the very next second, I was laughing myself into a fit. The blooper was even mentioned on the news, but dang it, neither the book title nor my name was included. I thought I might have sold a goodly number of this book if people knew about the outrageous typo. My editor, Teresa Medieros, fixed the error both digitally and in the printed version, but if you are someone who bought the printed book with the blooper before Teresa got it corrected, you've got yourself a true collectible. I wish I had a copy of the blooper one!

Rebecca Paisley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rebecca Paisley said...

Oh! I loved The Princess Bride! I think I've seen it about 50 times. The cast was absolutely perfect.

Rebecca Paisley said...

I got so flustered over thinking about Santiago that I messed up my first reply and had to delete it. Now it says the comment was deleted by the author, and maybe some readers will think I wrote something nasty and had to erase it. But it wasn't that. I just wrote an answer in the wrong box and had to fix it by deleting it. Elisabeth, you and I must think very alike. That scene when Santiago is bathing and all that white lather is sluicing over his dark, naked skin... Truth to tell, I had to get out of my chair about 538 times while writing that scene. I got so squirmy, and I could feel that my face was getting all red. Another scene that had me panting and shaky was when Santiago was teaching Russia some sensual things by having her straddle and move upon a thick fallen tree branch. I wanted to BE Russia in this book.

Rebecca Paisley said...

Hi, Kathy! I hope you like my books! Thank you so much for dropping by to say hello!

Rebecca Paisley said...

Hello Cindy! Do you mean MOONLIGHT AND MAGIC or MIDNIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS? They are easy to mix up because the titles are so similar. Yes, they will both be coming out soon. So will HEARTSTRINGS, A BASKET OF WISHES, and BED OF ROSES. My publisher, Amber House Books, has them all. And Amber House Books will also be publishing some brand new work of mine. Never before published. It's a magical story with lots of animals in it. Looking like a trilogy right now, but it might turn into a series. It's been really fun to write so far because I ADORE magic.

Angi Morgan said...

Thanks for being with us, Rebecca !

Rebecca Paisley said...

I'm really glad to be here, Angi. Thank you!

bn100 said...

Not sure

Mary Strand said...

Beckiesweet! GREAT blooper! I think the sexiest hero (certainly my fave) was Rothgar in Jo Beverley's Malloran series. Rothgar was brainy and powerful. Love that.

Rebecca Paisley said...

Marisweet, my sweetheart! So nice of you to visit me here! I will have to investigate Rothgar. Thanks for the recommendation! XXOO

Rebecca Paisley said...

It's okay to not be sure, bn100. 'Tis a rare thing when everyone is certain about everything, every day.

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

OMG... I was giggling at your language difficulties... sorry... Book sounds great!

Quilt Lady said...

Sounds like an awesome read and I would love to read it. Entering under the name of Virginia

lead AT hotsheet DOT com

Rebecca Paisley said...

Hi, Girly! And the language difficulties continue... Sergio has now been a US Citizen for 37 years, attended and graduated from a college in Los Angeles, and STILL says a few wrong/cute things to this very day. For example, he never gets IN a car. He gets ON it. And he invites you to do the same. "Get on the car and let's go." And I must confess that I do the same thing in Spanish. I can never remember the difference between "sobres" and "sobras." One is "envelopes" and the other is "leftovers." I have told Sergio many times that we are having envelopes for dinner.

Rebecca Paisley said...

Hello, Quilt Lady. I do hope you love reading RAINBOWS AND RAPTURE. It was such a fun story to write. Russia and her kitty, Nehemiah, are just so uncontrollable, but somehow Santiago manages to keep up with them. Thank you for coming to my blog! :)

Maureen said...

What an interesting wedding story with a prisoner as a witness.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

Rebecca Paisley said...

Maureen, it WAS interesting and funny! Stressful and irritating at the time, but now we look back on it and see it as the outlandish thing it was! Thanks for joining us here today! :)

Penny Rader said...

Rebecca, I've read many of your books. They always made me laugh out loud, while your dedications brought tears to my eyes. I need to replace them because they were ruined by a leaky house. Which book had the heroine who gave duke lessons to the duke?

Mary Strand said...

Rothgar first appeared in the first book in the Malloren (not Malloran; sorry!) series: My Lady Notorious. Even in his relatively brief appearance, he nearly stole the show from the hero, his younger brother or stepbrother. Swoon!

Rebecca Paisley said...

Hi, Penny! I remember you from Long Ago and Far Away! LOVE finding my first writing/reading friends! I'm so happy to see you! The book you are talking about is DIAMONDS AND DREAMS. With Saber Tremayne and Goldie Mae. That book is available as an e-book now. All my books are or will be e-books! In fact, just by coming to Get Lost In A Story and leaving a comment, you have entered yourself into a drawing for THE BAREFOOT BRIDE and DIAMONDS AND DREAMS. The books are also available as nice-sized trade paperbacks with all new covers! :) I hope I can keep in touch with you, Penny! XXOO -- Beckie

Penny Rader said...

Trying again. My first reply seems to have evaporated.

I'm so tickled you remember me, Beckie. I can' wait to read Goldie Mae's story again. Looks like I'll be doing some book shopping this weekend. I was just thinking about another of your characters who was saying the Lord's prayer. "Howard be Thy name" had me rolling. One of my favorite dedications you wrote was about your sister and lemons. Touched me so much. And I think I remember one about your dad's wallet.

I'm so glad you're writing again and that your earlier books are available again. I hit a speed bump and haven't written much of anything for a while. I finally gave myself permission to not write this year, except for my monthly blog post for my writer's group.

Penny Rader said...

Aargh. Can't wait. Not can' wait.

Rebecca Paisley said...

"Howard be thy name"... That prayer was mumbled and botched by Sterling Montoya in MOONLIGHT AND MAGIC. And it's a true thing, too. I thought God's name was Howard when I was little. And my daughter - when she was young and just starting Catholic catechism - thought Mary's name was Melly. So her version of the Hail Mary was, "Hail, Melly, full of grace..." The Blessed Mother's name is really Melanie - Melly for short. Who knew? Ha! Thank you for remembering my dedications, Penny. You make me feel so good. I will soon be doing a special thing on my FB page to honor Daddy. Where is your blog? I would love to visit you there! :)

Penny Rader said...

I love Melly. My blog date at http://warawriters.blogspot.com/ is on the 22nd of the month. On the 31st of the month I also try to share links I've found. We'd love to have you drop by. Sorry, I'm sneaking in to you read your blog and don't remember how to turn the link above into a hyperlink.

Penny Rader said...

And I obviously can't put two words together without a third getting in where it doesn't belong. It must be that Catholic guilt thing. I know I'm supposed to be working, not playing. ;D Gotta go!

Rebecca Paisley said...

Penny, you are so funny! Again, so glad I found you again!

Rebecca Paisley said...

I love to swoon over heroes! I will definitely be reading this story!

Anonymous said...

I loved the story about your blooper, Rebecca. Christina Dodd has a cover picture blooper in which the heroine ends up with three hands. LOL I have a copy of the book and she also talks about it on her site.

For sexiest hero from my favorite book, I'd have to go with Gabriel Fairchild from YOURS UNTIL DAWN by your lovely editor, Teresa Medeiros. I have a big soft spot for wounded warriors.

Marcy Shuler