First Friday News from the Crew

It's June! How is that even possible?

To celebrate the dawn of a new month (and summer at that!) I asked some of the GLIAS crew to share their good news!

Here's what's going on with:

Angi Morgan

I’ve had an exciting two months and you’ve all been there for the releases of my TEXAS FAMILY RECKONING series with Harlequin which helped get THE RENEGADE RANCHER to #25 on Publishers Weekly Mass Market list. I’m writing the third book in my next series called WEST TEXAS WATCHMEN: The Sheriff, The Cattleman & The Ranger. Those three release in Jan, Feb & March 2015.

I have a completely different project that I’m very excited about. 12 SHADES OF MIDNIGHT is Twelve paranormal authors... one extraordinary boxed set. Featuring ALL NEW novellas by bestselling authors. That’s right, I’m adding some paranormal twists to my suspense with a new series: BODYGUARDS IN HEELS. The first is called: HIT & RUN HALLIE.

One of the most exciting things that happened at the Romantic Times convention is when three friends (and my new friends) asked for my autograph…in their printed book that had my book covers. It was the most AWESOME feeling to be included.

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Kat Baldwin

Kathleen Baldwin's delightful teen fantasy romance, Diary of a Teenage Fairy Godmother, is a Golden Quill finalist! 

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Maureen McGowan

COMPLIANCE, Book 2 in The Dust Chronicles is a finalist in the YA category of the National Excellence in Romance Fiction! 

Last October, COMPLIANCE won the 2013 Golden Leaf award, and I finally got my paws on the actual award! I couldn't go to the awards ceremony, so I asked a good friend to accept for me, if I won. I'm sure she did an awesome job of that... but she lives an hour away and has such a busy schedule, I didn't get the award until now.) Here's a picture.

Also, to celebrate the June release of GLORY, Book 3 in The Dust Chronicles, the first two books, DEVIANTS and COMPLIANCE are on sale at Amazon! (Canada and US)  You can pick them up for only $2! (And right now, GLORY is up for pre-order at only $4!)

Coming next week.... 
For the release of GLORY, I'll be having a fabulous giveaway, with books and.... A Kindle Paperwhite!!! 
Come back next week to enter.

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How about YOU??? Do you have any happy news to share? We <3 hearing good news.
What's the haps?


  1. Congratulations Maureen on the 2013 Golden Leaf award!

    WOW! Way to go Angi! this is a cool anthology! Congratulations on being in it. You are a terrific author and I look forward to reading you paranormal.

  2. So great to hear all the good stuff happening with you guys! :)

    I'm finishing up copy edits on my December book, and working on a new novel and short story. I hope to have some good news to share about both soon! :)

    1. We eagerly await you sharing your good news, Lara!

  3. Awesome news, ladies! I hope you've celebrated in between days of work!

  4. Congrats, ladies!

    My youngest son graduated from HS on the 6th (which is also my hubby's b-day, though his cake will be late. LOL). That's the biggest thing here. :)

    Marcy Shuler

    1. That's awesome, Marcy!
      Congrats to all 3 of you! :)