Get Lost in a Story welcomes Kait Carson

Get Lost in a Story readers, I love a good mystery, which is why I’m thrilled to bring you today Author Kait Carson.  I don’t think there’s many mystery fans out there that would put down this book after reading this blurb.  Please welcome Kait Carson to Get Lost in a Story:
Thanks Donnell – that is high praise.  I appreciate it.
About Murder Multiples

Catherine Swope is thrilled with her first multi-million dollar real estate sale. Bidding on the confiscated Miami Beach mansion at the Federal auction was her idea. Now she's found the perfect buyer. When Catherine discovers the soon to be new homeowner dead in the bathtub, her plans fall apart. What looks like a tragic accident turns out to be murder. Police and DEA investigations uncover a web of connections that tie Catherine to the death, and to the drugs left behind at the house. The coincidences force her to conduct her own investigation, and put her directly in the line of fire. Someone wants to frame Catherine for murder, dead or alive.
DONNELL:  Kait, welcome: 

Miami Beach, real estate, DEA and police and murder, this is  my kind of read.  You live in Florida, correct, scuba dive, you live the life of a Floridian, correct?  Is this your first and only home, or are you a transplant?
KAIT: That’s a hard question to answer. My birth home is New Jersey, with a heavy dollop of living on my great-grandfather’s farm in upstate New York. We had relatives in South Florida, so we spent a lot of time there from the time I was five until I finally went to college at University of Miami. With the exception of a foray to Virginia, back to New Jersey, and then to Maine, I’ve been in Florida ever since. So, it’s fair to say I’ve lived here most of my life.
DONNELL:  Catherine is a Realtor.  Is this your background, tell us the difference between Catherine and Kait?
KAIT:  No, I’ve never been in real estate. I’m lucky to have several friends who are in real estate and they help me with the details. My day job is a probate/tax/litigation paralegal. Catherine is a lot more analytical than I am. She sees relationships where I see events. I’m more detail oriented than she is, but she is more methodical. Catherine will go from point a to b to c while I will spend a lot of time exhausting all the avenues of point a only to jump to point e. We balance each other well.  She is also a lot braver than I am. Both of us are runners and animal lovers and both of us believe in justice and want to see it done.
DONNELL: This sounds like a more hard-boiled mystery to me.  How would describe it?
KAIT: Was it Robby Burns who thought seeing yourself as others see you was the greatest gift? It’s funny, when I was writing the first of the Swope series my critique partner kept telling me, “This is not a cozy.” To me, it was.  Now I describe the Swope books as being traditional mysteries. They fall into a strange genre since they are essentially amateur detective novels, but Catherine does have a law enforcement background so she gets to bring that to the table and it does change the tone. I’ve recently encountered the phrase “cozy noir.” That may be the best description of the Swope series.
DONNELL:  It also appears to me that a lot of research went into Murder Multiples.  Federal auctions.  Talk about that.  How often do they occur?
KAIT: I love research. One of my majors in college was history which is research intensive, and of course, my day job is too. I find it satisfying to start with a question and sift through all the possibilities until you come up with an answer, or a correct possibility even if it’s not the usual answer. I did that in MIM when I deviated from the usual forfeiture process. As a general rule, property is not sold before an adjudication of guilt in the courts. The confiscation for sale is usually part of the sentence. Defendants can agree to forfeit in advance of conviction and sentencing. This is the scenario I used in MIM. It’s not common, but it does occur. I was relieved to find it in research because I really wanted Pell and Zak to be easily available to Catherine, although Pell’s murder surprised us both.
The Federal auctions were the result of two kinds of research, the first personal. One of my dive buddies is a DEA agent, the second is Internet research. Somehow or another I ended up on a Federal Auction e-mail list. I received a notification of residences in the Miami area that were going up for auction. One of the photos triggered Murder in the Multiples. As far as I can tell, there is no set timing for the auctions. The notifications seemed to be random in time, but there may be a national schedule of sorts.
DONNELL:  Speaking of research, what is the most fascinating thing that you have learned as a writer while researching?
KAIT: Easy – that scent is to a dog is as color is to a person. That’s how acute their sense of smell is. Each scent is distinctive to them. They don’t smell “floral” they smell rose, lily, of the valley, lavender all as separate scents. I fell in love with that fact. Doing the canine research was a lot of fun. The training of these dogs is meticulous and the dogs enjoy the work.
DONNELL:  If you’re not writing, where will we find you?
KAIT: Up or down. Flying in our Cherokee 6 – my husband is a pilot and we own a plane, or SCUBA diving. My passion is wreck diving so I’m usually finding some old hunk of junk to visit. In fact, my next book, Death by Blue Water, the first in the Hayden Kent series and due to be released by Henery Press in November, starts with a body found on a deep wreck dive.
DONNELL:     Organized or are you a packrat?
KAIT: Organized. I can’t even write if my desk is a mess. They say opposites attract. It may be true. My husband is a packrat to the 25th degree. Unfortunately, he can rarely find what he hoards. I have a photographic memory so if I have seen it, I know where it is. We have lots of “Karnac” moments at my house.
DONNELL:  What’s the most unusual thing you have in your closet?
KAIT: An unfinished three-foot long model of the USS Constitution. What, everyone doesn’t have a balsa wood model on the top shelf of his or her closet? I also have my great grandmother’s china serving platters in there. I’m afraid they’ll get broken if I put them out where my eight cats can get to them. Lucky this is a deep closet!
DONNELL:  What is your favorite series drama or program?
KAIT: Is now the time to confess that we don’t have television? We never hooked up to cable or satellite. We do watch shows on Netflix though. Right now I’m working through series six of Mad Men. I love the 1960s flavor to it and the sheer style of the program. I also love House Hunters. In fact, I think that may be why Catherine is in Real Estate!
Kait, now it’s your turn.  Time to ask the reader a question, and readers, the name of one lucky commenter will be drawn to win a Kindle version of Kait's book.
 KAIT WANTS TO KNOW:  What brings them back to a series. For me, it’s usually the main character. Is that standard or are there other factors?
Also, animals are very important to me. I think they help establish humanity, in real life and on the page. Do readers like books with “critters” or do they get in the way of the story?
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Kait Carson lives in central Florida with her husband, eight cats, a cockatoo, and a macaw. All are rescues. When not writing or researching, Kait spends her time scuba diving the glorious Florida waters. Her pilot husband often flies her in the family Cherokee to check out new locations for mayhem or for speaking and signing events. ZONED FOR MURDER is her first full-length novel. MURDER IN THE MULTIPLES, the second in the series is currently available on Amazon as an e-book. The paperback follows in soon.

On the big news and announcement front, Kait is thrilled to share that she has signed a contract with Henery Press. Her first book, titled DEATH BY BLUE WATER features Hayden Kent, a scuba diving paralegal living in the Florida Keys. A release date has not yet been set.

Kait loves to hear from fans, check out her website at www.kaitcarson.com; follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kaitcarsonauthor, on twitter at @kaitcarson, or e-mail her at kait.carson@gmail.com.




  1. Congratulations to Kait on her new book! It is definitely the characters that bring me back to a series. I want to know what happens to them next.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  2. The story sounds great, Kait. It's the characters that bring me back to a series. I want to see the main character grow and develop with his/her friends or colleagues. What makes people tick? Why do they do what they do? You can delve so much more deeply into this in a series and it's like having a friend whom you watch grow over time.

    Animals are fine but not necessary. They have their own personalities so the writer must write them as carefully as the other characters.

    I'm eager to read the book.

  3. Kait, I wish I had all the time in the world to read. I am adding your work to my TBR pile and hoping the table doesn't fall through the floor!

  4. Thank you for the warm welcome and kind words Maureen, Claire, Donnell and Angi. Characters are everything to me. I agree with Claire's statement that they become friends. I often find that a well drawn character lingers in my mind after I've closed the book. I'm glad to read that other readers feel the same.

  5. ANNOUNCEMENT - you saw it here first. As a special thank you for inviting me to blog today, ZONED FOR MURDER will be free on Kindle June 20-24th. Meet Catherine in her first mystery.

  6. Loved the interview with Kait. And I also like to read about Realtors. I can't answer the question about what draws me to a book with just one thing. Character, definitely, but also knowing the author is good at plotting, and third, the occupation of the main character is important to me.

  7. Hi Jan. Interesting that the occupation of the main character is important. Do you tend towards occupations you are familiar with?

  8. Holy cow... you don't have a TV!? You sound like my kind of woman. I rarely watch television but I think my husband would flip if we didn't have one. Terrific interview, Kait!

    Anna Davis, Editorial Assistant at Henery Press

  9. Thanks for the kind words Anna. Nope, no TV - even more amazing - my husband was the biggest advocate for pulling the cable plug - I wasn't sure I could live without House Hunters - I get my fix Online now.

  10. Don't like to read about animals; prefer books in a series if they're standalone and feature different main characters

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  11. Hi BN - That's a very intriguing comment. What is it you don't like about animals in books? Do you feel that they take over? Or that they shouldn't be treated as "humans"? I confess, I talk to my animals. The real ones. And sometimes seek their help if I'm trying to work out a problem. OK, they don't really help, but it does help to verbalize to them. I've asked Hutch how Paddy Whack would act, he usually gives me great non-verbal advice. I agree that with stand-alones, I want distinct characters. I don't even like an overlap character. I am curious about your thoughts on animals.

  12. Thank you so much for having me. And for your comments. They make me think and always make me a better writer. I've had a great time. Don't foget - free Zoned for Murder tomorrow and through Tuesday :)

  13. Kait, love this chat. I love series and what I love about them (besides the plot, of course) is the interaction between the characters. It's almost like keeping up with family happenings to find out what they do next.

  14. Congratulations on your contract, Kait!!! It was nice to meet you today.

    I agree with you about the TV. I grew up without one for the most part. Didn't miss it as we spent most of our time outside doing stuff or reading. Life was so much simpler back then.

    I hope you come back again.

  15. Great interview! I'm so with you regarding organization and research. Does that make us nerds?

  16. Nice interview, Kait. Looking at your desk in the picture made me realize we don't have neat desks in common. I thoroughly enjoyed Zoned for Murder and look forward to the second book in the series. I agree that the characters are what brings me back to a book, but I can't tell you what it is about them that does the trick. Maybe they have to be a little messed up for me to be interested.

    Best of luck with your new series, Kait. I have no doubt it will be a winner.

  17. Off to get my copy of Zoned for Murder, Kait. Come back and see us!

  18. Thank you Norma, Kathleen, Peg, Polly and Donnell - I agree that reading a series is like establishing a family relationship. While I enjoy stand alones, I find that I will pre-order a new offering from a series I am following, but wait for the reviews for the next stand alone by a writer a like. Kathleen, life was simpler - we were always outside, and we always felt safe. Our neighbors bought their 9 year old grandson a bike for Christmas. I never saw him ride it. He spent the entire visit inside playing video games! Peg, don't know about the nerd designation, but if it does, them I'm proud to be one :). Polly, the desk cleans up nicely - I have to have a neat desk to write, but under the desk, that's where the stacks live :) Characters have to have edges I think, and there has to be some undercurrent in them that keep you coming back. Thank you for the good wishes for the new series. Donnell, I would love to come back. I have so much fun here and great comments!