Get Lost with R.S.A. Garcia

On one of Earth’s planetary outposts, a young woman dies–and is brought back to life by a mysterious alien.

Inside a military starship, a wounded soldier is stalked by an unseen enemy.

When Lex reawakens in a clinic, she doesn’t remember who she is, or who killed her. All she remembers is a phrase she does not understand. Lex Talionis. The law of revenge. Stripped of her past, Lex focuses on the only thing she can. Retribution. She will find the people who murdered her and she will make them pay.

What Lex doesn’t know is that she’s being hunted. The alien who saved her and the soldier fighting for survival are the keys to her past…and her future. She must discover what they know before the hunter finds her. Every clue brings her closer to owerful enemies. Everything she learns draws her nearer to the person who almost destroyed her.

The only man she has ever loved.

R.S.A. Garcia lives and works on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean with a large family and too many dogs.
RSA Garcia
She decided to be an author when she discovered that Louisa May Alcott had been published at the age of 8. Determined to waste no more time, she finished her first collection of stories at 10. She has not stopped writing since, and indulged herself in a deep love of all speculative fiction despite the best advice of every English teacher she has ever had.

Her debut novel, LEX TALIONIS, a science fiction mystery, is out now and has received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly and advanced praise from award-winning author, Elizabeth Bear.

CLOVER: How often to you get lost in a story?

R.S.A:  Every time I read a good book! Of course, the hard part in today's world is finding the time to read a good book while writing one. But every once in a while I still manage to stumble onto some gem that will not only absorb me completely, but turn me green with envy at the author's skill. After all, if you managed to get lost in a story when you're a writer, there's always a tiny part of you that wants to rend your garments because you just know you'll never be that good.

CLOVER: Be honest, when reading...do you put yourself in the heroine’s role?

R.S.A:  If the heroine is strong and interesting. If she's not, I'll be fine following the hero on his adventures instead. But let's face it--we girls want to be in the heroine's perfect skin a whole lot more than we want to be in ours sometimes. After all, the heroine's hair is always fetching, she never has PMS and she most likely snared the sexiest man alive with naught but a searing look.

CLOVER: What do you do to unwind and relax?

R.S.A:  What is this unwinding you refer to? Clearly you must be talking about a time-piece and not me 'cause God only knows I'm so tightly wound, the last time I went for a massage I was so tense the masseuse got one right after I left.

However, I do occasionally manage to come to an extended halt for a good movie or tv show, a book and a cocktail.  

CLOVER: R, you are so funny! I know what you mean though. Okay, so no unwinding. In that case, what’s your favorite movie of all time?

R.S.A: Oh no, not that question! I can never just pick one! Argghhh! You see, I'm a huge movie buff and I have categories for the movies I love. You will get at least a top ten list for everything from musicals to horror. I have no one movie that rises head and shoulders above the rest.

I do, however, have movies I've watched so many times, I can say the lines along with the actors. The top three on that list, from three to one, are The Terminator, The Sound of Music and It's a Wonderful Life.

I know...I have no idea what the T-800 model 101 is doing in there either, but it probably doesn't mean anything good for the poor Von Trapp children.

CLOVER: What are the next five books on your ‘to be read’ pile?

R.S.A: Must you reveal my shame? Some of these books have been waiting patiently for months. ::Sigh:: Fine, I'm currently reading--or planning to read--Under the Dome by Stephen King, Shadow Over Avalon by C.N. Lesley, Hellstrom's Hive by Frank Herbert, A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and Beloved by Toni Morrison.

CLOVERS GOTTA ASK:  Describe an absolutely perfect day.

R.S.A’S GOTTA ANSWER:  That would be one during which everyone in the world forgot to make war or hurt each other for 24 hours--and I could eat my fill of desserts and savoury meals and LOSE the equivalent weight the next morning.

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WHAT’S UP NEXT FOR YOU? Hopefully a sequel to 'Lex Talionis', but that depends on my publisher. *Gazes soulfully at her publisher*


A lot of popular books now feature strong female protagonists. What does that mean for your as a reader? What are you looking for when you hear that phrase? Do you need such a protagonist to be likable?

R.S.A. is offering a copy of Lex Talionis to one lucky commenter.

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  1. I like my heroine who can stand up for herself and doesn't need rescuing. I don't think she has to be particularly likable... Scarlett wasn't and lots of readers love her.

  2. I like strong heroines but admit I want to like them. I don't equate strong to not likable

  3. Welcome to GLIAS. Glad to have you !

  4. Thank you guys! It's a great blog and I'm so happy to get the chance to be part of it. @Linda, I agree with you. Strong doesn't have to mean unlikable. But I do feel a lot like @May. I don't NEED to like a strong woman. I can appreciate someone's positive qualities without being their friend. All the same, who wants to spend hours with someone totally unlikable? That's why I thought this would be an interesting poll to take.

    Looking forward to the other replies! Keep them coming!

  5. MCB, it does my heart no end of good to see that all the anguished emails about agents and publishers, transPacific messages, OWW reviews, discussions about cricket and stories all come good with Lex gaining a place on the world literary stage. The secret is out, MCB. There'll be no stopping you now. Don't enter me in the draw, though. I'll buy my own.

  6. Thanks, @MAB! ::HUGS::

  7. Congrats Rhonda my dear friend I always knew from the first time I heard you spoke or tell a joke you were destined for greatness stay bless.......

  8. hero and heroine have to be likeable to me

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Thanks for that, bn100. The contest winner has already been notified, but I appreciate your comment.