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Kimberly Kincaid writes contemporary romance novels that split the difference between sexy and sweet, taking the traditional idea of boy-meets-girl and infusing it with a sassy magic all her own. She believes in fiery yet flawed characters destined for a crash-course in falling in love-- usually the hard way-- and injects her trademark humor as well as poignant touches into her writing to create her stories.

Kimberly's writing journey has led down some bumpy roads (that first manuscript is under the bed, where it is very likely to stay), but there has been some fresh pavement too (her second manuscript earned her very first contest final, and landed the fantastic Maureen Walters at the Curtis Brown Literary Agency). One thing is certain -- the wild ride of being a writer is a lot richer in both its ups and downs because of friends and readers along the path.

When Kimberly's not sitting cross-legged in an ancient desk chair known as "The Pleather Bomber", she can be found practicing obscene amounts of yoga, whipping up anything from enchiladas to eclairs in her kitchen, or curled up with her nose in a book. She resides in northern Virginia with her wildly patient husband and their three daughters.

The three stairs leading from the yard to what remained of the deck were still anchored in place, and Jackson mounted them easily even though the far side of the deck had sustained enough damage to make it a bad idea. It was the only way he was going to get a good enough look at the point of impact; plus, if the boards ended up giving way, it wasn’t as if he’d fall more than a foot or two.
He was crouched down low to examine the missing boards and busted railing when the most horrific attempt at song filtered loudly through the screen door.
            “Ouch.” Jackson winced at the spectacular racket over his shoulder, biting back a laugh. It was absolutely wrong to eavesdrop on a client belting out oldies in the privacy of her own home, even if she was doing it with nothing but the rolling screen that accompanied her sliding glass door between them. The woman’s voice was an audio train wreck, and his curiosity jumped like a trout at daybreak. One peek wouldn’t hurt, would it?
            As soon as he caught sight of the woman through the screen door, all bets for a quick look-see were off. The image of an old lady went up in smoke, replaced by a curvaceous, dark-haired woman in a skimpy bathrobe. Her eyes were shut tight, pretty face turned up to the living room ceiling as she wailed out the song with all her might. Common decency dictated he step back from the house and pretend he hadn’t seen her. He needed to walk away, and he needed to do it pronto.
Nope. Not happening. This woman was beautiful. Even if she did sound like a bag full of pissed off kittens.
            Jackson stood, mesmerized, as she moved in place to the slow beat of the music. She was a little slip of a thing, but an air of strength belied her size. Muscular calves tapered gracefully into slim ankles, nearly covered by a pair of floppy yellow socks. A handful of dark tendrils came loose from the knot on top of her head, perfectly framing her Mediterranean features.  She stood in the middle of the living room, eyes squeezed shut to serenade God knows who, and propriety be damned, he couldn’t rip his eyes from her.
            Every time she undulated to the sultry rhythm of the song, the belt on her bathrobe slipped lower over her hips, loosening it just enough to reveal the thin tank top beneath. The cotton stretched over her chest as she swayed, and she crooned again to the climbing music.
            “You make me feel, you make me feel, you make me feel like a natural womaaaaaaan!”
With each breath, the generous curve of her breasts pressed against the fabric.
            For a split second, all Jackson could think was oh, hell yes.
But then his decency kicked in, hard and fast. He averted his heated face, raising one hand to knock on the metal door frame of the screen. In that same instant, a blood curdling scream ripped through the air over the music, followed by a string of curse words that made Jackson wonder if he should cower in fear or be hugely impressed.
            “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on!” Jackson hollered, holding his hands up. He opened his mouth to tell her who he was and why he was there, but before he could form the words, she snatched something up from the side table and flung it at him with freakish accuracy.
            Too late.

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Out of the frying pan. . .and into the fire!

Desperate to escape the spotlight of her failed marriage to a fellow celebrity-chef, Carly di Matisse left New York City for a tiny town in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The restaurant she's running these days may not be chic, but in Pine Mountain she can pretend to be the tough cookie everybody knows and loves. Until she finds herself spending too much time with a way-too-hot contractor whose rugged good looks melt her like butter. . .

Jackson Carter wasn't looking for love. But he's not the kind of man to walk away from a worksite--or from a fiery beauty whose passionate nature provides some irresistible on-the-job benefits. . .

It's the perfect temporary arrangement for two ravenous commitment-phobes--except that Jackson and Carly keep coming back for seconds. . .and thirds. . .and fourths. . .

"Kimberly Kincaid knows how to whip up a delicious love story." ~Susan Donovan

"Smart, fun, and heartwarming." ~Jill Shalvis

"A sweet and sexy treat! Don't miss it!" ~Bella Andre, New York Times bestselling author

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Sloane Russo’s turned a decade of crazy jobs and whimsical travel into a career writing steamy novels set in exotic places. Trouble is, Sloane’s flat broke now—and she can’t channel sun-drenched beaches in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The only fast cash in town comes with some seriously distracting temptation: Gavin Carmichael, hot, handsome and oh-so-hard-headed.

Gavin isn’t the impulsive Don Juan of Sloane’s novels. He’s raising his thirteen-year-old half-sister, and he’s pretty sure he’s supposed to act like he’s never heard of fun. Sloane is way too sexy and irresponsible to be his idea of a good tutor for Bree, but the unpredictable anti-nanny may be irresistible as well…

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KIMBERLY WANTS TO KNOW: Carly, the heroine in GIMME SOME SUGAR, is a chef, and she and Jackson share more than a few meals together. What's the one meal you'd share with your sweetie if money and ability (and calories!) were no object?" 


  1. I love this excerpt! I'm so looking forward to getting my hands on this book!!

  2. Kimberly, I can't hardly keep up with your releases. So happy for you. But I'm wondering when you actually sleep.

  3. There's a fun quote in TURN UP THE HEAT that I admit, I borrowed from my husband (who likely borrowed it from someone else) that goes, "I'll have plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead." And that pretty much sums me up :) But I love getting to write, and to share books with amazing readers! Thanks for letting me pop in to the blog today!

  4. Hi Kimberly! I have the first book (and the novella in the anthology) in this series, so I'm really looking forward to getting the next books. ;)

    I'd love to have a lobster dinner. I've heard some people have lobster races first but I just want to eat them. LOL

    Marcy Shuler