Missing in Action!

Hi, folks! I was supposed to be interviewing Mary Gilgannon today, but we had some extenuating circumstances. So thought I'd step in and share a bit of my experience from RWA Nationals. Actually, this is from Kiss of Death, the online romantic suspense/mystery chapter. Each year we meet wherever the conference is and we go on a tour that has to do with suspense & mystery. This year we went to Lackland Air Force Base to learn about the special forces and then we went to Fort Sam Houston to learn about Combat Medic Training.

Here are a few pics from the tour:
Originally we were supposed to meet the soldiers who work with the dogs, but they were called away through the night before. So we went around various parts of the base and saw this statue.
I just thought this pic was cool. We were on our way to watch how some of the Air Force special forces trained. The special forces we met were like the police for the base, which I didn't know.
This is an example of a vehicle used by medics.

This is one of the mannequins involved in training medics. In here they learn to put all the information from their brains to practical use.

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