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I'm thrilled to welcome Rachael to the Get Lost In A Story blog for the very first time with her new release, A Deal Before the Altar. 

Back Cover Blurb:

"I have a deal to put to you, Mr. Ramirez." 
Georgina Henshaw will do anything to ensure her younger sister's happiness—even marry the darkly enigmatic Santos Ramirez! She has just one condition—she'll wear his ring, but she'll never share his bed! 

Santos has earned his ruthless reputation, but even he isn't sure whether to be shocked or awed by Ms. Henshaw's proposal. He can't deny marriage would solve his current problem, but to truly secure his family business, the delectable Georgina must provide him with an heir….!


Jan Schliesman: How often to you get lost in a story?
Rachael Thomas: As often as I can. I read every evening in bed, but if the book really hooks me and I can’t put it down, it goes with me throughout the day - in case I can snatch a bit more reading time.

Jan: How long have you been writing?  Did you enter any contest along the way?
So You Think You Can WriteRachael: I have seriously been writing for the last seven years, but have always scribbled stories down. When I was eight, a short story I’d written was held up to the class as a good example and that’s when I thought ‘I want to be a writer’.

Over the last seven years I’ve entered lots of competitions, some giving positive feedback, others nothing, but it was entering So You Think You Can Write last year that changed everything. 

Jan: Do you listen to music while you’re writing?
Rachael: Yes I do. Originally it was a ‘sign’ to my family that I was writing, but now it helps me to switch from the day job on the farm and back into my story.

Jan: What was the best advice you were ever given by another editor or author?
Rachael: There are two pieces of advice I’ve been given by writing friends. The first was to write the story in my heart, the one I just had to write. The second was to enjoy it.

Jan: Describe an absolutely perfect day?
Rachael: Taking time out with writing friends is always a great day, but if an exotic location could be thrown in, that would be just perfect.

Jan: Are your husband and kids good about helping you out and/or doing extra chores when they know you are on a deadline?
Rachael: Even before I became published my family has been really supportive of my need to write. At that point I didn’t have an editor setting a deadline, but as a member of The Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme, I did have an annual deadline. Now my husband is helping me to step back from some of my jobs on the farm, enabling me to meet my deadlines.

Jan:  What is the best thing about living in Europe?
Rachael: I love that there are so many countries to explore, so many cultures to learn about and fascinating people to meet. My recent travels have only been in Europe, but I’m itching to go further.

JAN’S GOTTA ASK: My hubby works for Haagen Dazs so what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

RACHAEL’S GOTTA ANSWER: I love white chocolate, so raspberry and white chocolate is a favorite, but Baileys comes a close second.

Rachael's next book, Claimed by the Sheikh, is a February 2015 release.

Rachael has always loved reading romance and has been writing since she was a child. She lives and works on a farm in Wales. Although it's a far cry from the glamour of her stories, Rachael says it makes slipping into the world of her characters all the more appealing. When she's not writing or working on the farm, she loves nothing more than to visit grand historic houses or ancient castles.

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Thanks so much, Rachael, for sharing your time with all of us on the Get Lost In A Story blog!  
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  1. A wonderful post thank you.

    I am fascinated by Egypt - ancient & modern. I can see this locale lending itself to all manner of stories.


  2. Great interview Rachael and a fabulous book too.

  3. I've always wanted to go to Egypt Mary. A research trip maybe!!

    Thanks Elisabeth!

  4. Sounds boring and typical but i like England. Love the country and its traditions.

  5. Great to meet you, Rachael. I visited Italy for the first time recently but didn't have a chance to visit Cinque Terre. The photographs of the colorful homes overlooking the rocky coastline just ooze romance.

  6. Antarctica

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  7. welcome to GLIAS, Rachael !
    Best of luck with the books!

  8. Great interview! Good luck with your book! :))

  9. Great interview! I would love to visit Europe. Welcome, Rachael! You're in good hands!

  10. Thanks everyone for the welcome and good luck wishes.

    May, England isn't boring and I love using it in my stories.

    Kim, I was in Cinque Terre last May and it's stunning. It sure does ooze romance.

    bn100 Antarctica sounds an amazing setting.

  11. The book sounds great, Rachael! I'd like to see more books set on deserted tropical islands after the characters are stranded. ;)

    Marcy Shuler