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I'm so happy to introduce you to Anna James, who's book "Keeping her Guilty Secret" --Book 1 in the Forever Yours Trilogy is new from Soul Mate Publishing. Welcome to Get Lost in a Story Anna!

Anna James writes contemporary stories with strong, confident heroes and heroines who conquer life’s trials and live happily ever after.  She has been writing professionally since 2010, is a member of RWA, CTRWA (Connecticut Romance Writers of America), CORW (Charter Oak Romance Writers) and RWA Contemporary Romance Writers. Publishing credits include two category length novels, five novellas and one short story.
Anna is married to a wonderful husband who spends countless hours picking up the slack around the house so she can pursue her dream of writing, and is the proud mother of five fabulous children.
Although she’s lived in several locations throughout her life she now calls Connecticut home. When not writing, she can be found spending time with family and friends.


A secret she must keep… A man she can’t resist

Passion ignites between Nicole Bradford and Max Paradis the moment they lay eyes on each other, but despite the sizzling attraction and Max’s to-die-for-kisses, Nicole is reluctant to get involved. She’s been burned by love before.
Carlo had been her ideal mate but the dream became a nightmare when his drug smuggling past was revealed.
Now all Nicole wants is to get on with her life and keep the secret she’s been hiding for the last six years.
Still, how can she resist the handsome and sexy Max when he’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man? And what will she do when Carlo returns and threatens to expose her ugly past?
Nicole will have to trust Max with the truth if she wants to win his love and get Carlo out of her life for good. If she doesn’t Carlo could destroy everything that matters most to her.
Nicole finished tying an apron around her waist as she rushed toward the table. “What can I get for you this evening?”
The man lowered his menu.
Nicole started to sweat. No! It can’t be. But, oh god, it was. She’d recognize him anywhere with his black, slicked-back hair and dark aviator sunglasses, the gold rope chains draped around his thick neck and the long-sleeved shirt with the top four buttons undone to showcase his wide, hairy chest.
“Hello, baby. Long time no see.”
Not long enough. “What do you want?”
His eyes wandered down her body, back up, and came to rest on her breasts. She felt the chilly slime of his leer as he said, “Whadda ya say? One last fuck for old times’ sake?”
Her stomach heaved. She shoved a fist in her mouth to stop the bile from rising up.
Idiot, her brain sneered.
Yes, idiot pretty much summed it up. Carlo was yet another example of her lousy taste in men. Only he’d cost her more than a broken heart.
Much more.
Lord, what had she ever seen in him? She’d been young, impetuous, and carefree. Caught up in the glamour and mystique that was the fashion industry. Carlo had been fun and exciting. If only she’d looked past his suave exterior, maybe she would have seen the danger. Instead, she’d jumped in feet first.
It had been the same with Joe, too, and even Henry. They’d seemed perfect. They weren’t, of course. The signs had been there with both, but that impulsive part of her had plunged in without a second thought.
“Not in this lifetime or any other.”
“You might want to rethink that. Six years locked behind bars makes a man a little desperate. It would serve you well to remember that.”
A shudder ran through her. I won’t let him intimidate me. I won’t let him intimidate me. She repeated the mantra over and over, forcing herself to remain cool and composed. “You don’t scare me.”
He lunged across the table and she almost fell in her haste to get away. His bark of laughter echoed in her ears and had her stopping in mid-stride. Get a hold of yourself. He’d be crazy to try anything in a crowded restaurant. One scream from her and the manager would come running. She turned back and glowered down at his still-laughing face. “What-do-you-want?”
His expression sobered. “The way I figure it, you owe me and
Her eyes rounded. “I. Owe. You? Are you high, or what?”
“You cost me everything,” he sneered. “And now it’s time to pay up. I want twenty-five thousand dollars in cash or I’ll tell everyone your dirty little secret.”

For more excerpts and purchase information visit Anna's Website:   www.authorannajames.com

LIZ: What’s the first book you remember reading? 
ANNA: I have to admit I didn’t like to read when I was younger, then I read Rendezvous with Rama (sci-fi) by Arthur C. Clarke and I was hooked. I got into romance when I was in my twenties and It’s been a love affair ever since.

LIZ: What are the next five books on your ‘to be read’ pile?
ANNA: The latest in Sandra Marton’s Wilde series, the next book in Kristan Higgins Blue Heron series, book 7 in Sara Humphreys Amoveo Legend series, one of Suzanne Brockmann’s latest and one of Nora Robert’s In Death series and A Jayne Ann Krentz novel.

LIZ: What’s your favorite fairy tale?
ANNA: Cinderella because she conquers life’s trials, wins the prince and gets her happily ever after.

LIZ: Name three things that are, at this moment, in your heroine’s purse, satchel, reticule, weapons belt or amulet bag (or whatever she carries)?
Nothing. Nicole needs a new purse because her old one was stolen when she got mugged.

LIZ: What sound or noise do you love?
ANNA: I love to hear crickets chirping on a warm summer night.
LIZ: What will always make you smile, even on a bad day?
ANNA: My dog. He’s always happy to see me when I come through the door.

LIZ: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
ANNA: I can’t pick just one, but Top Gun is up there as is The Wedding Date and The Replacements.

LIZ: What is your biggest vice?
ANNA: Hazelnut Coffee and chocolate (a combo of the two is killer!)

LIZ: What do you hope for the future of romance publishing?
ANNA: For more options to become available for aspiring authors.

LIZ HAS GOTTA ASK: What’s the most personal thing you’ve ever put in one of your books?
ANNA: I think I put a little bit of me in all my heroines. Nicole, from Keeping Her Guilty Secret likes to cook and can’t play golf to save her life – that’s me. Another of my heroines was a Project Engineer – me again.

What do you think makes a great romance novel? Why?

I’m happy to give away one e-copy of “Keeping Her Guilty Secret” from Amazon (Kindle version).  It’s only available in electronic format (no print) so I can email it to anyone.


“A Love Worth Saving” – Book 2 Forever Yours Trilogy

Ashley and Reed seemed so happy when they got married just a few short months ago. But an unexpected pregnancy and a subsequent miscarriage throw their marriage into turmoil.

Ashley deals with the loss by burying herself in work. Reed is supportive but doesn’t understand why she’s spending so much after-hours time with her handsome, sexy boss. And what of their dream of having a family? How can that happen when with each passing day Ashley becomes more distant?

Will Reed and Ashley find a way to work things out or will all their dreams be shattered?


  1. A great romance novel has conflict, anticipation and of course a HEA. I want to travel with the characters as they work things out.


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