Happy Birthday to Me!

Today's my birthday! So I thought I'd celebrate with all of you!
Who would've ever thought this sweet, innocent little girl...
would grow up to be this crazy adult?!?!
In honor of me (since it IS my birthday!), I thought I'd share a few things about me that you might not know:
1. My family usually celebrates my birthday during the closest weekend & it's usually the same weekend as a favorite college football game. So we celebrate me & our team! 
2. My favorite cake is pineapple upside down cake. I hope I can find a piece somewhere today! I couldn't have a whole cake because I'd want to eat it all in place of all my meals for the day!

 3. I'm the type of person who can have a wrapped gift sitting in front of me for weeks and not open it until the actual day. My mom sent me my gift a few weeks ago because she was going on vacation. It's sat by the fireplace untouched since. 
4. One year when I was grade school, I had a party with a clown. Now, thanks to the movie adaptation of Stephen King's It, I can't even look at them.
5. One of my favorite gifts was from my best friend. She sent me a replica of Blarney Castle in Ireland. 
6. One of my presents to myself? I took tomorrow off work so I could have a 3-day weekend & celebrate even longer!
All right. It's time for me to get celebrating, which means giving away a gift! Tell me about one of your birthdays and I'll choose one commenter to receive a copy of my next book, Wake Me, which comes out a week from tomorrow!
Her psychic dreams come true.
Sarah McKinley’s attempts to take her foreknowledge of crimes to the Seattle Police Department marked her as a troublemaker and were never taken seriously. Starting over in Austin, she plans never to reveal her gift, but shortly after she arrives, the dreams begin again, and the local police want to know why she has knowledge only the killer could possess.
Detective Jesse Cordell watched his mother con people with her “psychic ability” all through his childhood. He hones in on Sarah, who has means, motive, and opportunity to have murdered the victim in his current investigation. Instinct tells him she didn’t commit the crime, but she definitely knows more than she’s letting on.
Can he put aside his doubts and join forces with her, against everything he believes in, to find the real killer? Or will he do his job and put her behind bars? After all, there’s no such thing as the “psychic ability.” Or is there?
I'm off to celebrate! Have a GREAT day! 


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    It's been a long time since I have had any upside pineapple cake.

    Love the castle.

    May all of your birthday wishes come true.


  2. Happy Birthday, Alexa!! Hope your birthday (and long weekend) are all wonderful!! Wished I lived close enough to bake that pineapple upside down cake for you . . . but Minnesota is a little to far for me to deliver from. :)

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us.

    Blessings ~


    Kimberly Perry on Facebook

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day.

    It's my husband's birthday tomorrow.

  4. Happy Birthday, Angi, Many Happy Returns!

  5. Thanks, everyone! It was a great day and I took Friday off so I can have a3 day weekend!

  6. Not my best birthday. My sixth was spent in a hospital. I had hepatitis, and had been in quarantine. By my birthday, I was out of quarantine and in a ward. My mother brought cake for the children in the ward, so it wasn't too bad.

  7. Happy birthday weekend!!! Enjoy and I hope your football team wins!!

  8. Thank you everyone! I had a great 3 day weekend! Using random.org I chose a winner for the copy of the book. Mary Preston!