COWBOYS & CHRISTMAS ...The Perfect Combination

3 cowboys…2 weeks…1 wedding!

Three all-new stories by Kim Law, Terri Osburn, and Liz Talley

Claire, Georgia, and Mary Catherine couldn’t be more different, but they promised they would be there for one another no matter what. And when they all gather in Holly Hills, Texas, for Mary Catherine’s Christmas wedding, they’ll find they have one thing in common: hearts that are about to be branded—by unforgettable cowboys.

In “Love Me, Cowboy” by Terri Osburn, wallflower Claire would be more excited about the wedding if it didn’t mean running into Mary Catherine’s brother—the bull rider she once had a scorching one-night stand with…

Ivy League volleyball coach Georgia never wanted to see Holly Hills—or another cowboy—again. But a sexy veterinarian is making her rethink her vow to never marry a Texas man in “Kiss Me, Cowboy” by Liz Talley.

Claire and Georgia both think that Mary Catherine is getting hitched to the wrong man, despite how perfect he is. And in “Marry Me, Cowboy” by Kim Law, a local rancher with a wild reputation gives Mary Catherine a glimpse of what might have been—and what could still be…
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ANGI: Working on an anthology takes cooperation. But I bet each of these authors has her own opinion about COWBOYS. Let's find out . . .

The first thing I notice about a cowboy is his . . .
AMY: hat. Seriously that’s how I usually know he is, indeed, a cowboy.
KIM: That there aren’t enough cowboys in my life!  And his jeans…and stuff. Cowboys sure do know how to fill out a nice pair of dusty jeans.
TERRI: It's a toss-up between his hat and his belt buckle. Anyone who knows a real cowboy knows they wear belt buckles that are roughly the size of dinner plate.

Cowboys have a distinct . . .
AMY: walk. I love their walk, aka amble. It says I ride a horse, I’m wearing boots, and I’m doing things my way.
KIM: Manliness about them. They’re just so male.
TERRI: Smell. 

My cowboy always wears his boots . . .
AMY: When he’s helping to deliver a foal or calf. Yeah, you definitely want your boots on for that 
KIM: *snort* I think you’re trying to lead me into naughty territory!
TERRI: Until he comes in the door? Seriously. Those things are not trampling through my house.

My favorite characteristic about my Cowboy for Christmas is his . . .
AMY: Tenderness. Reed is exactly what my brash heroine needs. Poor Georgia hides a bruised heart beneath her gruff, smack-talking exterior and needs tenderness in order to show her vulnerability.
KIM: Warm, gooey center.

TERRI: Soft spot for his love, Claire. He'd defend her with his life, but he's sweet and gentle when she's around.

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AMY WANTS TO KNOW: What’s your favorite character trait of a cowboy?


  1. I love how strong and protective cowboys are! I'd definitely want my own to protect and cherish me :)

    thebigbluewall77 (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Great post ladies! I want the guy on the cover for Christmas! (Tee hee).

  3. That's something that I think is attractive to most ladies and why reading about a cowboy is so popular. They are strong, hard-working and less likely to dilly-dally which means when danger crops up, they're ready to handle it. Sigh. Yes, that's a really good reason to love a cowboy. Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Me, too, E. Although my hubby may not appreciate snuggling with him. LOL.

  5. Thank you for having us today. Can you tell I'm the practical one of this trio?

    Anita, excellent observation. They do not like others messing with their things. Or their women. And E.E., we get that a lot.

  6. Strong, sexy and helpful cowboy! Did I mention sexy?

  7. Welcome back Amy &Kim ... And welcome to GLIAS, Terri !
    Sounds like an amazing anthology ! Can't wait for a day off.

  8. I love how loyal, family oriented, hard-working and protective cowboys are!

  9. Of course one of the first things is manners, because who likes rude people. Then honesty, hard working, compassion and kindness.

  10. Where did my comment go??? Anyway, thanks for having us, Angi! It's always a thrill to stop by here!

  11. It's so much fun to meet new authors! I can say that my TBR list is growing! Thank you!

  12. Y'all are reminding me of the time I interviewed a PBR bull rider. By far, the most polite and courteous man I've ever met. He had a female PR person with him, and there were no more chairs. So he stopped everything and went to find her one so she wouldn't be standing while we sat. A true gentleman.

  13. Terri, where can I find me some of that!! *sigh* Love cowboys - their work ethic always stands out but it's the entire package - I can't help but love everything about them!

    ahui89 at hotmail dot com

  14. Ada, I had to go to work in radio. LOL! Which is fun. I highly recommend it.

  15. I like cowboys because of their values and integrity. yenastone at aol dot com

  16. Warm, strong, Hardworing , funny

  17. I love how the are so strong and tough on the outside but they all seem to have a tender heart.

  18. I love how strong and honorable they are for others.
    I enjoy reading a good cowboy book!

  19. I love me some cowboys because they are so strong and dependable. I would love to have a cowboy for Christmas.

    quiltlady110 AT gmail DOT com

  20. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I had some issues with Blogger but I finally worked them out. Thanks for popping by :)

  21. hardworking
    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

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  23. I love that cowboys are honorable and have muscles earned through working hard. ;)

    Marcy Shuler