Get Swept Through Time with Laura Marie Altom

Once upon a time in the not so distant future...

Lucy Gordon has one chance in a million to capture her every dream. Money. Fame. And most importantly--finally earning her father’s respect. All she must do is discover a new species of frog. Then one day, by miraculous twist of fate, that frog finds her. Consumed with joy, she places a single, sweet kiss on the little guy’s lips.


By magic, her frog is gone—replaced by well over two hundred pounds of wholly naked, wholly medieval, bad-boy prince who claims she's saved him from an amphibian eternity. But Lucy doesn't want a prince. She wants her frog--her dreams. At least until the prince returns her kiss with spellbinding intensity.

Caught up in her own fairy tale romance, Lucy’s choices become less clear. If she fails to declare her love for the prince by the next full moon, he’ll be forever trapped in frog form. But isn’t that what she wants?

Holding the power to transform Wolfe back into a wart-covered creature, Lucy must choose her own happily ever after. Fame, money, and respect? Or love?

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A bit about Laura

After college (Go Hogs!), best-selling author Laura Marie Altom did a brief stint as an interior designer before becoming a stay-at- home mom to boy/girl twins. Always an avid romance reader, when she found herself replotting the afternoon soaps, she knew it was time to try her hand at writing. With nearly 50 books published, and well over a million in print, she almost feels like a real writer! 

Now that her kiddos are off to college, when not immersed in her next story, Laura enjoys a glamorous lifestyle of live-tweeting to her fave reality show and soap stars and constantly striving to reach the bottom of the laundry basket—a feat which she may never accomplish! For real fun, Laura's content to read, play WAY too much mahjong, garden and cuddle with her dogs and handsome hubby.

CLOVER: Laura, how often to you get lost in a story?
LAURADaily!! Although, to be fair, I don’t always get lost in a book. Sometimes my eyes are too tired from working to read, so I’ll listen to a book on tape.

CLOVER: What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?
LAURA: I get really still—sometimes even a little shaky—and think, wow. I actually finished. Even though I’ve written over fifty books, I’m always amazed and shocked that I did it again!!

CLOVER:  If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and specifically 
LAURAI’d want to experience Marie Antoinette’s court life—but as nobility, and not a servant!! LOL!! Everything about this brief time seems decadent and wild. I’d be sure to move on before heads started to roll . . . 

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What do you have coming up next for us?

I’m super excited about two projects:

The SEAL’s Miracle Baby is a June 2015 release and is the 8th book in my Operation: Family series.
Unfortunately, I don’t yet have the cover, but my fingers are crossed for it to be adorable!!

In August, Rebound will FINALLY be released, but I don’t have a cover for that, either. (My publishing houses need to get busy!! LOL!!) Rebound is the third book in my Shamed series for Loveswept and tells the story of the two characters who lost out on love in the first two books in this series—Control and Possess. 

Yes, I'm giving away an ebook copy of Control to a commenter and I'd love to ask this question:
What’s your favorite hero? Billionaire, Cowboy SEAL, or bad-boy Medieval Prince?

Note: Please leave an email address for notification. Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America addresses only unless specifically mentioned in the post. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants. Winners of drawings are responsible for checking this site in a timely manner. If prizes are not claimed in a timely manner, the author may not have a prize available. Get Lost In A Story cannot be responsible for an author's failure to mail the listed prize. GLIAS does not automatically pass email addresses to guest authors unless the commenter publicly posts their email address. 

CLOVER: I love that we are in a boxed set together with books focusing on time travel. Tell us a little bit more about the book you have in this set. 
LAURA:Smooch is a sexy twist on the classic Frog Prince fairy tale. It’s set slightly in the future in an age when frogs are closely monitored as they’re a good indicator of the overall health of a local environment—true story. The heroine, Lucy, is a down-on-her-luck biologist who has lived her entire adult life in her father’s shadow, so when she “discovers” a shocking new frog species in the English countryside, she’s torn when her excited kiss to the creature ends up pinning her beneath a hunky, naked medieval prince!

Swept Through Time

Time Travel Romance Boxed Set 
7 books by Bestselling Authors Tamara Gill, C.A. Szarek, Brenda Hiatt, Callie Hutton,               Clover Autrey, Laura Marie Altom, Louise Clark

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  1. What a fun cover.

    I must that that the idea of a bad-boy Medieval Prince certainly intrigues.


  2. Welcome to GLIAS, Laura Marie. Best of luck with your releases.

  3. Thank you, Mary, Angi and Clover!!

    Mary--This story is so dear to my heart. It was a hoot to write!! Wolfe took over, and I just got out of his way . . . LOL!!

  4. a well-written alpha

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  5. Hi, Laura, and welcome to GLIAS. I love the cover! Cartoon covers have a special place in my heart and the story premise is hilarious. Congratulations!!

  6. Hi Laura,

    I love your Seal books. So nice to see you here. I like Seal heroes and Cowboys heroes. You and Marin also have me torn