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IN A MOVIE . . .

I am a movie person. I love seeing films as first releases on a huge screen. I'm totally spoiled with our local theater's over 21 Cinema Suites. You should totally spoil yourself and see a movie this way. It's terrific !!   But I also watch movies for inspiration, to get ideas for fight scenes (YES, I pause and write descriptions). Do I have a favorite? I have one for all occasions. For every mood. Too many to name. From Bringing Up Baby with Kathryn Hepburn to Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy. . . choosing just one for this post was very difficult. So what about the rest of the crew?          ~Angi

Living as Kathleen in
I adore Vicki's choice. My one drawback is that Joe and Kathleen are at "war" with each other. 
But I think Nora Ephron wrote the best line of all time. 
Here's the IF ONLY scene... ~Angi
Everything about this movie is charming. Big box store versus little family store. Guy chatting with girl on the internet not knowing who each other is. Based on Pride and Prejudice and written by the amazing Nora Ephron. Set around Christmas time.  Witty dialogue. I love it!!!

~ Vicki Batman sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction
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Living as Aurelia in
Love Actually
Like Liz, I have lost count of how many times I've seen this movie. My favorite scene is where the manuscript pages are blowing onto the lake. (Always back-up the file.) Here's the scene where Jamie proposes to Aurelia in halting but oh-so-romantic Portuguese...  ~Angi
I have watched this scene countless times over the years and I never, ever get tired of it. First of all, it's Colin Firth, duh. But the romance of it does me in every time. Imagine someone going to all the trouble of learning your native language so he can put into words the emotions he's been feeling for you from the time you met. And then you astound him by showing you've learned his language, too, because you feel the same way. Not only that, he travels across land and sea to find you, proposes in a most beautiful setting in front of everyone who loves you, and kisses you--and your dad! This scene has it all:  true love, self-sacrifice, dedication, going the extra mile, not taking love for granted, vulnerability, and sexy accents. Oh, yeah, this is the kind of romance I love to write. I'd be Aurelia in a heartbeat!

~ Lizbeth Selvig
"Wherever you wander, let love bring you home."
Good Guys Wear Black 
When it comes to making a family, DNA isn't always the most important ingredient.

Beauty and the Brit
Fire destroyed Beauty's dreams. Can the fire she finds in a sexy Brit's arms restore them?       

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Living as Hannah in
This is such a crazy, mixed-up movie that ends perfectly. I'm going to have to rewatch next week for Valentine's Day. Here's the KISSING AT THE BAR scene... ~Angi

The romance movie I’d want to live is Crazy, Stupid, Love. Why? Um. Ryan Gosling. ;) Sure this movie is more about the male characters than the female ones, but I love how they showed the relationship between the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling characters developing, and I love how meeting both her and the Steve Carell character transformed Gosling—even though the external plot is supposed to be about Gosling transforming Carell. I love the reversal and the last minute surprises.

~ Maureen McGowan ~
The Dust Chronicles
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Living as Danielle in
OH GOSH. I can't tell you how much I love this movie. Dougray Scott is absolutely perfect. I love the story, the costumes, the everything. And did I mention Dougray Scott? Here's the official trailer (because I couldn't choose a favorite scene)... ~Angi

Ever after.  This Cinderella version is spunky and awesome and she gets to be the kind of princess that makes a true difference for her people.
~ Clover Autrey ~
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Living as Belle in
Lara is so right...living with the library would be great. But isn't it all our secret desire to make a bad boy over? Here's the official 32 trailer... ~Angi
I'd like to live in Beauty and the Beast. That library is fantastic! :)
~ Lara Lacombe~
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Living as Leeloo in
OH MAN, there are few people out there arguing that this isn't a love story. WRONG. I love the chemistry, the action adventure, it's 100% futuristic romance. And of course, it's got my man BRUCE in it. Here's the SOME THINGS ARE WORTH SAVING scene... ~Angi
I have several favorite romance movies, but what comes to mind today is a fun SciFi romance, The Fifth Element. Wow, what a crazy futuristic world. It would be fun to be Leeloo in that movie. The theme is: love saves us. (My favorite theme.) In The Fifth Element love not only saves the world, but also the Bruce Willis and Leeloo characters. 
 ~ Kathleen Baldwin  ~
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Living as Ellen in
This is a movie I've missed. I've always meant to watch, just never got around to it. So when Donnell selected it, I rented. LOVED it. She's right on the money with why it's a great film. Here's the TOMORROW scene... ~Angi
If I could live in a fantasy world, I would replace Sigourney Weaver in the movie DAVE.  I loved Kevin Kline as the kind-loving imposter who took the place of the president.  I’d make the world a better place and be smiling the whole time doing it.  He’s my absolute favorite!
~ Donnell Ann Bell ~
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Living as Allie in
I have to admit that I'm not a Nicholas Sparks fan. Sorry. But I love Alexa's reason why she is a fan of this movie. And you can never go wrong watching James Garner in anything. Here's the official trailer... ~Angi

I would want to live out The Notebook. I love how both characters went on to do other things with their lives, but they eventually found a way back to the love they shared. I love the passion between them and Noah's support of Ally's painting, something she loves to do. I would also hope to be with my love right up until the day I died.

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Living as Cora Munro in
The Last of the Mohicans
This is a movie I haven't seen in a long time. In fact, I believe I've seen it once. Been on my list to repeat for a while now. Especially in HD. I want to know the characters as well as Jillian.  Here's the official trailer... ~Angi

A love story masquerading as an action adventure movie. One of my favorites!  
Jillian Stone
The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard
Moonstone Investigations
Coming this year: Codename: Dragon and Prospero in Love
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Living as Elizabeth in
I haven't seen the BBC mini-series. BUT...SIGH... it's definitely on my rainy day binge list. Here's THE LAKE scene... ~Angi
Pride & Prejudice (the series not the movie)
Who can resist Colin Firth as Mr. D'Arcy?
Move over Elizabeth, make way for a new Elisabeth.

~ E.E. Burke ~
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Living as Lucy in
Another favorite. Such a sweet story and perfect romance. I grew to love Bill Pullman in this film (as in LUUUVVV).  Here's the official trailer... ~Angi
My favorite romantic movie is While You Were Sleeping, starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. Lucy has a crush on a man who rides the train. When Peter falls on the tracks one day, she saves him and ends up at the hospital. A nurse overhears her mumbling about being his girlfriend and BOOM, she's sitting next to his bed and meeting his family. It's so wrong, and she knows it.  But it isn't until she meets Peter's brother, Jack, that she realizes she's with the wrong man. The harder she tries to tell the truth, the worse things become. Instead of spending Christmas alone, she's surrounded by her new family. She agrees to marry Peter and is standing at the altar when she finally admits that she's in love with Jack.

It's sweet and funny!  I love a happy ending, especially when its the girl-next-door who thinks she knows exactly what she wants.

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Living as June in
When people ask me what type of a book I write . . . this movie is my example.
Here's the Super Trailer... ~Angi

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be June in KNIGHT & DAY. This movie represents my books and ultimate wish list! I write about heroines caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, then taken on an adventure with the man they complete. What a dream! This movie hits all the right buttons for me with it's humor, honor, action, chemistry and music. I actually write every book to the soundtrack. I love the dialogue. It's one of my favorite movies to quote. "With me. Without me," has become a favorite with me and my hubby. Along with, "It's someday, Roy."

Angi Morgan ~ Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love.
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  1. What a fun post Angi! I love all these clips. It makes me want to watch all these movies again. Thank You!!!

    1. I had a lot of fun putting it together. AND I've dug out my DVDs or added them to my NetFlix que. Some of my favorites.

  2. Hvn't seen all the movies but those that I have, yes love em! Beaut n the beast is probably my choice. For the library of course.

  3. This is so awesome, Angi, you outdid yourself! www.donnellannbell.com

  4. How perfectly delightful!! Great fun, Angi. I've seen all but The Fifth Element. Love Bruce, but sci-fi....

    1. It's worth it ! VERY WORTH IT !!!!
      No more sci-fi than Back to the Future.

  5. I agree with Donnell, Angi--this is an absolute blast! Would you believe (please don't drum me out of the romance club) there are four of these I haven't seen? Knight and Day (going to watch tonight), Last of the Mohicans (but I've heard it's sad?), Ever After and Crazy, Stupid Love (both now on my TBW list!). I've seen The Fifth Element about a bazillion times b/c it's a classic here, same with Dave and, well, Colin Firth as Darcy?? Goes without even saying. Well done, ladies. Thanks, Angi!!

    1. You gals are too much. Glad to give you some Valentine Day watches !!
      Of course, I'm rewatching lots of these this week, too.

  6. Not that I'm being picky or anything, but I thought You Got Mail was a remake of The Shop Around the Corner. :) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0033045/?ref_=nv_sr_1

    I LOVE While You Were Sleeping. And Love Actually. And Bringing Up Baby (though my favorite Hepburn movie is The Philadelphia Story). And Ever After. And... and... and... Princess Bride! and When Harry Met Sally.

    I think I'd like to be Sally Albright.

    1. You are correct. THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER staring a young Jimmy Stewart.

      LOVE THE: " and...and...and..." It's exactly how I feel.

    2. It is a remake. I just like the You've Got Mail version as it moves a little better and sometimes, Margaret Sullivan's character drives my crazy, but I will watch it at Christmas.

  7. This is so much fun reading everyone's choices. It was tough to pick just one. Jillian, you picked my other favorite. Playing opposite Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans. Sigh...

    1. I try to see all of Michael Mann's films in the big theater. The Last of the Mohican's might be his all time best––bloody scary and wildly romantic. Looking forward to Blackhat. ;)

  8. Loved Chris Pratt in Guardian's of the Galaxy. My favorite movie last year. I saw it in the theater. Bought the Blue Ray and the Soundtrack too. So many great songs i would want to play opposite Harrison Ford in Witness, Keanu Reeves in Point Break and Daniel Day-Lewis in Last of the Mohicans.

    1. I have never seen Point Break. Okay, going on my list !!

  9. It's a no brainer for me - PRIDE and PREJUDICE with Colin Firth.

    1. Especially then...he was soo soo cute.

  10. Sixteen Candles. It would redeem my high school years.My best friend and I had what we referred to as 'Geek Magnetism' - and not in a fun geek kind of way. The valedictorian asked me out, the salutatorian asked her out. Smart is good, but when a guy wears corduroy pants with an elephant print on them, it is not.

    1. ROTFL --just fell off my couch, Lisa.
      Now I want to see those pants.

    2. I adore Sixteen Candles. The scene where she leaves the church and the cars peel away and reveal the cute guy is just adorable. And even though he isn't romantic, the geek is fun!