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I am on top of the world today as a fellow Plotting Princess, Sloane B. Collins, is sharing lots of great stuff about herself and her new book, Love Redesigned!

What to know more? Let's get started....    Sloane B. Collins is an award-winning author of Contemporary Romance. Although she is a fifth-generation Texan, she dreams of moving to the French countryside someday. Right now, she lives in the Dallas area with her husband of over twenty-six years, and their four rambunctious cats. Since Sloane and her husband love to travel, she’s determined to write a novel set in just about every place they visit.

BLURB from Love Redesigned: 
Give American cake artist Genevieve Haywood a picture of anything, and she’ll turn it into a sweet and decadent creation. She’s not going to let hard work or competition stop her from opening her dream business. But when she’s hired as the cake artist for her cousin’s wedding in France, she never expected to run into the French fashion designer who broke her heart fifteen years ago. 

Roman Duchaine is done with living life in the fast lane. Tired of being in the haute couture spotlight, he’s moved back to the small French village where he was born and raised. 

Roman’s ready to settle down and have a family until the lost love of his life arrives for his cousin’s wedding. Seeing her reminds him just how devastating falling in love can be. 

Their fragile truce is meant to last through the wedding, yet every second together makes their attraction and long-buried feelings undeniable. But old habits and hurts die hard, and while Roman is ready to weave their lives together, Genevieve can't afford to lose herself in his shadow. 

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Vicki:  I’m a huge handbag girl. What is your favorite accessory? Sloane:   I love
handbags, too, Vicki, but I’d have to say right now it’s nail polish.  I’ve stepped waaay outside my comfort zone with colors like Persian blue, copper, glitter, teal, deep purple, etc, etc.  Just depends on my mood or what I’m doing that day. 

Vicki: How often to you get lost in a story?  Sloane:  Alas, I don’t have as much time to read now, as I’m busy working on the next book in my French Kiss Connection series, as well as editing and working a day job.  But I love nothing more than staying up way past my bedtime on a Friday or Saturday night, and reading till the wee hours of the morning.  I do carry a kindle with me weekdays, so I can read on the train ride to and from work if I’m not writing.

Vicki: What’s your favorite cartoon character?  Sloane:  I love “The Incredibles” movie, so I’d have to say the mom, Elastigirl.   But I also love the horse in “Tangled”.  Talk about bringing a character to life!

Vicki: Is there a playlist you’d recommend for reading your latest release?  Sloane:  I played the soundtracks from “Something’s Gotta Give” and the remake of “Sabrina” over and over again while writing this book.  I like to immerse myself in the setting, and the French songs are perfect for this series.
C’est si Bon by Eartha Kitt; Samba de Mon Coeur Qui Bat by Coralie Clément
Que Reste – T’il de Nos Amour by Charles Trenet; Assedic by Los Escrocs
Je Cherche un Homme by Eartha Kitt; La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong
Growing up in Paris by John Williams; Moonlight by Sting
Vicki: Ooh, lala!

Vicki: Who’s your favorite villain? Sloane:  I’d have to say it’s Ian Howe, played by Sean Bean, in “National Treasure.”  It’s the first time I really thought about the regular lives villains lead in books and movies.  He and the hero, Ben Gates, start out as ‘friends’, and he invests in Ben’s hunt for treasure.  Then part way through the movie, his #1 henchman plummets to his death, and you can see his reactions to his loss.  So it got me thinking about villains in a different way. Vicki: I'd like to know why Sean Bean is eliminated in a lot of movies. He's way too hunky!

Vicki: Be honest, when reading...do you put yourself in the heroine’s role? Sloane:  But of course!  I can be a lady like Olivia Bevelstoke in “What Happens in London”, or become the grim reaper Charley Davidson in Darynda Jones’ series. 

Vicki: What’s your favorite kind of story to get lost in?  Sloane:  Historical Romance. No wait, Paranormal Romance (ghosts, witches, psychics). And Cozy Mysteries…Sorry, I just plain love to read, and I always get lost in books. 

Vicki: If you couldn’t be a writer anymore, what profession would you take up? Sloane:  Photography. Specifically travel photography.  I’m always looking for that one perfect shot that tells a story about the place I’m visiting.  There’s so much beauty in our world, and I want to capture those memories and that beauty for a lifetime. 

Vicki: What do you do to unwind and relax? Sloane:  Read one book after another, or binge-watch the shows we DVR during the week.

Vicki: Which of your characters would you most to invite to dinner, and why? Sloane:  I’d have to say Daniel in “Love Redesigned”.  He’s a hoot!  I hadn’t planned on a BFF for my heroine, but as I began writing chapter one, there he was.  He just walked onto the page, called her “Sugar”, and I was a goner. 

Vicki: Tea or Coffee? And how do you take it?  Sloane:  Well, bein’ a Texan, I drink tea, the colder and sweeter the better.  Nothing better than a big ol’ glass of sweet tea any day of the year. Vicki: So how do you feel about Dr. Pepper?

Vicki: What will always make you smile, even on a bad day? Sloane:  Our cats. 
They love us unconditionally. On weekends while I write, you can usually find at least one, if not all four, cuddled with me in my recliner.  So it’s a good thing we got the extra big size chair!  We took in a stray pregnant cat last year in March and she had three boys.  We tried to find homes for them all, but ended up keeping them, and I’m so glad we were able to.  Each one has a distinct personality, and each one has their distinct quirks.  Vicki: I adore kitties. Mine is 21 years old!

Vicki: What has been your most rewarding publishing moment? Sloane:   “Love Redesigned” is my first published book, so I’d have to say it was the day I received an email from the editor that she liked my book, and Soul Mate Publishing wanted to publish it.  I had to read the email at least 10 times before it sunk in.  Then I called my husband crying, and texted my BFF. 

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GOT A QUESTION YOU’D LIKE TO ASK YOUR FANS? What’s your favorite story to get lost in, and why?

 Thank  you so much for having me on GLIAS!  I'm very happy to be here with all of you and your readers.


  1. A wonderful post thank you.

    I have a lot of favorites including LONESOME DOVE by Larry McMurtry.


  2. Hi, Mary. Thanks for visiting GLIAS today, and reading about my first book.
    I haven't read Lonesome Dove yet...will have to add to my list!

  3. Replies
    1. I did go to Paris many years ago. Handsome surprised me one Christmas with a trip, babysitters, and a Walther! We arrived on Valentine's day and it was cold, at least, cold for me, and windy. We could only stay at the top of the Eiffel Tower for a bit. I went museum mad. walked everywhere, ate lots of fun things, and on the last day when the weather had warmed, sat in the Jardin du Luxembourg and watched kids sail boats. Sigh.

    2. Vicki, what a great surprise! Sound like you had a fabulous trip. I still work a day job, and twice a year my boss goes to Paris on business. I keep telling me I should go along one year. Although I would rather go with my own dear husband.

      And yes, I do like Dr. Pepper, but I'm more of a Coca-Cola girl.

  4. Welcome to GLIAS, Sloane.
    Paris is also on my list of places to "run off".

    1. Angi, I'm thrilled to be here on GLIAS! Thank you for having me here.

  5. Congratulations on your debut book, Sloane! Having helped critique part it, I loved it then and still do!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis! I'm so glad you love my book. And thank you again for all your insightful comments as I was writing it!

  6. Wonderful to meet you! I love the cover of your book. I've never been overseas but I wish you luck on writing all the books set in your travels.

    1. Hi, Melissa! Thank you so much for stopping by to read about my book. I was blown away by the cover when I received it - I love it!

      Thank you!

  7. pride and prejudice for the story

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  8. I love Pride & Prejudice as well. I reread it every so often - definitely a story to get lost in!

  9. Hi Sloane! Congrats on your new release!!! Loved the interview too. Your kitties are adorable! My favorite stories to get lost in are either historical romances or paranormal of any variety (mystery, romance, fantasy).

    Here's to many, many sales!!

    1. Hi, Karilyn. Thank you for the congratulations. I love historical romance as well - I'm on the 19th reading of Julia Quinn's "What Happens in London". The hero and heroine have a fantastic banter. In fact, the kitties are all named after characters in that book!
      Thank you for stopping by.

  10. Congratulations on your release. I am looking forward to reading it. My favorite stories to get lost in are mysteries. I especially enjoy romantic suspense. I enjoy many different genres. Thank you for your giveaway.

    1. Hi, Melody! Thank you for stopping by to read about my book, and the interview. Who is your favorite in mysteries, and in romantic suspense?

  11. Great post! I love your precious kitties! I love a great romantic suspense and trying to figure out the who dun it while falling in love with the characters! Congratulations on your debut book!

    1. Hey, Jennie! Nice to see you here on GLIAS! Thank you for stopping by to read the interview and hear about my book. Romantic suspense has the best of both worlds, doesn't it?
      Glad you like the kitties, too. See ya!

  12. The winners are: Karilyn Bentley and Jennie Marts! Thank you, ladies, for commenting and happy reading.