Meet THE RANGER of the West Texas Watchmen

“Oh.” Brandie took a step back inside the house, her anger deflated by the sorrowful look in the brown eyes staring at her. “Well, it’s been a long day, I should get some sleep.”
“Agreed.” Mitch sat on the porch, leaning back against the vinyl siding.
“I said I’m hitting the hay. See you tomorrow.” Brandie had to go farther on the porch to look at his face.
“Understood.” His head was leaning next to the front window, his eyes closed.
She plopped down next to him. “What are you doing?”
“Making a statement.”
“To me? It’s not necessary.” And yet, her heart did a little flip-flop in her chest, excited that he’d sit on her porch to do so. “No one’s sitting across the street ready to break in and tie me to a chair. Zubict did that to make his own statement. So there aren’t any threats.”
“Damn straight. Not while I’m here. You should go inside.” He hadn’t looked at her, completely at ease leaning back and staking his territory.
She stood, feeling like she was talking to her son. “Okay then.”
She shouldn’t ask him inside. It would be all over town. Her dad would find out. But couldn’t she explain that he’d been worried about her? It was the truth, after all.
She saw the curtains next door be pulled back and dropped quickly back into place. Her neighbors were already paying too much attention to her. “Good grief, Mitch. You can’t sleep out here on my porch.”
“I agree. I’ll get a nap back at the garage tomorrow.” He shifted uncomfortably on the cement porch.
“You can’t stay here all night. People will talk. Marfa’s a real small town, they don’t overlook things like this.”
He opened his eyes, zeroing in on hers, catching her to him without a touch. “I’m not leaving you alone.”
“Come inside.” She cleared her throat that had become all warm making her voice like syrup. A little stronger she said, “You can stay on the couch, but don’t get any ideas.”
“None that weren’t already there.”
She gasped. That was the word that specifically described what her mouth did with the air she almost choked on.
“New or old,” she coughed out. “Nothing’s going to happen.”
“Tonight.” He nodded once. “I agree.”
“Ever. Not ever.” She marched to the hall closet, completely off-kilter and much too warm after Mitch’s brazen statements. She had to squash the idea. She couldn’t get involved with anyone, especially a cool Texas Ranger who had been lying to her for six months. He wasn’t who she thought he was. She grabbed sheets and a blanket for the couch.
“I don’t have any extra pillows so the couch cushion will have—” He wasn’t in the living room. She poked her head into her small kitchen that was still empty. “Mitch?” Turning around he was directly behind her. “Oh. Wow. You scared me.”
“Just checking the windows to make sure everything’s locked and secure.” He took the linens. “You ready to explain to me what’s going on with King?”
Could she trust him? She was in this mess because she’d trusted the wrong person. And if she explained one part of her problem, she’d have to explain the other. And if that came out, she’d be out on her ear. Everything she had been working for would be gone.
Toby would be homeless.
The original inspiration for Mitch.
“I take that look to mean no. Might as well get some shut-eye, then. It’s been a long day and I have a lot of catching up to do at the garage tomorrow.”
“That’s it? No interrogation or coaxing my secrets from me?”
He tossed the sheets on the chair nearest him and did an about-face. “I could live with some coaxing.” He waggled his eyebrows. “You want me to…coax your secrets?”
She laughed at his silliness and felt her body blushing at his suggestiveness. “I was thinking more along the lines of thumbscrews.”
“Naw, we gave that up in the last century.”
She was so confused. He wasn’t upset and yelling at her that she’d taken his car? Or arguing about staying in Marfa. He had plans to work tomorrow and was content to sleep on her couch. She did feel safer and she’d probably sleep sounder knowing anyone was in the next room.

Who was she fooling? She felt better because it would be Mitch.


Three Women with Problems
Three Men with Solutions
Three Months in a Row

Some facts about the Texas Rangers
The Texas Rangers always work in teams and have a variety of ways to serve the public. Not only are they in charge of Texas' foreign border, they conduct criminal investigations, apprehend felons, suppress major disturbances, and when requested, render assistance to local law enforcement. They have special teams for government officials' security, cold case investigations, state witness protection, and their own SWAT and explosive disposal units. The Texas Rangers are the oldest law enforcement agency on record and have always been a very unique breed of men and more recently, women.

The headquarters is in Austin, but the museum is located in Waco.  Did you know that the Texas Rangers Division is the "oldest law enforcement body on the North American Continent" and recognized throughout the world? Volunteers were given permission from the Mexican government on August 10, 1823 to be exact.  

The Rangers no longer roam the 'range' scouting the movements of American Indians. Now they're a division of six companies and a part of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Their numbers are limited. And their primary duties  fall under their state charter.

~ Directly from TexasRanger.org ~
“One riot, one ranger,” is a phrase made famous by Texas Ranger Captain W.J. McDonald in the very early 1900’s. McDonald was called upon by a Dallas mayor to stop a forbidden prize fight and ease an angry mob. When stepping off the train by himself, the puzzled mayor asked, “Where are the others?” To that McDonald replied, “Hell, ain’t I enough? There’s only one riot, isn’t there?” McDonald’s favorite trick was to play the lone hand against a mob. Time and time again he outfaced hundreds. It was the reputation of McDonald and early Texas Rangers that personified an icon of rugged individualism, courage, honesty and virtue. They have created an image that criminals fear, children idolize and the media has exploited through movies, radio, television, advertising, merchandise, sports teams toys and games. The Ranger legacy has always been portrayed as romantic and adventurous. We have all heard tales of the heroic deeds that has escalated the Texas Rangers’ popularity. 
~ Angi Morgan ~
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  9. Great post! I love the cover of your book and it sounds awesome, can't wait to read it. Thanks for sharing and the great contest. Entering under the name of Virginia

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