Get Lost in a Story welcomes back Michelle Major

Get Lost in a Story Readers, please welcome the talented, heart warming Michelle Major as she promotes her new release Second Chance at Crimson Ranch.


Ever since her marriage went up in flames, Olivia Wilder hasn't had the desire for love. But one magical dance with Logan Travers might change all that. The blue-eyed hometown hunk is a bit younger and a whole lot sexier than any man she's ever dated before. This is one carpenter Olivia would like to get to know better, and not just because of his building skills… 

From his first dance with Olivia, Logan knows there's something special about the beautiful brunette. The more she's determined to keep him at arm's length, the more Logan wants her in his embrace. And the more Olivia says she's just passing through, the more resolved Logan is to make her his, forever.

DONNELL:  Michelle, welcome back!  Are you having fun with Harlequin.  How many books does A Second Chance at Crimson Ranch make now?

MICHELLE:  Hi, Donnell! Thanks so much for having me again – such fun to virtually visit with you. A Second Chance At Crimson Ranch is my 5th release with Harlequin Special Edition and I love writing for the line. There are two more books coming in the Crimson series this year and three more under contract. I also got a chance to take part in one of their continuities, The Fortunes of Texas, for the first time this year and that book comes out in April. It was exciting and daunting to jump into a series that’s been a fan favorite for years and I’m happy to report I’ll be writing another Fortunes book for the 20th anniversary next year.

DONNELL:  I love, love, love Second Chance stories. What is it about them that makes them appeal to readers, do you think?

MICHELLE:  I think most of us can relate to making mistakes (sometimes big ones) so there’s a universal appeal to the idea of a second chance to make things right. And with romance, we get to go on that journey with the characters so the payoff at the end is even sweeter.

DONNELL:  Now, I see that Logan falls for a beautiful brunette.  Hmmm. You’re a beautiful brunette.  How much is Olivia like Michelle Major?

MICHELLE: Gosh, Donnell, you’re making me blush. I’d say the first thing Olivia and I have in common is that we both really like Chris Hemsworth (the actor who played Thor). He was one of my inspirations for Logan and, let me tell you, it’s not a hardship to hang out with him all day. When we meet Olivia at the start of the book, she’s new to Colorado but looking to make the mountains her home. I can definitely relate to that since I drove west after graduating from college with everything I owned in the trunk of my car and I’m still here over 20 years later.

DONNELL:   Readers, Michelle is not only an author, she’s my neighbor, and as such we’ve both gone through remodels.  Now I see that Logan is a carpenter.  Seriously, Michelle, haven’t you had enough remodeling?

MICHELLE:  You’d think so, right?! I guess I could call all of our house projects hands-on research. But as much as I’ve liked the contractors we’ve had, none of them looked like Chris Hemsworth. That helped. J

DONNELL:  Where will we find you when you’re not glued to the keyboard?

MICHELLE: Glued to my Kindle or with my nose in a book. I like to read both ways, but with my current writing schedule I don’t have as much time as I’d like. I tend to binge read until the wee hours when I get a break. I’m also a devoted dog mom so I walk the dogs almost every day – they don’t seem to mind the never-ending winter we’re having.

DONNELL:  What’s next for Michelle Major, and any upcoming engagements?

MICHELLE: I have releases with Harlequin in April, June and November this year and will be writing the next installment of Crimson books between then. I’m going to be at a Colorado Springs library district event on April 4th and at RWA in New York City this summer. Hope to see some friends in the Big Apple! Thanks again for having me on GLIAS, Donnell!

Thanks for being our guest, Michelle.   
Thanks for having me, Donnell. I’d be happy to giveaway a print copy of Second Chance. Hope this snow melts eventually!!!!

Me, too, Michelle, but the good news is we can stay inside and read! 

Twitter:  @michellemajor1


  1. With second chance stories I always like to learn about the wedge that drove them apart & find out if it is still a concern.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Mary. I agree - it's fun to see the h/h move past the old wounds as well as new conflicts.

  2. Welcome to GLIAS, Michelle and best of luck with your releases.

  3. Welcome Michelle! I love stories about second chances, and with a younger man no less! I married a younger man, so I'm with you there. :) Best of luck with your new release!

    1. Thanks, E.E. My hubby is younger too--only a couple years--but I like to tease him that I was a cougar before there was such a thing. :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing the Q&A! Enjoyed getting to know more about you and your book Michelle! greenshamrock at cox dot net

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  6. Okay, if Chris Hemsworth was one of my contractors, I guess I'd put a builder in my next book! Can't wait to read Second Chance, Michelle! As always well done! Thanks for being our guest!

    1. Thanks for having me, Donnell. If Chris Hemsworth was your contractor, I'd be camped out on your front lawn!