Get Lost in a Time Travel series by bestselling author Red L. Jameson

Travel through time to a meet a handsome British soldier and a brawny Highlander in the Amazon bestselling time travel series by Red L. Jameson.

Enemy of Mine
Kidnapping mortals to different eras is such fun. Trickster muse sisters, Clio and Erato, call it a glimpse, but military historian Minerva Ferguson, Erva, is fairly certain she’s gone nuts when she wakes two hundred miles from her apartment. And two hundred years in the past to Brooklyn, 1776. In an unfamiliar manse, during the American Revolutionary War, she’s not too sure how to regain her sanity. Especially when she realizes whose mansion she’s just woken in, the one British general she studied more than anything else, Lord William Hill. 
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When Will hears Erva’s screams of panic, he breaks down a door to save her, even if he can’t quite remember why she’s visiting. She calms, though, the instant she sees him, as if they’ve known each other for eons. From the second he sees her dressed in a toga made from a bed sheet to later when she’s with his troops, wooing them with her musket skills, he realizes he’s smitten. But he’s a weary soldier, shrouded in grief, while she reminds him of a sun goddess. Is she too good for him? Lord, how he wants her to want him. 

How could Erva not fall for a guy who accidentally quotes a Cheap Trick song? But now she has to get to the bottom of if Will is really a rake, how to stop one of the most important battles of the war, and lastly how to stop her insane crush on the general. After all, he’s going to die in less than a week. 

The muses have to work fast for this glimpse. But that’s when they work best. And as explosions erupt through New York, sometimes it’s not from the artillery. 

Highlander of Mine
Trickster muse sisters, Clio and Erato, kidnap genealogist Fleur Anpao and dump her in the seventeenth century. Even though Fleur has never been to Scotland, let alone the Highlands, and feels like a modern-day fish out of an ancient loch, the muses have a plan. What it is remains to be ambiguous—they are mischievous muses, after all, and can’t just tell her. Though the logical genealogist wants nothing more than to return home, there’s something about this time and rough land that feels somehow familiar. And there’s something about Duncan MacKay—so strong, so brutally handsome, and so distracting.

As a mercenary for long years, Duncan has seen many things. But never in his life has he seen the likes of Fleur: more beautiful than any woman he could have imagined. It doesn’t matter she insists she’s from another time, or that she’s too far out of reach for a common man like him. He’s drawn to her intelligence and wicked sense of humor. However, Cromwell’s reign threatens anarchy, clan rivalries reach a peak, and a laird’s younger brother vies for her attention. He can hardly protect her from his county’s bedlam, let alone convince her he’s the better man. And if he does, will the bonny time traveler stay with him? 

Making matters worse, a god wreaks havoc, or has fun as he calls it, with Clio and Erato’s mortals. The two firecracker time stewards might have to set down their margaritas for this glimpse!

Here's an excerpt from Enemy of Mine:

   “Why are you—” She stopped herself again. This time she bit her lush bottom lip and looked away.
   “Why am I what?” He should have let her question falter, but he had to know for himself if she were a spy or not. The more questions she asked, the more she would reveal herself.
   The anomalous thought flittered through his mind though that he wasn’t too sure if he cared if she were a spy.
   She glanced back up at him, her eyes wide and timid. “Why are you here?”
   That, he hadn’t expected. A spy would wonder about his men, his drills, his arms, anything else that mattered to the war. Not a philosophical question about why he was here. But even the reason why he was here could be used against him, if court martialed. He hadn’t realized that thus far. Then again, he’d thought he wouldn’t have survived this long in the war. In his mind, he would have no reason to be court martialed. He wouldn’t be alive for it.
   She licked her lips and slightly shook her head. “I mean, you didn’t vote for any of the acts the Americans protested. The newspapers said that you didn’t support any kind of action against the Americans. You don’t support this war, yet here you are. Why?”
   “Why not?” He tried to deflect the conversation.
   She narrowed her eyes, no longer looking sheepish but challenging, ruthless, and so lovely. He liked her best like this, shooting faster than most of his men, speaking of sedition to his superiors, the Howe brothers. Lord, how he liked it when her eyes caught fire and turned back into dark red-brown honey. His veins pumped his too hot blood through his body.
   “Why not, hmm?” She gave him a wicked smile. “Why not, indeed. I think you don’t want to be here.”
   “On the contrary, there is no other place I’d rather be.”
   She blinked, then caught his meaning that standing so close to her was exactly where he’d love to be. Arching a blonde brow, she said, “You know what I mean, obtuse man.”
   He silently chuckled at his new name.
   “I think you don’t want to be in this war.”
   He felt his own mirth leave his face. “You might be right.”
   “Then why are you here? Why do you fight? Especially so efficiently?”
   “Do I?”
   She growled, making Will grin again. “Quit evading the questions with your own.”
   “Why? This is fun.”
   She smacked one of his shoulders, then he caught her small hand in his.
   “Is this fun for you too?” he asked, carefully gauging her reaction as he twined his fingers through hers.
   She didn’t look at their hands. Instead, her gaze was focused on his chest. He especially enjoyed that, as if she found him desirable. Lord, he hoped so, that he wasn’t making a fool of himself.
   She never answered, but looked up at him, her long lashes batting. He took hold of her candle and set it on a nearby table. In so doing he’d gotten that much closer to her, and just as he was thinking of holding her other hand, she reached up, probably on her toes, and kissed him.
   This time he reacted immediately. His lips melded with hers. She tasted strongly of mint, and he licked the seam of her lips to enjoy. She opened for him, and he dove his tongue into her mouth. God, she was sweet. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and he pulled her closer by holding onto her not-corseted waist. Next her tongue was inside his mouth, and he couldn’t help but pull her even closer, her stomach against his, her breasts crushed against his chest. 
   Will felt Erva fiddle with the ribbon at the nape of his neck, and his hair was released from its hold. Instantly, her hands raked through his mane. It gave him silent permission to finally take hold of her tresses with one of his hands. Pure silk ran through his fingers. He loved her long hair, so wild and free this moment. Like the color of corn silk, Erva’s locks were close to white with a light dandelion sheen. He fisted what he held, which tilted her head back, all the better to deepen the kiss. She moaned into his mouth. All his blood rushed south. That little noise was his undoing.

Meet Red 

As a military historian by day, sometimes Red does feel a bit clandestine when she writes romance at night. No one knows that while she researches heroes of the past and present, she uses everything for her characters in her books. Her secret's been safe . . . until now.

She lives in Montana with her family and far too many animals but never enough books. 
You can find Red L. Jameson:

Twitter: @Red_LB_Author
Amazon Author Page: http://goo.gl/Gvd2vq

E.E.: What’s your favorite fairy tale?
Red: As a little girl, my first memories of reading are of the Grimm Fairy Tales. I was in the basement of my family’s house, absorbing the stories as if they happened to me personally. I’d hold my breath as monsters tried to abduct, witches tried to con, and princes would rescue. I’d laugh when I’d solved the puzzle. Or I’d cry as the ending revealed the moral of the story. Those kinds of fairy tales didn’t necessarily have happy endings. Fairy tales were the stories told for thousands of years to teach us morals that resonate within our bones. We know they are right, because we feel it. And I knew I wanted to write something like that, even back then, I knew I wanted to tell stories that people would feel inside their bones.

E.E.: What is your favorite tradition from your childhood that you would love to pass on or did pass on to your children?
Red: Poetry and fairy tales. These are two things I found on my own though, since I don’t think either of my parents was fond of poetry or fairy tales. But as a child, as I stated earlier, I loved fairy tales. And poetry came soon after. By fifteen I was in love with Shakespeare—truly, in love. I’d have married him if I could’ve. And now I recite odd little snippets of poetry all the time to my poor son. He’s fond of some of the poets from the Romance Era, which are some of my favorites too.

E.E.: Describe an absolutely perfect day.
Red: Well, I think magic would have to be involved, because I would love it if my house were clean and stayed that way the whole day. Also, even though I do enjoy cooking and baking, during my absolutely perfect day, I would do neither. Instead, the yummy food would just appear. With that in mind, I’d wake up and write for an hour—like I usually do anyway. Then spend time with my son. Write for hours more. Drink lots of coffee. Go on a hike with my dog and my son. Read the beginning of a great book. Write some more. And eat great food during the whole day. Oh! And somewhere in there I’d have enough time for a bath. Love baths.

E.E.: What drew you to write in the genre(s) you do?
Red: You know, I wasn’t first drawn to writing romance. Romance had been a dirty genre or at the least something to make fun of. I hadn’t even read a romance until I was in my thirties. I was what I would call a romance snob. I would make fun of it, without ever having read it. I had begun writing and joined a critique group, where one of the members said I wrote the best romance she’d ever read. I figured, it was time to get over myself and find out more about romance. So I started reading a romance book. That first book was magical for me. When I finished I actually said out loud, “Where have you been all my life?” I LOVED that first romance book. And I was hooked. Now, I consider myself one of romance’s strongest advocates. No other genre digs into the deep issues of the psyche, spirit, and sex. Romance isn’t just a genre. When done well, it is like the fairy tales of my childhood, where the storyline resonates within, because it teaches us the very basic elements of what it means to be a human—how to love.

E.E.: What is your hope for the future of romance publishing?
Red: I’m in love with indie authors! Thanks to them they are pushing the boundaries of romance. Now, books are chock full of resonating themes related to psyche, spirit, and sex. Granted, each book entertains, but it also is there to lift the soul, enhance our hearts, and help us remember what love is. My hope is for authors to keep pushing these boundaries. Lastly, I would like to see the romance genre no longer under the stigma it is.

E.E.: What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?
Red: I haven’t shared this with many, but for the last couple months, I’ve been writing full-time—no day job, no extra research for someone else. I feel like I’m jinxing myself by acknowledging that fact, which is silly. But I’m a bit silly, so there you go. Anyway, I never thought this was possible. But here I am, very quietly happy dancing.

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    1. Hi, Mary! I'm the same way! So the series is set in different locations and different times. However, I do have quite a few Highlanders (my favorite) who have to adjust to the different times and circumstances.

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    1. I know! Wouldn't it be great to have everything cooked and cleaned!

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    1. That's so funny you mentioned Doctor Who. When I first began writing this series, I was describing it to a friend and I said, "It's just like Doctor Who, only without Tardis, without aliens or other planets, and instead I have Greek muses causing as much mischief as they can while they matchmake mortals. So not really like Doctor Who at all." ;)

  13. maybe 1800s England for the fashion

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