Get Lost in Western Romance with NYT best-selling author Carla Cassidy

New York Times Bestselling author Carla Cassidy brings cowboys, suspense and passion under Oklahoma skies with her new series, Cowboys of Holiday Ranch.

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“I ride alone,” cowboy Lucas Taylor warns New Yorker Nicolette Kendall.  But when she and her son, Sammy, settle into the Holiday Ranch things are about to change for the sexy straight-shooting loner.  After a frightening kidnapping attempt, Lucas becomes six-year-old Sammy’s beloved bodyguard…while trying-in vain- to resist white-hot sparks between him and the boy’s gorgeous city-slicker mom.

Nicolette can’t deny the attraction, either. But she’s been heartbroken once too often and won’t hitch her star to a cowboy interested only in a fling. Until there’s real danger to her own life…and heart! Then will she trade in her high heels for cowboy boots?

            “It’s going to be all right,” Lucas murmured against her ear.
            Nicolette raised her head to gaze up at him, and all he knew was that she looked as if she needed to be kissed…badly.
            Following instincts alone, he lowered his lips to hers, stunned when she tightened her grip around his neck and pressed closer against him.
            She opened her mouth to allow him to deepen what he’d intended simply to be a kiss of compassion, of support. The kiss became so much more complicated than that.  It stole his breath away. You’ve got to stop, a little voice whispered inside his head. Finally he broke the kiss.
            It was as if she heard the little voice.  She suddenly stepped back from him, her green eyes glowing and her breathing labored.
            Before he could mutter an apology or say anything, she grabbed his hand, hers feeling hot and fevered. “Come to my room, Lucas.  Come and make love to me.”
            It never entered his mind to deny her.  After all, a real cowboy never turned down a lady’s request.

A Real Cowboy is not only the beginning of a new series about sexy cowboys and the woman they love, but also my 120th book for Harlequin Romantic Suspense.  I’m particularly excited about this series because the cowboys who work at the Holiday Ranch had been society throw-aways living on the streets and have grown into honorable men who share a brotherhood.

Meet Carla

New York Times best-selling author Carla Cassidy lives in the Midwest with her "macho Italian" husband, Frank. She's the author of over 120 books and can't think of anything she'd rather do for a living than tell stories.

Find out more about Carla at her website, on Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter @CarlaCassidy2


E.E.: What turns you off like nothing else?  
Carla: Somebody without a sense of humor.

E.E.: What sound or noise do you love?  
Carla: Wind chimes.

E.E.: What do you do to unwind and relax?  
Carla: Write, and watch The Housewives of Anything and Everything.  Yes, it is a tawdry little secret pleasure.

E.E.: Do you write while listening to music?  
Carla: No, I tend to start singing instead of writing. I write while watching television.

E.E.: What inspires you every day?  
Carla: After a double mastectomy and chemo last year, what inspires me now is waking up in the morning and having another day to write.

E.E.: Can you tell us about a real-life hero you’ve met?  
Carla: My macho, New York Italian husband, who while I was sick with cancer scrubbed floors and washed dishes and did everything in his power to make things as easy on me as possible.  Of course he revealed to me how much he’s really capable of and now life as he knew it before my cancer will never be the same for him.

Today Carla will be giving away a copy of her new release, A Real Cowboy, as well Level Five and a duo book: Snowbound With The Bodyguard and The Cowboy’s Secret Twins. Just comment and enter the raffle.

Now, here’s a question for readers…what is it that you love about cowboys?

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  1. Welcome back, Carla! I'm so excited about this new series. And the excerpt is hot! What do I love about cowboys? You know those leather chap things they wear that outline their butts? ;)

  2. Looks like an awesome series, Carla.
    Thanks for coming back to GLIAS and GREAT luck !!

  3. Thanks Angie! And thank you to E.E. Burke for inviting me here. I adore cowboys because to me they are the salt of the earth, no-nonsense men who are able to take control, protect their loved ones and they are totally hot!

  4. Great excerpt! Looking forward to reading the story.

  5. Oh this book sounds goooood! :) What do I like about cowboys? How good jeans look on them!

  6. I'm already in love with Lucas! Sounds like an intense love story and I can't wait to read it.

  7. I was in love wit Lucas, then I fell in love with Nick (book 2) and now I'm in love with Forest. (book three) Guess I'm just a fickle woman!

  8. they're hardworking

  9. Looks steamy and delicious! Can't wait!

  10. Great excerpt and I love your books.

  11. Thanks everyone for your support! I appreciate it!