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I apologize for being gone for so long. :(  I missed you all!

Life has been crazy, but today I'm happy to be back and to introduce you to a new author, Mara Leigh. Mara (the pseudonym of a bestselling author in another genre) has recently published four short steamy stories in her first series, Fantasies Unleashed. Readers have called them hot, smart, feminist, masterfully written, and thought provoking.

But even better than that: Today one of her titles, HUMBLING THE BOSS,  is FREE for kindle, and another, DIRTY BUSINESS, is on sale for $0.99 (or less)!

Humbling the Boss

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The only thing Gina hates more than how her boss belittles her in front of her coworkers is how much he turns her on. When she discovers Fantasies Unleashed, she decides to fulfill her fantasy to humble her boss, hoping to get thoughts of him out of her system forever. Will playing out her fantasy banish her thirst for revenge, or make her obsession worse? 

Do you have a fantasy?  The men of Fantasies Unleashed will make your desires come true.

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Dirty Business

Vicky has been publicly dubbed the Ice Queen. 

While this helps in her male dominated industry, as a woman it stings. Appearing as the keynote speaker at a huge Las Vegas conference, Vicky secretly defies her public persona, fulfilling her fantasy to be secretly sexually aroused in public. 

But when one of the men she encounters wants more than sex, it brings all her assumptions into question, revealing new desires—and the possibility of love. 

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Get to Know Mara Leigh

Maureen McGowan: For readers new to you, what's your series about?

Mara Leigh: The series is centered around a Las Vegas based company called Fantasies Unleashed that's dedicated to fulfilling women's fantasies--making them come true. Each story centers on a woman having her fantasy fulfilled.

Maureen: Your novellas are really hot! Can you tell us how the Fantasies Unleashed series came about.

Mara: Thanks. :) I really wanted to explore women's sexual fantasies without the heroine (or the reader) feeling shame, or putting the characters at risk. I think a lot of erotic fiction shames women for having sexual thoughts and desires, and/or includes elements of dubious consent.  I wanted to avoid both of those things.

I often get the feeling that some authors of erotic fiction actually hate their own characters, but perhaps I'm not being fair... Regardless. I wanted to write stories about real women who simply want to explore their sexuality in a safe environment.

Originally, I was thinking of a Fantasy Island type set up. But I decided to eliminate the supernatural element and invent a Las Vegas based company instead. A place where women could safely hire men to make their fantasies come alive.

Maureen: Do the stories include romance?

Mara: Some are more romantic than others, and I suppose some of that is subjective, but I'd say they all contain an element of romance, and all have uplifting endings. None of the women regret hiring Fantasies Unleashed, that's for sure, and all of the stories published so far end with at least a promise of a happily ever after.

HUMBLING THE BOSS is arguably the kinkiest story I've published so far... and it might not be to everyone's taste, but it actually ends with the promise of an unexpected HEA.

BEDDED BY STRANGERS is about a married couple and is probably the most focussed on romantic love. The couple makes a choice not all married couples would make, but the husband's decision to fulfill the wife's fantasy comes entirely from a place of love.

Maureen: What's next for you?

Mara: I'm working on a connected series of novel length books, the first of which will be published later this year. They will be steamy contemporary romances, with elements of the glam fiction that was popular in the 1970's and 80's. Think Sidney Sheldon or Judith Krantz, or the TV shows Dallas and Dynasty. That kind of tone. I'm really excited about them, but can't say too much, yet!

Maureen: Now, on to the important stuff! What's your favorite love word?

Mara: Hug. It encompasses all kinds of love. :)

Maureen: Do you write while listening to music? If so what kind?

Mara: Music helps me focus and can help put me in the mood. Especially when writing the first draft of a novel or story. Florence and the Machine are in heavy rotation right now. As is Hoosier and the soundtrack from the 50 Shades movie. (Which I thought was way better than the book, for the record.)

Mara asks Readers:

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Love it or hate it?

(I'll admit to both love and hate feelings about that city...)


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