Crew First Fridays: Can You Guess?

Which of our crew did what? Can you guess?

Kat   Angi    Maureen    Clover      Alexa       EE Burke     Lara     Heather      Donnell     Jan     Lizbeth    Jillian    Vicki 
(answers at bottom)

A. Passionate about shoes.                                      
Attends the Toronto International
Film Festival every year.

B. Favorite show is Hell On Wheels                                    
Disc Jockey in former life.

C. Has a Pinterest page devoted to
Inappropriate Things that Still
Make her Laugh.

D.  11th Generation Texan.
Posts 1 picture every day.

E.   Interned with the New England
Patriots.  Teacher by day.

F.  Moved to Texas over her love
of Louis L'Amour westerns.

G.  Takes off to travel once a book
is completed.

H.  Started her writing over love of
Paul McCarthy, Davy Jones,
and Bobby Sherman.
Journalist Reporter in former life.

I.  Science Geek as a biomedical researcher.

J.   Has dangled off a 500 ft precipice. Found
it better than being in a cave.

K.  Has written for parenting magazine.
Court Reporter in former life.

L.  Ruined brand new lawn mower trying to
get her husband-to-be to notice her.

M.  Wipes the floor with her mad mahjohng skills.

Kat-J   Angi-D    Maureen-A    Clover-F      Alexa-E       EE Burke-B     Lara-I     Heather-C      Donnell-K     Jan-L     Lizbeth-H    Jillian-G    Vicki-M