Monday, June 22, 2015

Introducing Nancy Holland

Hey GLIAS Fans! I’m so very excited to introduce my guest today. Nancy Holland is a fabulous debut author with a wonderful new book you'll definitely want on your shelves, OWED: ONE WEDDING NIGHT. But Nancy is also my chapter mate, she was a 2010 Unsinkable Golden Heart sister, she is an amazing critique partner and, most of all, she’s a dear friend. I’m so proud of this book and of Nancy. I know you’ll all love this wonderful story.

Welcome to  Get Lost in a Story!

Born in California (and always a California girl at heart), I'm now a teacher in the Upper Midwest. I wrote my first novel at the age of seven – a saga about a family of chipmunks and the family of ducks who lived in the pond next door. I’ve been writing ever since.

My husband and I are lucky enough to have two smart, wonderful children who live on opposite coasts of the US. Since I've become a Harper Impulse author, my remaining daydream is to live in Paris or London.

Owed: One Wedding Night
Harper Impulse (UK)

Jake Carlyle always gets what he wants...especially when it comes to his runaway bride. To save her family's business, Madison Ellsworth must turn to Jake Carlyle, her ex-lover and the man she left standing at the altar. Jake eventually agrees to help, but on one condition - he gets what he's owed. His wedding night. Still in love with Jake, Madison agrees, but once the passionate honeymoon is over, she can't help but wonder if their marriage is based on convenience, love - or revenge. As they deal with the failing business, Madison and Jake soon learn that high-stakes games played in the boardroom inevitable will spill over into the bedroom!

Jake escorted her out of the Yacht Club dining room, ignoring the stares of people who remembered, or had heard, about their past together.
When they stepped out into the foggy night, he didn’t ask where she was parked, but took the path that ran along the water. She moved to pull away, but when he took hold of the sleeve of her jacket, she fell into step with him.
Out of habit he led her to the empty slip he’d held onto in case someday he could bear to sail the Bay again. He stopped and rested his elbows on the weathered wooden gate, one foot raised to the bottom rail. Beside him, Madison stared over at the next dock, at her family’s old slip and the yacht that her Grandfather Moore had had built fifty years ago and named after her mother. The “Dana Marie” was now the “Blue Sky”.
The mist had curled the hair around Madison’s face. Her eyes were wide and wistful, like a poor kid peering into a toy-store window at Christmas. Not because she wanted the yacht back. She’d always been more interested in sunbathing on the deck than sailing. No, she had to want her old life back.
Something sharp wrapped itself around his heart, but he willed it away.
He hadn't taken that life away from her. Her father had.
Jake hadn’t taken anything away from her. She was the one who’d walked out on him, hurt him, humiliated him. . .
She must have felt him watching her, because she turned to look at him. But the wistful, wanting expression on her face didn’t go away. Instead it grew darker, hotter.
A foghorn sounded. Somewhere a buoy bell clanged on the waves. A car drove by, leaving a trail of loud music in its wake.
“What happened, Madi?”
The question seemed to surprise her as much as it surprised him. She didn’t answer, but stared past him toward the water.
“What happened to us?” he asked again.

LIZ: How often do you get lost in a story?
NANCY: As often as I can. I read while I'm on the elliptical at the Y and at home whenever I have time, mostly on the weekends and during vacations. And of course, I get lost in a book any time I feel the need to get away from real life.

LIZ: What are the next five books on your ‘to be read’ pile?
NANCY: I'm in the middle of Jennifer McAndrew's Ill-Gotten Panes. I don't usually read mysteries, even cozies, but I make an exception for hers. So far it's great! After that, I have the third book in Barbara Longley's Loch Moigh series, The Highlander's Folly, Love Me Always (Last Year's Bride by Anne McAllister and Make Believe Wedding by Sarah Mayberry), The Lotus Palace by Jeannie Lin, and Tall, Dark, and Dead by Tate Hallaway. As you can see, I read a lot of books by friends. Luckily, my friends are great writers.

LIZ: What’s your favorite fairy tale?
NANCY: Cinderella. Maybe because that was my first Disney movie, but I also love the surprise of it when she realizes she can be loved, despite what the evil stepmother and stepsisters have been telling her all these years.

LIZ: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
NANCY: Pogo. Whoops! Did I just give away my age? Anyway, he was so humble, yet so wise (for a possum).

LIZ: Cast your book using fairy tale or cartoon characters.
NANCY: Madison's not Cinderella. She's a (formerly) rich girl who's working hard to make her mark on the world. Maybe Snow White? Except Jake does much more than amble in and kiss her. He thwarts her, makes her mad -- and loves her passionately through it all.

LIZ: Name three things that are, at this moment, in your heroine’s purse, satchel, reticule, weapons belt or amulet bag (or whatever she carries)?
NANCY: It's a designer black leather bag big enough to hold her tablet computer, just in case Jake gives her a chance to talk business. Besides the computer, you'll find the keys to her Ferrari and a wallet with no credit cards (at least until after she marries Jake).

LIZ: What sound or noise do you love?
NANCY: The sound of waves on a beach or water running in a stream. Very soothing.
LIZ: Who’s your favorite villain?
NANCY: Very specific answer -- Cyril Ritchard as Captain Hook in Mary Martin's "Peter Pan." (There I go being old again.) He was so charmingly, deliciously evil. And he danced!

LIZ: What do you hope for the future of romance publishing?
NANCY: I hope it keeps getting richer and more diverse, but maybe less chaotic. I've found so many wonderful voices out there to learn from and enjoy, but I hate that others might have trouble finding them, too.

LIZ HAS GOTTA ASK: What’s the most personal thing you’ve ever put in one of your books?
NANCY: I won't go into any detail, but it's one of the scenes in this book.

Owed: One Wedding Night takes place in one of my favorite US cities, San Francisco. What US city do you think is most romantic -- and why?

The winning commenter will have a choice of the ebook in Kindle or Nook format right away, or an autographed, hot-off-the-press print copy after they become available.

Contact e-mail: 
Facebook: Nancy Holland 
Twitter: nancyholland5

I have another book contracted with Harper Impulse that is scheduled for late this year or early next. And Owed: One Wedding Night will be available in paper in July/August.


LizbethSelvig said...

Good morning, Nancy! I'm so excited to host you here today. I hope you have a wonderful time! I just plain love to travel so every city I've ever visited has something romantically wonderful about it. My top picks: Your San Fran--because it's so incredibly diverse and anyone can fall in love there; New Orleans--because it has beignets; Seattle--because it's just a fun place to visit!

Mary Preston said...


I have always thought of New Orleans as romantic. I suppose it's the colourful history more than anything.


Nancy Holland said...

Thanks for having me here today, Liz. I love that you bothered to find such perfect pictures to illustrate the interview!

Nancy Holland said...

New Orleans is on my list, too, Mary. I think it's the lovely old buildings and all the music. Thanks for visiting!

Sarah Andre said...

Hi Liz, hi Nancy!
Congrats on your debut (isn't that the best high! You accomplished something HUGE!)

My fav city...hmmm. Because you said US I'm going to have to say San Antonio, specifically the Riverwalk. If you'd said internationally it would be my favorite fav...Rome. :)

Nancy Holland said...

Hey, Sarah! Yeah, I limited it to the US because Paris and maybe London would have to come first for me if I went worldwide. (Haven't been to Rome, but love Bologna and Florence). Thanks for stopping by.

LizbethSelvig said...

Hi Sarah! I would love to go to Rome some day. I have favorite International cities that would have made it hard to pick, too. Prague is gorgeous, London is fun, Vienna is fascinating . . . So..I'll stay in the US for now and read good books! Thanks for coming by!

Angi Morgan said...

Welcome, Nancy. Congratulations on the release !!

Nancy Holland said...

Thanks, Angie. Very happy to be with you all today. Liz and the rest of you make it so easy and so much fun!

Shirley Connolly said...

Enjoyed reading the interview and your excerpt. Congratulations on your debut novel! Hope to get to know you better through your writing and over at RWA -- PRO. Take care

Nancy Holland said...

Nice to see a PRO friend here! Glad you liked the excerpt.

Colleen C. said...

A romantic US city... well I have not travelled much, so I really do not know what to say... I know one day I wish to see the beauty of Hawaii. Enjoyed learning about you and your book! Thanks for sharing!
greenshamrock at cox dot net

bn100 said...

any; they have nice things in every city

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Priscilla Kissinger said...

Great question, Nancy! I'd have to say my favorite romantic city is one with a beach-- a comfy blanket, a picnic, a bottle of something sweet, the sky a painter's canvas of blues and purples and pinks... Yeah, that'll do it for me. :-)

Congrats on your sale. Jake and Madison sound like a wonderful romance couple with strong personalities, conflict and plenty of attraction. I enjoyed a peek between the pages of your novel!

Nancy Hollandn said...

Hawaii! I hadn't thought of that one. Found out recently I have several friends from school who live there. Maybe I should plan a trip. Glad you came by.

Nancy Holland said...

And, yes, I know Hawaii is a state, not a city, but I think it might be hard to pick just one city there.

Nancy Holland said...

That's true. I think some lend themselves more to romance than others, but if you know a city well enough, you probably can find romance anywhere.

Nancy Holland said...

Sounds as if you might agree with Colleen about Hawaii -- or maybe southern California.

Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to drop by.

Lynda Bailey said...

Ooohhh. Loooove that excerpt, Nancy... ;) As far as favorite romantic city...I don't have one. I'd prefer a cabin in the woods far, far away from civilization - but still with electricity. A girl's gotta have priorities, right? Best of luck for your debut! huggies!

Nancy Holland said...

Hi, Lynda! Glad you made it by. The thing about cities is *whispers* hotels. With restaurants and room service and someone else to clean up. Nothing romantic about vacuum cleaners or dirty dishes. But a cabin with those features would be pretty special, I must admit

Sylvie Grayson said...

Congratulations on your new release, Nancy. I look forward to reading it,

Jen Gilroy said...

Congratulations on your debut release, Nancy. Although I'm a lurker on the RWA PRO loop, I've valued your comments over the years, and am delighted you've sold.

My favourite romantic city in the US has to be Savannah, Georgia. My husband and I spent our honeymoon there and would like to go back for a special anniversary one day. Easier said than done, though, as we now live in England!

Nancy Holland said...

Thanks, Sylvie. Nice to meet you here.

Nancy Holland said...

Thanks for the kind words from across the pond, Jen. Any city where you went on your honeymoon would have to be romantic. Hope you get your chance to go to Savannah again.

Mary Strand said...

Nancy, congrats on your first blog and first book! My favorite city for romance in the U.S. is Carmel, California ... and favorite activity there is watching the sun set. Very unlike my usual self!

Abby Sharpe said...

Sorry I'm late to the party, Nancy! Congrats on your release and the one coming up!

I think the most romantic city is the one where my kids are not there!!!

Jacqui Nelson said...

Awesome blurb and cover, Nancy! Great first blog too. My fave pick for romantic city would be Savannah, but I have to agree with Mary that Carmel is pretty special as well.

Nancy Holland said...

Yes, I love Carmel, too, but always went there with my parents, so it doesn't register on my romanto-meter. Maybe I'll go there with DH and see if that changes my attitude. ;->

Nancy Holland said...

Never too late, Abby. And you're right about romance and kids, of course.

Nancy Holland said...

Hi, Jacqui. Thanks for visiting. So many good cities for romance here it's hard to choose, isn't it?