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was born and raised in Texas, where her love of horses and propensity for telling stories came at an early age.  She credits her dad who regaled her mind with tales of the old west and Brothers Grim and encouraged her to let her imagination soar.  When she isn't writing sexy, modern day romantic stories for Harlequin Desire, Lauren enjoys jamming on the guitar, piano or dulcimer and grooming/showing her Wire Fox Terriers.  

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Her baby's father isn't the cowboy he claimed to be—he's a Hollywood hotshot in hiding! 

Kelly Michaels was fooled once—when a sexy stranger seduced the socks off her. It wasn't until the rancher left her Texas town that she discovered he was Hollywood heartthrob Jace Compton—and she was pregnant with his baby. Now he's back, and Kelly won't be fooled twice. 

Jace bought a local ranch to escape the rat race. But when he runs into Kelly and finds out she's had his child—that settles it. He's ready to make Kelly his, no matter how many demons from the past are standing in his way…


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The contract says she must marry if she wants to save her ranch… 
Because of a two-hundred-year-old deed, modern Texas rancher Shea Hardin must wed wealthy landowner Alec Morreston to save her family home. She says yes—and swears this marriage will be in name only. 
But she underestimates Alec. One look at this suave billionaire and Shea knows staying out of Alec's bed will be the toughest challenge of her life. His hungry lips and skilled touch may seal the deal—and her fate. Will he take her heart and her land? Or, on the brink of losing it all, will Shea gain everything?

Jan’s GOTTA ASK:  
Lauren’s GOTTA ANSWER:  I love ice cream.  Any flavor that’s sugar free.

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Lauren Wants To Know:
Who's the star you'd love to meet and what would you say?


Angi Morgan said...

Nice to have you back Lauren.

Linda said...

Omigosh Jan - your husband has a dream job...but maybe not....I would not want to put my will power to the test every day!

Jan Schliesman said...

Right, Linda! The problem is that he can eat a large bowl of ice cream every night and never gain an ounce. If I know there's ice cream in the deep freeze...I gain a pound:)

bn100 said...

Betty White; not sure

Colleen C. said...

Hmmm, not sure... all I know is I would be tongue tied if I did meet a star... LOL... I am that way with anyone new... star or not.

Irma Jurejevčič said...

Ha! I'm going with the first that pops to my had and is among us still - Dolly Parton.