Friday, June 12, 2015

NAN DIXON joins the CREW


Joining Get Lost in a Story as a new crew addition is Nan Dixon.  Yes, she's a multiple RWA Golden Heart finalist and one of those years was part of the Unsinkable crew.

She writes contemporary romance with characters in families or creating family connections. She says, "There's usually wine and always food."  She includes some recipes on her website. She also has some great photos of the B&B she writes about.

We are tickled pink to have Nan joining the crew. She has a great blog about receiving THE CALL. You've got to take a peek. Here's a little about our friend.


Nan spent her formative years as an actress, singer, dancer and competitive golfer. But the need to eat had her studying accounting in college. Unfortunately, being a successful financial executive didn’t feed her passion to perform. When the pharmaceutical company she worked for was purchased, Nan got the chance of a lifetime—the opportunity to pursue a writing career.  She’s a five-time Golden Heart finalist and lives in the Midwest where she is active in her local RWA chapter and on the board of a dance company. She has five children, two sons-in-law, one grandchild, a husband and one neurotic cat. 

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Rule #2—Absolutely never get involved with a guest.

Abigail Fitzgerald has always followed her mamma's rules when it comes to running their family's B and B. But her mamma never had to resist a man like Grayson Smythe. A long-term guest, Gray spends his evenings having dinner with Abby in her kitchen—and it's not long before their attraction begins to sizzle. 

Although Gray's kisses are a delicious distraction, Abby's priorities are the B and B and the dream of opening her own restaurant. And Gray definitely has the means to help her. But when money seems to be all he can offer, Abby suspects she might get burned.

Harlequin SuperRomance has bought three more of Nan's books. Two will be involving some characters from Southern Comforts.

Is falling love worth the risk?  A Savannah mansion ignites with the sparks between a free-spirited landscaper and a controlling contractor who are turning the mansion into a B and B.  

An orphan photographer and documentary maker who longs for roots and family falls for an amateur photographer and part owner in a Savannah B&B whose biggest dream is leaving home. 

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This is Liz, jumping in to give an extra special shout out welcoming Nan to Get Lost in a Story. I'm especially excited about amazing Nan joining us, because she isn't only my Golden Heart 2010 Unsinkable sister--she's a fellow Minnesotan, a fellow Midwest Fiction Writer (the largest Minnesota RWA Chapterand, most importantly of all--a great friend. So I know she'll be a fabulous asset to our awesome blog.

Nan the cheerleader
Nan & Liz 2011
As we've mentioned, Nan is a multi-time Golden Heart finalist. In 2011 I was honored to be her date at the RITA/GH ceremony in NYC.  Here we are (left) in our finery. And here she is (right), wearing her trademark smile, at a local book signing in 2013  where she would jump out of her spot as chief cashier and cheerleader to explain (very nicely) to passersby why they NEEDED to come and meet all the authors. She wasn't quite published yet--but she was personally responsible for many sales that day!
I am an extrovert and proud of it. But Nan is like three of me in one dynamite package. She's our immediate chapter past president, she organizes, she plans, she's ALWAYS positive and fun. She keeps spreadsheets on everything from daily word counts to her goals. She's almost as crazy and talkative as I am--which is why we get along and also why she hesitates to room with me at conferences any more (can you say SLEEP DEPRIVATON?). You can absolutely count on Nan making everything she does here at GLIAS super fun and super upbeat--I guarantee it. 

Welcome to the cool kids' group, Nan!!

E.E. & Nan 2013
of the CREW
Angi, Liz & Nan 2015


Angi Morgan said...


Mary Preston said...

A fun post thank you.

Nan Dixon said...

Thanks Angie! And thank you crew of the Get Lost in a Story Blog for inviting me on board. I know you know how to party!

Nan Dixon said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mary!

Nan Dixon said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mary!

Laura Trentham said...

Not only is Nan an awesome writer and person, but no one wields a spreadsheet like her!!
Yay, Nan!

Sheri Humphreys said...

Hi, Nan. Looks like you're blogging with a great group.

SOUTHERN COMFORT is such a good book. Looking forward to more great stories by Nan Dixon!

Julie said...

Hi Nan! Love the gals at Get Lost in a Story. Seems like a match made in heaven!!!

Amy said...

What a fun profile! I can personally testify to the e great smile. I'm proud to claim Nan as a GH sister twice over. Enjoy the new group!

Nan Dixon said...

Ahhh, thanks for stopping in Laura. The world runs on spreadsheets -- right?

Nan Dixon said...

Thank you so much, Sheri! So glad you liked the book and Bess's story is coming in December! Thanks for stopping by - GH sister!

Nan Dixon said...

I think you're right, Julie - I just hope I have enough energy to keep up with this crew.

Nan Dixon said...

Yes - 2 time sister! And talk about a great smile -- that would be yours! Can't wait to see you again in NYC!

E.E.Burke said...

Yay NAN! (Waving madly). Welcome to GLIAS! So great to have another sister on our unsinkable ship! xoxo

Nan Dixon said...

And another shout out to Liz for the lovely welcome! (And thanks for picking younger pictures!!) I wish I had all the energy you are attributing to me today. Thanks again for the warm, wonderful welcome!

Nan Dixon said...

Thanks EE! I'll keep bailing so we don't sink!!

Colleen C. said...

Hello Nan! Looking forward to all that you share! :)

Carrie Padgett said...

Hi Nan! What a fun intro! I knew about your bubbly personality ;-), your spreadsheets and your amazing debut book. But how did I miss the cowboy/model? Looks like a fun time!

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

Welcome Nan - I know you will love being a part of the GLIAS crew. They are the best.

bn100 said...


Nan Dixon said...

Thanks for stoppingn Colleen!

Nan Dixon said...

Ahhh, Thanks Tammy!

Nan Dixon said...

Thanks BN100!

Nan Dixon said...

Carrie! What happens at RT stays at RT!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Nan! So happy to have you in the Crew and can't wait to meet you in person. Happy day!

Alexa Bourne said...

Glad to have you join us, Nan!

Kathleen Baldwin said...

WELCOME Nan! Great to have another northerner on the crew. :-) You northerners are a hoot. Give Rosemary H and Liz a hug for me. Ro was my very first critique partner.
You'll love GLIAS. We're all about the books. :-)

Nan Dixon said...

Thanks so much Vicki! I'm excited to be here!

Nan Dixon said...

I'm excited to be here! Thanks.

Nan Dixon said...

Oh I will do that! Hopefully she'll be at the meeting tomorrow! Thanks for the wonderful welcome.

Miranda Liasson said...

Love the pics, Nan--all attest to your great smile. Welcome to the crew! Can't wait for the new books!

aejonesauthor said...

You amaze me with your energy and spreadsheets and love for your large family. Glad to see you join this crew! And the next books look AWESOME

Nan Dixon said...

Thanks for stopping by Miranda, my Lucky13 sister! (I can't wait for the next books either -- oh wait. I'm only a 1/3 of the way through Dolley's book. Eeek)

Nan Dixon said...

And another Lucky13 - #WorldDominator I mean Domination! You amaze me with all the books you've released! Incredible!! Thanks for stopping AE!

LizbethSelvig said...

Nan--it was my pleasure to welcome you -- what fun we'll have here! And you do have the energy ALMOST all the time. So glad you're a GLIAS crewmember!

Christy said...

This book has been on my TBR for awhile now! Great post, and thanks for the chance!

Nan Dixon said...

Thanks for stopping by, Christy! Hope you enjoy Abby and Gray's journey to happily-ever-after!

Christy said...

Thanks so much, Nan! I can't wait to read it! Hope you enjoy being on the crew! Sounds like you ladies have lots of fun together!

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