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May the best man sin… 

Lauren Sanger is practically the perfect maid of honor, except for one tiny flaw. She hates the best man. Jackson Monaghan is beyond hot—his body is the stuff of sexy lady dreams—but he's just such a jerk. So when a prank lands them in the same bed, Lauren should have flipped out…instead of having the best sex of her life with the best man!

Jackson can't figure out how two people with anti-chemistry during the day can have such a wickedly hot sexual chemistry at night. Worse still, he wants more. Enough to dare Lauren into doing the last thing she should be doing—him. But friends with benefits is one thing…enemies with benefits is quite another.

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NANCY WARREN is the USA Today bestselling author of more than fifty novels, Nancy is known for her funny, sexy and suspenseful tales. She’s an avid hiker, animal lover, wine drinker and chocolate fiend, and loves to wander the North American West coast.

Nancy is a three-time Rita Awards finalist, a winner of the Romantic Times magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award, and was once featured on the front cover of the New York Times for her Harlequin Nascar series. Love Nancy’s books? The best way to keep up with Nancy and her work is to join the Nancy Warren Readers’ List.

ANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
NANCY: I became a writer because I LOVED getting lost in a good book so much I wanted to write them as well. I get lost in a good book, probably four times a week. I wish it were more often, I long for those idle days when I was a teenager and could lock myself away for hours.

ANGI: What’s the first book you remember reading? 
NANCY: Seriously? My parents are English. The first book I remember reading was Pookie. It was an English series. I also read the Noddy books by Enid Blighton. Then, I think I moved on to Nancy Drew. We had the same first name, how cool was that?
ANGI: Can you tell us about a real-life hero you’ve met?
NANCY: Yes! I was thrilled to be invited to write the lead title in Harlequin’s NASCAR series. One of the perks was that NASCAR superstar Carl Edwards agreed to be a character in my book, Speed Dating. I interviewed him and made him a good friend of my fictional driver hero. We launched the series at Daytona. That was one of the most fun experiences of my writing career. Carl also had a cameo appearance in my second NASCAR novel, Turn Two. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, fun and down to earth (and pretty hot).

ANGI: What do you like about the hero of your book?
NANCY: Jackson, the hero in Best Man with Benefits is probably one of my favourite heroes. Frankly, I fall in love with them all, but he was something special. I wanted to play with my favourite Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing, where Benedict and Beatrice spar constantly, but are deep down crazy about each other. In my version, the bride and groom at this wedding are sickeningly in love, while the best man and the bridesmaid can’t stand each other. And then there’s that one night where they get tricked into the same hotel room… Anyway, Jackson isn’t a billionaire hero, he’s a decent man who works hard and when he falls in love, he falls all the way. Plus he looks a lot like Joshua Jackson :)

ANGI: What sound or noise do you love?
NANCY: Oooh, I’ve always wanted to be interviewed on Inside the Actor’s Studio. I love this question. I grew up in Vancouver, Canada on the ocean and the sound of waves coming in and going out endlessly is the sound I love most.  I miss the ocean just writing this!

ANGI: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
NANCY: Fairy Tale.

ANGI: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
NANCY: Sense and Sensibility, the Ang Lee version with the Emma Thompson screenplay. Sublime!

ANGI: What is your biggest vice?
NANCY: I’m sorry, wine is not a vice. Haven’t you heard it’s good for the heart?

ANGI: How is it working with hot guys and sexy women all day?
NANCY: It’s a bit like birthing children. It’s a lot harder than you ever think it will be.

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: There are purple bunnies on your website. Do they have a special meaning?
NANCY’S GOTTA ANSWER: My son came up with this idea. He works with me in my business. A Warren of course is a rabbit house, and my favourite color is purple. My Street Team’s home is Nancy’s Warren :-) 

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NANCY WANTS TO KNOW: What is your favorite kind of hero and why? Do you like an aloof billionaire? A sweetie who changes diapers? A tough guy who keeps the world a safer place? Tell me about your favorite kind of hero.


  1. A great interview thank you. I love that version of SENSE AND SENSIBILITY too.

    I am rather fickle in that I tend to love the one I'm with. So the hero of whichever story I am reading is THE ONE - until the next ONE comes along. I love the variety.

  2. Great to have you on the blog, Nancy. Loved your answers.

  3. Enjoyed the post... heroes... I love the variety... so many different types and personalities to meet between the pages of books! :)

  4. alphas who don't cheat

  5. I Like all kinds of heroes. And I love Nancy's books. So happy to see you here.

  6. Personally I love all kinds of heroes!

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