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KENDALL TALBOT is an award winning author, thrill seeker and a hopeless romantic. She has travelled extensively, some 36 countries and counting, and she's addicted to experiences that make her scream... white water rafting, scuba diving with sharks and hang gliding are just a few. Her stories reflect her sense of adventure and her long running love affair with her very own hero.

Kendall collects junky jewelry and expensive perfume, her favorite night out is with great friends and a fabulous bottle of wine or two, and she rarely watches TV. She lives in Brisbane with her hubby, her two grown boys and her little dog, Josie McLuvin.


ANGI: What do you do in your “down” time?
KENDALL: I love to travel. So far I’ve been to 36 countries, but when I’m not travelling, I enjoy a night out with family or friends at a lovely restaurant with several bottles of good wine. 

ANGI: What sound or noise do you love?
KENDALL: There’s nothing like the sound of waves crashing into the shore at night.
ANGI: Here's some waves from the Florida coast
ANGI: What’s your favorite rerun on television?
KENDALL: Friends, I watch it with my kids now and laugh at it all over again.

ANGI: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
KENDALL: Titanic. I think I’ve watched it about 20 times.

ANGI: How is it working with hot guys and sexy women all day?
KENDALL: I love, love, love being an author. Not only do I research exquisite bodies, I can visit any country in the world, spend the night with whoever I want or finish a bad day by knocking someone’s head off. Being an author is the best form of escapism and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world having discovered this passion only 8 years ago.

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Oct 2015
Treasured Series, Book 2
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Archer wiggled his eyebrows at Rosalina, then sunk his fingers into the soft sand and dug back a handful. She began at her own spot and pushed her gloved hand into the sand too, right up to her wrist. Just the thought of discovering a piece of treasure: gold, silver or a gem of any kind that had been buried beneath the sand for seven centuries set her heart racing.
She’d done it before, in this very spot. The large plate she’d removed, heavy with solid gold and etched with intricate patterns, was priceless. At this very moment it was secured within the safe on Archer’s yacht. Along with the fourteen other items Jimmy and Archer had removed last time they were here.
Rosalina felt something, a thread or maybe a cord. She brushed back the sand and waved the dispersed particles away in the current. The cord revealed itself quickly and the gold glimmered in the filtered sunlight like the birth of a dawn over the ocean. What she’d thought was a cord was in fact a chain. The links were significant in size, equal to her little finger or, dare she believe, even bigger? She hooked her fingers beneath the chain and teased it from the sand. Rosalina pulled and wriggled the chain with equal measure but it refused to leap from its clutches. Digging at a frantic pace now, inch by inch along the chain, she found herself holding her breath. It was the jolt she needed. One of the most dangerous things to do when scuba diving was to hold your breath. She inhaled a few calming breaths and took the moment to wave Archer over.
Archer was at her side in a flash and his eyes twinkled when he saw the gold links. They worked together now, she pulled on the roped gold while he brushed at the sand. Moments later she noticed a link in the chain that was different to the others. It was thicker, wider and smoother. Archer must have seen it as well because he stopped with the frantic brushing and slowed down to a more delicate touch.
The thicker link was attached to an inverted dome, at least that’s what was gradually being revealed. All of a sudden it released from the sand in a swirl of debris and Rosalina fell backwards. She grappled to get back upright, desperate to see what it was. When she looked up Archer was cupping it in his hands as if it were a sleeping kitten. What she had thought was an inverted dome was actually the crown of a man’s head on a gold bust. It was too big to be a necklace, but she couldn’t work out what else it could be.
The bust filled Archer’s hands and was crafted with incredible detail. The hair was symbolised with dozens of gold rosettes, curled together with detailed precision, and the beard was thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of tiny pearls of gold. By contrast the face was smooth gold, created with obvious expert craftsmanship and in the filtered sunlight, it came alive in Archer’s hands. Rosalina frowned when Archer pointed at the horns on the statue’s head. She hadn’t noticed them until then. They were a strange addition to the beautiful figurine. But then she realised this little man was most likely a statue of some kind of mythical god.

She looked at Archer and their eyes met. He oozed boyish exuberance. Twinkling eyes, wriggling eyebrows, and although she couldn’t see his mouth, his dimples were a sure sign he was smiling. He tugged his regulator from his mouth and she did the same. They shared an underwater kiss, not lingering, or sensual, or erotic. But a fun kiss to celebrate their lucky find. When he pulled back he poked his tongue at her before he put his regulator back in his mouth.

Sept 2015
Treasured Series, Book 1
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See the feature in Part One

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An action adventure novel set in the Australian jungle where two unlikely people prove just how attractive opposites can be...

Sept 2015
MIRA publishing
available in Australia 
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Companion Cook Book to my “Treasured” Series of books.

Treasured Secrets and Treasured Lies are as much a treasure hunt as they are a culinary adventure. Rosalina, my Italian heroine in Treasured Secrets is a talented chef, so food and flavours abound as much as the treasure hunt action. Every one of the meals she makes in my books I made for myself. In fact, recipes from “Treasured Secrets” debut in their own book “Rosalina’s Treasured Treats.

This recipe book is a collection of all the scrumptious treats my character, Rosalina, cooks in my romance books, Treasured Secrets and Treasured Lies.

Throughout this cookbook I have scattered my photos from Tuscany and the Greek Islands that inspired many scenes in my ‘Treasured’ series. The cover photo is the terrace at the 700 year old Tuscan Villa my husband and I stayed in. Villa Pandolfini was such a delightful place to holiday, that it’s also Rosalina’s home in Treasured Secrets.

I hope you enjoy these delicious meals as much as I enjoyed making them, photographing them, writing about them and of course eating them. Hopefully, you’ll also enjoy all the little snippets from my latest release, Treasured Secrets….
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KENDALL is giving away a digital copy of her cookbook - Rosalina’s Treasured Treats Cookbook. 
Kendall Talbot ~ Part Three
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KENDALL WANTS TO KNOW: Treasured Secrets weaves from an Australian tropical reef to historic Tuscany to the luxurious Greek Islands. These are all amazing places I’ve visited. Where is the most amazing place you’ve been to and why did you love it?


  1. Make sure you check out the THREE days of Kendall stories.

  2. Welcome to GLIAS Kendall! A FOODIE! I love you already. :)
    You've traveled to some of the places on my bucket list and I'm so jealous.
    Your books sound wonderful, and I MUST get my hands on that cookbook.
    What's your favorite recipe?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi EE, thank you for reading and checking out my website. I love food. And especially when I travel - there's nothing like trying something new and unusual. Obviously I have many favorite recipes. One of my Thai fish cakes - these are very popular when I'm entertaining, they also make a great light dinner when served with Sweet potato fries and a salad. My favorite dessert is sticky date pudding. My son moved to England in February this year and he's keeps saying how much he misses that dessert. We're visiting him in December and that's all he wants for Christmas. Thanks for sharing. Cheers. Oh and by the way - If you sign up for my newsletter - you'll receive a free electronic copy of my cookbook.

  3. My fav spot would have to be Nusa Lembongan, where it is still relatively unspoiled. The people and local food stalls make it worth the boat trip over from the main island.

    1. Thank you for sharing Ann. I've never heard of Nusa Lembongan, so I looked it up. I love Bali, I've been there several times. But I think I'd like this place even more - sounds like it has all the joys of Bali without the hustle and bustle. Thank you for contributing. Cheers to you