Passion is always worth fighting for…

“Heavy-duty sensuality and solidly researched K-9 operations are hallmarks of this appealing series" ~PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY

"An enthusiastic book-recommendation thumbs up." ~USA Today

by D.D. Ayers
K-9 Rescue, book 3

Passion is always worth fighting for…
Jori Garrison trains dogs for Warrior Wolf Pack, which provides service animals for disabled veterans. Four years ago, she was wrongly convicted of a crime--thanks to her no-good ex- fiancé. Now she just wants to live her life in peace with her beloved dogs. No men, no complications. But it's hard to play it cool when a lethally hot male is on her tail--and the attraction is fierce, mutual, and dangerous…

Lauray "Law" Batisse is a Military Police veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan. Haunted by the loss of his K-9 partner in combat, he's reluctant to accept a service dog named Samantha into his life. But once he meets her trainer--the gorgeous Jori Garrison--he can't fight his primal instincts. And neither can Jori. This sexy alpha male might be the only man strong enough to unleash her desires. And when unseen enemies start hunting them down, he and his new K-9 partner might be her only hope…to survive.

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A veteran author of romance and women's fiction, D.D. AYRES is new to Romantic Suspense. She believes the lure of romance is always the human connection. Put that connection in physical jeopardy, and we learn a bit more about who we really are.

With her K-9 Rescue series, D.D. hopes you will enjoy her sexy, suspenseful portrayals of K-9 teams at their best. D.D. lives in Texas with her husband and a soft-coated Wheaten terrier named Zoe.

D.D. & Chief Scot Silverri
ANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
D.D.:  Mine or someone else’s?  If it’s mine, all the time. I tend to mine (dig) my stories, making discoveries on a daily basis.  Scary as heck but the way I write.

Someone else’s book?  I’d like to say every time I pick up a book. When I get lost in a book I know I have found a new must-read author, or am reading one I already love.

ANGI: Benedict Cumberbatch or Chris Pine?
D.D.:  Benedict. A clever mind is sooo sexy. And Benedict has a sense of humor. Love it.

ANGI: Can you tell us about a real-life hero you’ve met?
D.D.:  I have to give kudos to my K-9 expert, my go-to guy for all things K-9 and police: Fort Worth Police Officer Brad Thompson.  From 1996 to 2012, Officer Thompson worked in the Special Operations/K9 Unit and was responsible for training and deployment of patrol and narcotic detection K9s. He exemplifies a K-9 handler.  He told me about losing his second dog in a pursuit situation.  His dog took a bullet and saved his life.  He took his partner to the vets where he died in his arms.  Brad didn’t tell me – I researched it – that he, too, had been shot. He wouldn’t go to hospital until he had done all he could for his K-9 partner.  That’s bravery and loyalty.

Officer Brad Thompson and Ludo
ANGI: What’s your favorite meal?
D.D.:  Anything involving champagne and seafood.

ANGI: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
D.D.:  Old school (40s) Daffy Duck. Modern: Simon’s Cat.

ANGI: What do you like about the hero of your book?
D.D.:  Law’s got a lot of courage, but not in the ways we think of.  He’s dealing with so many issues, all of them stacked against him.  Most of all, he doesn’t think he deserves anything better until a Golden Doodle named Samantha and her service dog trainer Jori show him that to need help, to need someone, requires as much courage as going it alone.  He is a tough nut to crack.  But he’s so sexy, with a twist of sensitivity in bed, that it wasn’t hard to root for him.

ANGI: Where do you read and how often?
D.D.:  I read daily.  Often in bed at night.  I find filling my head with other writer’s words, especially if the stories are in a different genre, helps keep my vocabulary fresh and ways of seeing the world evolving.

ANGI: What sound or noise do you love?
D.D.:  Baby gurgles.  Genuine laughter.

ANGI: Would you rather be in a Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
D.D.:  Romantic Comedy?

ANGI: What’s your favorite rerun on television?
D.D.:  Big Bang Theory. House.

ANGI: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
D.D.:  Casablanca: characters who understand what’s important, even if it costs them everything.

ANGI: Who’s your favorite villain?
D.D.:  Denzel Washington’s cop-gone-bad in “Training Days” and Heath Ledger’s Joker in “The Dark Knight.”  They were dangerous, sexy, charming, and pushed the hero up against the wall of his beliefs. Then they banged his head against it.  I think the difference between good and evil is what a person is willing to do to win, or even avoid dying.  Nothing stops a villain.
Officer Brad Thompson and Ludo

ANGI: Hiking Boots or Dancing Heels?
D.D.:  I like to dance!

ANGI: How is it working with hot guys and sexy women all day?
D.D.:  Exhausting and exhilarating.  Those people never slow down. There are only complex people in my writing world. I’m always asking my characters, why, why did you do that, say that, think that? Answering those questions deepens them. 

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: What is your best dog story?
D.D.’s GOTTA ANSWER: Personal story. We had a Chow mix mutt named Chu Chu from the time I was 13. Chows have a reputation for being extremely loyal to family but not so friendly to anyone else. That was Chu Chu. He was always very protective of my mother. He didn’t like men because my dad had died before we got him and my brothers were really young. He was still alive when I married and had my first child.

Theresa was only 3 months old when I took her home to my mom’s in Arkansas to visit for the first time. We were worried about how Chu Chu would treat this new family member. He’d never been around babies before. He didn’t pay much attention to the wiggly bundle until the second day when neighbors came to meet Theresa. As soon as the first person walked in the door Chu Chu came and lay down across my feet as I held her. As long as everyone kept their distance, he dozed. But as soon as someone approached to have a better look, Chu Chu stood up and blocked their path. This went on the entire time we were visiting. Only my grandmother could get close. Chu Chu might not have been sure of what Theresa was, but he’d decided she was family, and needed his protection. We were amazed and touched by his loyalty.

I’ve since learned in researching professional K-9s that some dogs are so smart they can learn and puzzle things out without being trained to a specific task. Dogs work hard at being aware of how to live best with us often mystifying humans. And, Theresa didn’t even bring treats!

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  1. Welcome to GLIAS, D.D. I can't wait to read this entire series. I absolutely love dog stories!

    1. Thanks, Angi. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have writing it.

  2. Animals do add to a story. BLACK BEAUTY, obviously not a dog story, is a favorite from way back.


    1. That's true. When people are ask about their favorite book, many times people will mention a book from their childhood like the Black Beauty series or Old Yeller or Call of the Wild that often are about animals. I think children identify with these creatures because the animals, like them often, can't express themselves well though they feel things deeply

  3. Ooh I like what I see! Have always had a dog in my life... the one that made a big impact on me growing up was my Misty... she was a mutt that we rescued from the pound. She was beaten as a puppy and was afraid of men... it took time for her to get used to my father, but she was the sweetest most beautiful dog I have ever had. greenshamrock at cox dot net

    1. Chu Chu was a mutt. He adopted us. He'd been given to neighbors but he kept running away, back to his litter several blocks away. The owners were going to get rid of him, the runt, because he didn't even like them., But my brothers brought him home, and he stayed. Never ran away again.

  4. My favorite dog is a Toy Tea Poodle. I love small dogs. To come him and get kisses from a dog is wonderful. To cuddle with when your sick. They just know how to make your day.

    1. I've never owned a small dog. We've always had medium to medium large. But two of my sisters-in-law have small dogs and they go everywhere with them, on planes in cages, in cars, hotels. Everywhere.

    2. Big dogs take up to much space in a one bedroom Apt. I love my dogs to pieces.

  5. don't have one

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. No dog, or no favorite? Do you like cats? At one point when the 3 kids were younger we had a dog, 3 cats, guinea pig, rabbit, gerbils, and canaries. A regular zoo.

  6. My favorite dog story is your upcoming release, Primal Force!!! Love the doodle! Everyone definitely needs to check this book out, they won't be sorry!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. This one's close to my heart.

  7. Does A Cricket in Times Square count?