State Fair Time! #funfood #cornydogs #icecream #amusementpark

Every September, our great State Fair is held. I love it! And for most of my life, I've gone almost every year. A lot of it is the same. Sometimes, there are new exhibits and features. And for some fairgoers, it's all about food. 
Exotic Fried Food!

My favorite fair food is a Nutty Buddy ice cream bar--vanilla ice cream on a stick, dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed peanuts. Yumm.

My second favorite fair food is a regular hot dog--mustard and onions, please.

Handsome has to have the beloved corny dog. Ketchup topped.

A few years ago, chicken friend bacon won the food category. This intrigued me. I mean, who wouldn't be--fried, battered, and bacon. It was delicious.

I haven't been on one side the old wooden roller coaster was torn down. I had worked at an amusement park when younger, so I guess the bloom is off. 

The car show--would you want to miss the latest and greatest? Didn't think so. LOL

The dog show is one we rarely miss. Trained dogs run laps, chase frisbees, and do all kinds of tricks. Most have been adopted from shelters. 

I never miss the Creative Arts building. I grew up a crafter and my grandmother won first place with a quilt and second place with my crocheted sweater. I have some friends who have placed multiple times with their knitting and collections and love to see their work in the display cases and rejoice with them. I am always amazed at what people can create with their hands.

Various musical and theatrical acts are indifferent venues in the park. The Kodo drummers have always been my favorite. 

Animal judging: What makes a steer a prize-winning one? I don't know all about this; however, it is wonderful to see a young person holding a ribbon and the animal they raised. Last year, I spied a young girl napping against the belly of her pig. Very big grin.

Being outdoors, people watching, and snacking--all fun fair events. But weather is a crap shoot in the fall. Cold fronts can bring rain, but rain doesn't stop me. I have an umbrella and a slicker and head on out. Sunshine brings families of all sorts who all appear to be enjoying their special day. 


What is your favorite thing or food at your state fair?

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  1. I love this post, Vicki !
    We try to go every year...doesn't look like we'll make it in 2015 though. Darn.

  2. Hi, Angi! Why, thank you!! I love the State Fair. I have to go and eat my fav ice cream. LOL And the cars, and the dogs, and the people...lol

  3. Ours is in August when it's so darn hot and humid.... but if you want more great fair style food... watch Anthony Anderson's show on Food Network. Carnival something..

  4. Hi, Girlygirlhoosier! I'd love to watch his show, but then would feel compelled to try too many things!!! LOL. Did you try chicken fried bacon? That was my last venture and it was mighty tasty.

    Thanks for visiting with me.

  5. I haven't been to a State Fair in years and years. The biggest drawback is - it's in California - duh, that's where I live, right? But over time, everything, and I mean everything, in California, comes with an overwhelming number of people and it can get truly out of control. Camping in California is a joke. You're packed so tightly you may as well be on a freeway. Any type of event, be that a concert or a fair, is so outrageously priced, it costs hundreds of dollars to just attend, and that doesn't count the food and other things once you get inside. Granted, I love this state, but we have cut back on many things that we used to do because it's no longer fun to do them - due to the overpopulation problem.

  6. Hi, Patricia! Oh my, I hadn't considered the overpopulation equation. And it is sad when too many people affect what you would like to enjoy. We do go early on a Sunday morning and since we don't ride rides, our day is relatively short. But we've taken other people with us and they say our State Fair is wonderful. Thank you for sharing with me today. And hugs!

  7. Vicki, you must live in my neck of the woods--North Texas. Out here in Arlington, the TX State Fair doesn't get much press, but when we lived in Uptown for seven years, it was a big deal. Still love the fair, brings out the kid in ya! Great post and good luck with your release. Are you a member of DARA?

  8. Hi, Hebby! I am a member of DARA and several other RWA chapters.

    It's just tons of fun and different from the every day life. One year, my sisters hadn't been in a while and we went. We cruised through the roosters--I mean, who knew there were so many???

    Thanks for stopping!

  9. I have been watching Carnival Cravings on the Food Network this summer. Hosted by Anthony Anderson, he visited fairs and carnivals all over the USA. Fair food is so creative these days. My favorite was funnel cakes.

  10. I miss the state fair. I haven't been in forever! We have smaller fairs here in Michigan like the Fowlerville Fair (more of a 4-H venue) or the Balloonfest (in Howell with hot air balloons)... The kids loved the kiddie rides and I loved getting to spend the day with them doing something fun!

  11. Sounds very romantic for you and Handsome!

  12. Hi, Tammy! I have to confess: I tried deep fried Samoas. That's right, the Girl Scout cookies and they were fab. Really, really fab. Thank you for visiting with me.

    Hi, Melissa! I loved going with the boys to the fair. Of course, they wanted to ride the rides and shoot bb guns at targets and we let them. Those were the days.

    Our fair does judge animals like a 4H would. Great fun, especially when the grand champions are sold for big dinero and the kids can have college fund.

    Hi, Angela! We love looking at the new cars. He isn't into the creative arts like me--go figure. Sometimes, I'll show him some things. Mostly, it is like shopping--him standing at the end of the row or by the door, waiting somewhat patiently. Hugs!