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*Season of Surprises*

Vicki here: I'm thrilled to be part of the Season of Surprises holiday anthology. Last year's Season of Magic was fabulous and now, we're back for more. I asked my fellow authors to share a holiday memory with me. Let's take a peek into their lives?

Madison West: Before my paternal grandfather's passing, our family
celebrated the Christmas holidays at his cabin on a lake in Ithaca, New York. It was always colder and the area always had more snow than Boston would. I remember that it was always a white Christmas. The last holiday we spent at that cabin was in 1996 and I was almost eight years old. One of the last gifts my grandfather gave to me was this beautiful heart shaped mirror. I still have it to this day. The silver has faded and bronzed, but I keep it as a reminder of all the good times we had at that lake house. 

Kristin Drew: When I was growing up, I knew ours was the luckiest house on the block, because we got a personal visit from Santa each Christmas Eve. Where all my friends had to wait until Christmas morning to open their packages, Santa would show up at our house just after dinnertime, red sack in
tow, and present my sister and I with our gifts. I didn't think it the least bit odd that Santa chose our house, out of all the houses, to stop in for a visit, because our house was so full of Christmas joy, laughter and magic. Christmas was a time of coming together, of celebrating, and singing, and reading from the Bible. My mother also made about forty-seven varieties of Christmas cookies! It wasn't until I was much older, that I noticed the resemblance between the Santa who visited our home each Christmas Eve, and our elderly neighbor across the street. And even as that discovery marked the end of a belief in a fictionalized Santa, it marked the beginning of a belief in the magic that others can bring into our lives.

Vicki Batman: One year, our long-time next door neighbor gave my mom an ornament, in fact, an angel tree-topper. Mrs. Owen liked to do crafts and she had made from a kit the angel. The doll has an egg-shaped body with smaller ones halved for hands and feet. A round one comprised her head with fancy curly doll hair in white. A tiny red sequin made her nose and silvery wings her eyelashes. All joined together with furry pink pipe cleaner and silver wings pinned to her back. One year, Mom replaced The Littlest Angel with another musical one. I asked if I could have her, but to this day, she has said no. I have combed flea markets, looking for my own.

Cara Marsi:  My husband and I put up the same artificial Christmas tree
for over 25 years. When our son was growing up, we told him we wanted to go shopping for a real tree, but he wouldn't hear of it. He said the fake tree was a tradition. When he was in his third year of college, he came home for Christmas vacation and said he wanted a real tree. All three of us went tree shopping. For the next five years until he moved out on his own, we went tree shopping. The memories of shopping for a Christmas tree with our son are among my fondest. Here's a picture of one of those trees.

How about you? Do you have a favorite holiday memory to share?

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  1. Thank you to the authors for sharing their special holiday memories. It's so special to get a peek into the lives of the authors whose work we enjoy so much. Happy Holidays.

  2. I love Christmas and the memories they bring back of childhood and more especially the love and anticipation. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  3. Congrats on your latest release! It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing everyone's memories.

    1. Hi, Melissa! and thank you. It was fun to read everyone's memory.