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Highland Soldier cover picture

Highland Soldier

Blue stared at him, seeing depths she hadn’t before uncovered. Since her hands were already on his face, it was a simple matter to lean in and lightly press her lips to his.

The surprised gasp opened his mouth to hers and she sucked on his bottom lip and savored. The heat coming off him was intense but she didn’t care. She wanted this, wanted this since their first argument over the best way to make a poor man’s grenade.

Ethan’s chest was a solid unyielding wall against her. His mouth wasn’t moving either. She’d shocked him. Which was kind of a turn on that she could.

Not one to give up, Blue nibbled at the corner of his lips and that brought him to life. She felt the groan that shuddered through him and abruptly his good hand was at the small of her back, pulling her into the vee of his legs where he sat on the bench.

She didn’t think he’d had much experience with kissing, if any. In that regard his boldness took a header, which was rather…sweet. Part of what attracted her to him. Big shy strapping man. But by the way his mouth was exploring hers, he was a born natural. Oh Dios mío.

Confession Time: Out of all the guys in the Highland Sorcery series, Ethan is my favorite. I've been waiting for his story to come out. He's so reckless and funny and loyal, loves all things weaponized and thoroughly enjoys his job of killing monsters. Yet because of his past, he doesn't think he's good enough for Blue, but then Blue isn't the kind of gal to let him get away with pushing her away. 

Man, I had so much fun writing these characters.

Anyway, here's the little blurb and the buy links. It's on preorder at the lower price of $2.99 until November 16th when it will be released into the world and the price goes up a buck. 

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Ethan's in a world of trouble.
Injured, cut off from his squad, and hunted by time-traveling beasts that want to eat him, to survive he has to place all his trust with the gutsy daughter of a guerrilla tactics survivalist.
But for Ethan, trust doesn't come easy.

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