Say Hello to Trish Milburn!

It's my pleasure to welcome Trish Milburn to the blog for the very first time!
Trish writes the Blue Falls, Texas series for Harlequin American Romance and has published young adult fiction with Razorbill/Penguin and Bell Bridge Books. She’s also independently published several romantic suspense and women’s fiction novels. She’s a two-time winner of RWA’s Golden Heart Award and Georgia Romance Writers’ Maggie Award of Excellence. She’s a fan of road trips, seeing places she’s never seen before, the beach, TV and movies, and cosplay.

Safe In His Arms

When Aimee Brandon flees from a cult’s compound into a freezing Wyoming winter, she knows she has to survive and find help in order to save her mother and protect innocents from the cult’s plans. When she collapses on the cabin steps of former CIA agent Gideon Oakes, her plans are put on hold as Gideon nurses her back to health and they wait out a wave of snowstorms. The last thing Gideon wants is to return to the outside world, the one in which his mistake cost lives. But if he doesn’t get Aimee to the authorities, he might be responsible for even more deaths. What neither of them expects is to fall for each other in such a short amount of time, but there’s no arguing with the truth. This man who wants to hide from the world and the woman who has to return to it find love in the least-expected place at the least-expected time.

(Safe in His Arms is a “snowbound” contemporary romantic suspense novelette set in a Wyoming. Story length is approximately 12,500 words.)


Jan Schliesman: How often do you Get Lost In A Story?
Trish Milburn: As often as possible. J Seriously, whether it’s my own story, something I’m reading, or a favorite TV show, or a trip to the movies, I love getting swept up into a fictional tale that makes me feel all kinds of emotions.

Jan: It took you eleven years and two Golden Heart wins before you sold your first book. Looking back, would you do anything differently?
Trish: Probably try to convince myself not to take rejections so personally. There were many rejections that led to me curling up in a ball and crying.

Jan: What do you love most about your current release?
Trish: I love those snowbound-in-a-cabin romances, so I wrote one. Plus, this time of year is so busy for everyone that it’s difficult to invest time in reading something big. It’s a great time of year for reading anthologies, novellas and short fiction. This story is a novelette by definition, shorter than most novellas but longer than a short story. I also love how you have people with really opposite goals falling for each other quickly, which surprises them both. The hero, Gideon, is hiding from the world, and the heroine, Aimee, desperately needs to return to that world.

Jan: It was love at first sight when I met my hubby.  What about you?
Trish: Close to it. My husband and I were introduced by one of my best friends. She knew him from a summer program in Kentucky called Governor’s Scholars. When we all ended up at the same college, she introduced us. We started dating soon thereafter and have been together 26 years now. We’ll be celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary in a few days.

Jan: What snacks always occupy your writing space?
Trish: I try to keep them away because I’ll munch away until I’m as big as my house. But I do love Brookside’s chocolate-covered pomegranates or, this time of year, Pepperidge Farm’s pumpkin cheesecake cookies.

Jan: Favorite sports team?  
Trish: Nashville Predators NHL team

Jan: What one book from your childhood is your favorite?
Trish: Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Jan: Where do your very best ideas for story lines come from?
Trish: I’m really inspired by good storytelling in other forms – TV and movies. Sometimes it will just be a blip of an idea inspired by something I’m watching. The final product might bear very little resemblance at all, but the idea sets me off in my own direction. Once, however, I swear an idea just seemed to fall out of the sky as I was driving through Illinois cornfields. I had to pull over and write it down before I forgot it.

Jan: Any rituals you following while writing a book?  Celebrate a certain way when it’s completed?
Trish: I tend to write while watching TV. I use a rewards system: I write X number of pages, then I get to watch a segment of a recorded program between commercials. Then I have to write more pages, and so on. It’s sort of a joke with my husband, but I do have a little “I Finished a Book” dance.
Trish’s GOTTA ANSWER: Chocolate followed closely by orange sherbet.


UP NEXT FOR TRISH: Home on the Ranch, the next Blue Falls, Texas book from Harlequin American Romance,  March 2016.


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  1. Hi,

    My favourite right now is VIKINGS. I know it's not new, but I just discovered it.

    1. I love Vikings, too! And it's fun to discover new shows even after they've been out for a while. The biggest one I did that way was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I watched after its run was over. My most recent discovery after it had aired at least one season was Orphan Black.

  2. Welcome to GLIAS, Trish !
    Awesome to have you.

  3. My fav new shows are Blindspot and Supergirl. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm loving both of those as well. And I was excited to see that Francois Arnaud is going to have a recurring role on Blindspot. I liked him in The Borgias.