Five years ago...
a group of women and one lone guy finaled in the RWA Golden Heart. This award is the highest our writers' organization can award an unpublished author. Some of us won and some of us lost, but we all came together, supporting each other through sale or rejection. It's a recent tradition for each group to select a name. We had a few choices...but when Nashville flooded and our national conference (where are awards were to be held) was under water and had to be moved... Well we agreed that our group was UNSINKABLE
The GH 2010 Pin
That's the crux of writing and publishing...
You have to think of yourself as unsinkable. 
You just keep swimming until you meet your goals
and the dream comes true.

It's hard to believe that a few newly sold authors began Get Lost in a Story five years ago. Angi Morgan, Jillian Stone, Donnell Ann Bell & Maureen McGowan have been here since the beginning. We've featured close to 2000 authors, given away too many books to count and have had fun doing it. Three more Unsinkable sisters have joined us: EE Burke, Lizbeth Selvig & Nan Dixon.

We're celebrating with a 6 day party
Today you can Meet our Unsinkable sisters & brother
Find out more about our guests and their recent releases from all types of genres
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What would your characters do to celebrate their anniversary?

Patricia V. & Mary Ann Landers won at the Party

Angi Morgan

To celebrate their first anniversary, Garrison Travis & Kenderly Tyler would jump on his motorcycle and just ride. They'd find as many food dives as possible and eat. Sleeping out in the open would probably be very appealing...as long as they were secure. 

I'll be at the party every day with a surprise giveaway. Better keep your Facebook notifications turned on. 

Mary Lawrence
Bianca and John celebrate their first wedding anniversary at the Dim Dragon Inn. Located in Southwark, the seedy sister city of London, the Inn is a popular boozing ken with the locals. Their friends, a motley crew of muckrakers and thieves, join in the merrymaking, Meddybemps their streetseller friend, drinks too much swill, dances on a table and gets thrown out for making one too many passes at the serving wench. All told, a good time was had by all. 


Nancy Holland

WIN at the Saturday Party

Lena Diaz
The hero of MISSING IN THE GLADES, Jake Young, fully appreciates the quirky, fun, outdoorsy-sprite he’s fallen in love with. To celebrate their anniversary, he’d probably take her hunting. Then he’d cook whatever SHE caught over a campfire in the middle of the Everglades. And finally, he’d treat her to dessert—in the privacy of their tent.


Jane Sevier

Laura Danielsen won the $5.00 Gift Card at the Party

Lynda Bailey
Lynda will be at the party after 1:00 cst

For Kate and Liam, their anniversary would start with a small gathering of family and friends at the Bluebird Saloon for a toast during Happy Hour. Then they’d head home where Liam has cooked Kate’s favorite dish - sautéed chicken breasts in a lemon cream sauce. After a dessert of fresh berries and homemade ice cream, they’d adjourn to the bedroom to continue the celebration... ;-)

Kenderly Woods won at the Party

Abigail Sharpe
Abigail will be at the party after 7:00 pm
Riley is a straight-laced kind of guy whose sense of humor shows up in unexpected places.  Though he and Ainsley don't celebrate a marriage at the end of Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy, I think I know what he'd do for their anniversary.

First, he'd give her a bouquet of flowers.  Why?  Because he knows how much she'd hate them.  As a florist, she views flowers as a dull way of not putting any thought into a gift.  While she was stewing over his lack of originality, he'd bust out the real present.  A new coat in her favorite color to keep her warm during those chilly Wyoming nights.  A necklace with a pendant of flowers.  Cleared off land or a cleared out room of her own in his family home, to create or grow or do with as she wants.

Riley knows her.  Better than her own family.  And his love for her is the best gift she could ever want.

Karen Simpson won at the Party

Jacqui Nelson

To celebrate their anniversary, Hannah and Paden would jump on their horses, White Cloud and Cholla, and race each other through the forest surrounding their home in the Western Territories. They’d do everything they wished they’d spent every day doing on their journey along the Oregon Trail: skinny dipping in a secluded pond, warming each other by a campfire under the stars, and sharing a cup of coffee while the sun rises on a new day full of adventure in the Old West.

Jacqui will be dropping by the party in the evening
...she's on the West Coast.

Laura Schoonover won onTuesday at the Party

Hope Ramsay

Nan Dixon
I know that Daniel would give Bess an orchid, she's a collector. And he would make sure that it is unique and not one she already owns. But Bess would want to spend the evening out on their sailboat, probably with Carly their dog. She'd have her sister Abby cater a meal for them, so they could just enjoy being with each other. And there would be Prosecco--because it makes them (and me) smile. 

Nan will be co-hosting the party on Sunday--look for prizes! Check out her MONTHLY Giveaway for a $50.00 Amazon gift card.


Shelley Coriell

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Tina Beckett

Tina's dropping by the party.

Mary Platt won at the Party

E.E. Burke
EE will be at the party at 9 am
Both of my December bride stories are set during the Christmas season, which in my opinion is the most romantic time of year. Both couples in these back-to-back novellas get married at Christmas. I think they would celebrate their anniversary in front of a cozy fire, keeping each other warm while the snow falls outside.  

E.E. continues our anniversary festivities tomorrow, hosting the BEST OF THE BEST party all day WEDNESDAY, DEC. 2, along with fellow historical romance author and GLIAS crew member, Regan Walker. Don't miss their fabulous line-up of historical romance authors.

Bertha Chambers won at the Party

Vanessa Barneveld
On their first anniversary, Keira and Dan, the teen characters in my paranormal book, would first want to make sure there are no pesky ghosts around to spy on them—very important! They’d steer clear of chocolate at their favourite diner because Keira's deathly allergic to it. Then this besotted pair would take a moonlit stroll to the local waterfall.

Vanessa will be checking in at the party from her side of the world. So readers in North America...get ready for a late night giveaway. Readers from her time zone...stay alert!

Laura Schoonover won at the Party

Donnell Ann Bell

Brittany Nicole Cranston, Wendy Edwards 
& Karen Simpson won at the Party

Laurie Kellogg

Since the wedding of their teen-aged kids reunited Jake and Maggie after nineteen years, they would undoubtedly celebrate their September anniversary with Alex and Emma. They would also probably invite the entire town of Redemption to a huge potluck barbecue at their house and a touch football game.

Laurie is traveling today, but she's donating 

three (3) copies of A LITTLE BIT OF DEJA VU at the party.

Kenneth Zak

Bertha Chambers won $10 Amazon Card & two books at the Party

Lara Archer

Lara will be stopping by the party in the evening...she's on the West Coast.


Jillian Stone

Jillian will be hosting the party all day Friday.

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Mary W Jolly won Mai Tai Marriage at the Party
Ramona Kekstadt won Mai Tai Marriage at the Party
Jeanne Jackson won Mai Tai Marriage at the Party
Laura Danielsen won Mai Tai Marriage at the Party
Tammy Yenalavitchwon Mai Tai Marriage at the Party

Chris Keniston
Nick and Kara spend all year in Paradise, so for their first wedding anniversary it was hard to find a location to top Hawaii. The only possible answer was the city of lights and lovers. For two entire weeks, the couple walked along the river Seine, drank champagne, and frolicked in the city of Paris.

Chris will be stopping by the party at 5:00 cst. 
She's also stopping by the Sunday Brunch & Reads on the 6th.


Lizbeth Selvig

Liz is hosting the party all day Thursday.


Cara Connelly
Cara is stopping by the party at 3:00 central.
Teresa Fordice won a digital copy of READY TO ROCK.
Britney Cranston won a signed copy of THE WEDDING FAVOR & a $10.00 Amazon gift card at the party

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  1. Woo hoo! Welcome back class of 2010. It seems almost like yesterday we were looking each other over, over glasses of our favorite cocktails. You are my comrades, my inspiration and my friends. I look forward to our next reunion and I wish for you every blessing and the fulfillment of your dreams. Love and hugs.

  2. I love celebrating the diversity of our books, too. Wahoo, Unsinkables!

  3. You guys, this is great!!! I loved reading all of it. I started laughing at Nan's anniversary because at first I thought my heroine would throw those flowers back at her hero - until Nan continued that Bess is a collector and her hero would make it original. I love it!

  4. Love seeing so many Unsinkables (and their stories) together again! Thank you Get Lost In a Story for letting us celebrate your anniversary.

  5. Love seeing so many Unsinkables (and their stories) together again! Thank you Get Lost In a Story for letting us celebrate your anniversary.

  6. How cool to hear from/see everyone again! We've done pretty well as a GH(R) "class," don't you think? What time are we popping the champagne corks?

  7. Glad to have been invited to the party. My dream anniversary would be a getaway to a warm location. I love pleasant surprises...so any type of surprises by both myself and the person I'm with during the getaway would be awesome too.

    1. Does it count as a surprise if you have to remind your husband that you need one? LOL

      Actually, two weeks ago, he sent flowers for absolutely no reason...I LOVE THAT !

  8. Sounds like a great party love the covers. Some authors are new to me so can't wait to read from them :)

    1. Welcome Sandra !
      This is a great group of writers. Lots of award winners here.

    2. Welcome, Sandra! Dig in and enjoy.

    3. Lots of great books to be found - and if you pop over to your favorite vendor - Aloha Texas is free for a limited time :)

  9. So many talented authors! It's great seeing the successes of this GH group.

  10. HAWAII!! Baking on a beach sipping on margaritas.

    1. Mine would be a fruity drink with pineapple in it.

  11. Congratulations on the blog-o-versary, Angi and GLIAS! Thanks for sharing your special day with the Unsinkables!

  12. Happy 5th Anniversary to US! And lots of love to all the lovely Unsinkables! Jillian

  13. Jillian you said it perfectly!
    Happy 5th Anniversary to US! And lots of love to all the lovely Unsinkables!

  14. Oh, I forgot to say that the reason I didn't answer the question about Meredith and Jake's first anniversary was that I did that for Liz Selvig's FB party a while back. For their second anniversary I think they'd both have their businesses running well enough that they could take some time away. (Those who've read the book will know this would be a big deal for Meredith.) I think they'd rent a place on Corfu for a week (or two) and go sailing on the Mediterranean. (Those who've read the book will know this would be a big deal for Jake.) At least that's what I'd do, if I were as rich as they are (and knew how to sail)!

  15. Happy Anniversary everyone! And you Unsinkables are Awesome!!!

    1. Hi all. I made it in time to show up. Happy anniversary to us! Thanks for hosting this party.

  16. What a wonderful Unsinkable post!!! So proud to be GH sisters with you all!!! (even though I'm the quietest one of the bunch!)
    So many books to read and so little time. :)

  17. I love being part of this GH class. Wonderful writers. Wonderful friends!

  18. What a sweet surprise to find this on my newsfeed. Yes, I'm more than behind with emails... congratulations, UNSINKABLES! So much fun to see covers and follow your careers. So proud of all of you and especially glad to be a part of a wonderful group of writers!!

  19. My dream anniversary would be a vacation to anywhere. I've always wanted to travel.