Secret Valentines

Creepy or Cool?

I asked the GLIAS Crew if they'd like a Secret Valentine. Interesting answers.

As for me? I was given two dozen long-stemmed red roses (back in my youth). At first it was extremely flattering...then a little frustrating...then just a bit creepy that the admirer never came forward. So the romantic suspense author in me has to go with creepy if it's really a secret.

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I've never had a secret admirer, but if this is a safe forum to admit that I shamelessly stalked my husband until he asked me out...yeah, I did that:)  My fondest memories of Valentine's Day as a kid are the times in grade school when we got to decorate a shoe box. Cutting a hole in the lid so classmates could drop a card inside. Cutting pink and red hearts out of construction paper and gluing them on the box. It was COOL to get an unsigned valentine...especially if it was a mushy one:)

Oh yes, I'd love a secret Valentine. And I have had them in the past. One Valentine's Day I got flowers from a secret admirer. Very fun. Of course, the person eventually made himself known (they usually do). But the surprise of roses with a cryptic message was

Little notes are nice, too. And chocolate! Did I mention chocolate? But it's best sent with the giver's name so you know it's ok to eat them. Ha!

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I like a hero who is out-there about who and what he wants (which is what I love best about my latest hero Nick Savage).

Antique Victorian Valentine
Note: "secret" Valentine
is missing his head!
Coming Feb. 14
I just recently found out I had a secret admirer when I was eight ... after he started stalking me on Facebook. (There are reasons to stay off social media!) Pretty creepy.

The only man to ever send me roses is my husband. Are you feeling sorry for me? Don't. He's done a pretty good job of making up for my deficit, and our 30th anniversary is coming up on Valentine's Day! Pretty cool, huh?

Here's a secret for y'all...a sneak peek at the cover for my new release, Valentine's Rose, coming up February 14, the first book in my new series, The Bride Train.


I haven't ever had a secret valentine--creepy or otherwise. The closest were two non-secret boys. The first, when I was way too young (6th grade) to "get it" was Ken Anderson (he wasn't cute but was way nice), who admitted on the last day of school that he really liked me. The second, in high school, was Craig Jensen who sent me a note that said he liked me "a lot" and would I please come to his wrestling meet? Sadly, I had a boyfriend at the time. Those two weren't secret but they were admirers. And I thought they were cool. Now I've had 41 years (+ dating before that) with my perfect valentine and, I guess sort of obviously, he isn't creepy at all but totally, perfectly cool as well. 

Here's a perfect Valentine for the cool admirer in your life:  my brand new book "The Bride Wore Starlight" comes out on Tuesday (February 9th). The third book in my Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series!

In high school a Valentine Days' fundraiser was guys could buy roses that were delivered anonymously to your homeroom.  

I got one that was from a secret admirer.  I later found out who it was and wanted to give the rose back.

I thought it was creepy.


Secret Admirer? Uh, no thanks. I've always thought about some hunky guy sending flowers and chocolate, then sweeping me off my feet. Knowing my life and the fact I (like Angi) write suspense, it would probably be some psycho killer who escaped from prison. I'm going with creepy.

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TELL US WHAT YOU THINK? Are secret admirers Creepy or Cool?


  1. Secret admirers are a bit of both. They're cool if they turn out to be nice and not stalkers. They're creepy when they have shrines to you in their bedrooms.

    1. Think you hit the nail on the head, Bertha. Thanks for visiting the blog today!

  2. I remember liking a friend of a friend and found out he had the same feelings for me when he said, 'I would have sent you flowers if I had known you were sick.' So my admirer was secret until then. Now 46 years later still going strong!

  3. It depends if they turn into stalkers. I had a secret admirer when I was in school. Most times having a secret admirer is cool.

    1. Agreed, Kim. Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

    2. It's definitely cool at first.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I little of both. Sometimes they are sweet and sometimes they are creepy and stalkerish

    1. Happy Friday, Tammy! Thanks for being such a loyal fan of our blog:)

  6. I used to find it cool until one day I end up with a real stalker I was so terrified my mom had to literally hide me for couple days until things returned to normal it wasn't cool at all then never want to experience that again

    1. Terrifying! I did have a secret admirer when I was at school and since I had a secret crush on him that all turned out wonderfully - but I can't help preferring very upfront guys.

    2. That's terrible. I can't imagine.
      (Well, actually the writer side of my brain is imagining a lot.) Glad you're okay Natasha.

  7. I think it's cool and sort of romantic ... but I can definitely see a creepy aspect if it's stalkerish. :)

    1. If I were going to write a hero as a secret admirer, he would have a very good reason. Hmm, now I think I need to do it!

    2. Lynn I think you just inspired a book !

  8. I thought I had one in Junior High, but it turned out to be a joke... I can definitely see both sides... being creepy and being romantic...

    1. Most people seem to see both sides. I think there can be a motive for keeping it secret...and now I am determined to write a secret admirer story!

  9. Replies
    1. It's the "other" way that gets my mind going...

  10. I think when you are little it can be kind of sweet, but can veer quickly into creepy as you get older.