Get Lost in Immortal Redeemed by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Only one woman holds the key to ending a Blood Knight's eternal life… 

Immortal Kellan Ladd has spent centuries looking for the one woman who can put an end to his immortality. But that woman has no idea of her monumental task. Or how much this rebel knight's attraction to her will complicate his mission.
The leather-clad, Harley-riding stranger was the sexiest man McKenna Randall had ever met. From the minute they touched, she knew they were connected. Now she's about to find out just how tightly bound they are, as they go head-to-head with a nest of deadly vampires whose intent is to keep them apart…

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Unable to defend her next move, McKenna stepped closer to him. Rising on tiptoe, she ignored the throb of pain in her injured throat. “Why do you want me, specifically?”
His lips were at eye level, full and closed tight.
“Will you save me from the entire world, Blood Knight? Slay dragons on my behalf, along with more white-faced freaks? I wonder if you will save me from myself?”
She placed a light kiss on his mouth, absorbing the current that kiss produced. He didn’t reach for her or devour her, though he could have. He didn’t do anything at all, just stared down at her.
“Good night,” McKenna said, turning from the man she almost wished would stop her, feeling his heated gaze on her backside as she limped toward the steps.
Turning her back to him was a mistake. If she had expected him to let that kiss go unchallenged, she was wrong. Seconds later, she was backed against the corner of the building with his body pressed to hers.
“You’re making this hard,” he said.
“Then do something about it.”
She watched him blink. She could see his eyes very clearly in the night, despite the lack of light. His bronzed face smoothed to a perfect rendition of managed calmness that McKenna easily saw through. He was fighting to keep from taking what he wanted. In another minute, he’d give in.
She held the gun in her right hand and was ready to use it.

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Linda Thomas-Sundstrom is an award-winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance novels and novellas, with books published by Kensington Brava, Amazon Montlake, Harlequin Nocturne, Harlequin Desire, and GothicScapes.

Linda lives in the west, and is a teacher by day and a writer by night. She loves more than anything to write, and hopes you will come along on the wild, wonderful ride with her.

Author Note: Calling all Arthurian fans! "Immortal Redeemed" is another novel in my Blood Knights series about seven immortals, originally from the Round Table, as we find them in our century, still on a quest. This is legendary Galahad's story. He is now a beautiful, powerful, Harley-riding knight in search of a way to end his long existence. And when he finds the one soul in all the world who can help him do that . . . it turns out to be housed in a woman who might also possibly change his mind.

Commenters: There are immortals, and then there are immortals…share your favorite kind of immortal hero—vampire, viking god, fallen angel—in comments for a chance to win an e-copy of Immortal Redeemed. Good luck! 


  1. Welcome back to GLIAS, Linda! Do I have a favorite kind of immortal? Probably a seraph shifter. But I prefer the Assyrian version of the seraphim—they're fire-gods! And they must be fallen angels, which makes them sexy and interesting!

  2. Well, hello Jillian and blogsters! Happy to be here. My immortals are noble bad-boys who were once knights of the Round Table - endless in terms of life, sexiness, and embodying the word DANGER to all who cross them. I just love them all... all seven of these Blood Knights.

  3. They aren't vampires, per se, though they were made immortal with the blood of a specific individual... Lancelot had his own book in "Golden Vampire." Other Blood Knights had stories = "Guardian of the Night" and "Immoral Obsession." When they need to, they can be very, very dangerous. To the right women, they can be... heavenly. *smiles*.

  4. A fav type of immortal... I truly can not decide... I just love seeing them all coming to life within their stories! Thanks you so much for sharing with us today! greenshamrock ATcox DOTnet :)

    1. Hi Colleen.... thanks for the post. Sending you happiness (and maybe an immortal to play with.) *wink*

  5. vampire

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. I have to go with fallen angels. That idea, of good that turned bad, but trying to do right, fascinates me. I haven't tried this series. I'm going to look it up. Thanks for the post.

    1. Thanks, Laura Frye. My books are deep and dense, like dark chocolate because I do love these guys so much. Just got another contract for more. YIPEE.. Author bliss!!

    2. Dark chocolate? I'm hooked! 😀😀😀

  7. Congratulations to Collen C., winner of the ebook copy of IMMORTAL REDEEMED!

    1. Thank you so much! I responded to your email!