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I'm so excited to welcome 6-time Golden Heart Finalist (2-time Winner) Jacie Floyd.  We were finalists together in 2013 - the Lucky 13s!

Jacie has a fabulous giveaway planned - signed copies of The Good Riders Series or The Billionaire Brotherhood Series (three books each) to two lucky commenters—Winners choice!  So don't forget to comment! [North America only]

Meet Jacie Floyd
I write contemporary romance, romantic comedy, and emotionally-rich stories about the kind of strong women and bold men you want to read about and know. From the time I read my first Nancy Drew mystery, I’ve been an avid reader and writer. Although raised in the Midwest, I always believed I was a displaced island girl.

After many years as a wife and mother with a nine-to-five job, the desire to live somewhere without snow and to create my own stories consumed me. While polishing my craft as an unpublished author, I was honored to be named a six-time Golden Heart® Finalist and two-time Golden Heart® winner by the Romance Writers of America.

Finally giving in to the inevitable, I moved to Florida and immersed myself in self-publishing. I’ve
Jacie in her lanai
published 3 books and a Christmas novella in my Good Riders series (Meet Your Mate, Cursed By Love, Meant For Me, and Happy This Year) and 3 books in the Billionaire Brotherhood series (Winning Wyatt, Daring Dylan, and Remaking Ryan). Everybody Knows, my 7th full-length novel, will be released on May 13.

I thoroughly enjoy writing on my lanai and having the opportunity to put my stories in front of readers. When not restricted by a deadline, I love to travel, cook, and connect with readers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Nan: That looks like the perfect place to write.  I'm jealous!

Let's talk about EVERYBODY KNOWS. - Book 1 of the Sunnyside Series

Nan: Love the title!


In Zach’s fantasies, Harper embodied the words “expensive” and “delectable”. Like hot sex, cool sheets, chilled mimosas, and romping in bed on a sex-infused Sunday morning.

In reality, she looked like someone who’d detoured into town by mistake. He expected her to turn up her nose at what the town had to offer and motor back out again as soon as she topped off her latte and filled up her gas tank.

And despite all of that, or really, because of it, she looked like waaay too much trouble.

Which made him fleetingly wonder how much trouble would be too much trouble to have
someone like her in his life?

Read the first chapter and pre-order at AMAZON   (Available now for pre-order at the special introductory price or $2.99) Release date: May 13, 2016

Nan:  Sounds like fun!  And my new granddaughter's name is Harper!  


NAN: How often do you get lost in a story?  

JACIE: Not as often as I’d like, but at least once a month. My poor e-reader is weighted down with an impossible number of books, just waiting for me to get to them. Every once in a while, I take a heavenly day all to myself to sit on the lanai and read. But most of my reading takes place when I travel. Since we live in Florida now, and frequently travel to the Midwest to see family and friends, I claim those travel hours on a plane or in a car as my reading time.

NAN: What is the first book you remember reading?

JACIE: The first full-length chapter book I ever read--and I think it was in second grade--was a book from the library, Betsy’s Busy Summer. I loved the story of Betsy and her friends, and learned then and there that it was possible to escape to a different time and place through the pages of a book. I don’t remember the name of the author, but I remember the color of the cover, the smell of the pages, the weight and feel of the book in my hands, and the magic of escaping into someone else’s pretend world for a few hours.
Nan: What a lovely memory!

NAN: What was the first story you remember writing?

JACIE: I started out writing and illustrating little hand-made books of bad poetry about daisies. The first, and last, short story I wrote was called Memento for a high school composition class. It was a sad, but humorous tale of a teenage boy and girl being separated when the girl moves out of town. I submitted it to Seventeen magazine for publication and was shocked when it received a form rejection letter. My first publishing rejection. The first of many.
Nan: Oh what fools they were!

NAN: What is your favorite trait about your hero in EVERYBODY KNOWS?

JACIE: I have to choose just one? I love everything about Zach. Due to tragic losses that occurred in his past, he wants to make everything right for everyone else.
He’s a doctor and feels very protective about the health and well-being of the people in Sunnyside, constantly reminding them to buckle up, bundle up, hydrate, and wear sunscreen. In a very endearing way, of course.
Nan: Ahhh - nice guy!

NAN: Do you read reviews of your books? If so, do you pay any attention to them, or let them influence your writing?
JACIE: Of course, I read them. How else will I know what real readers think about my stories? For the most part, reviews are favorable, but if someone has a legitimate criticism, I always give their comments serious consideration. What bothers me is when someone misquotes or misrepresents something I wrote, and I don’t have any recourse for setting the record straight. On the other hand, people said they wanted Elliott’s story after they finished MEANT FOR ME, so I’m writing Elliott’s story now. People wanted an epilogue for the Billionaire Brotherhood, where all three of the couples and their children are together and moving into their futures, so I’m writing that scene to add to The Brotherhood box-set.
Nan: Love that!

NAN: What has surprised you the most about being published?

JACIE: I’ve been most surprised that being published takes away so much of my writing time. While I’d love to sit at my desk or on my lanai and write for the better part of the day, it’s shocking how much of the time is devoted to social media, promotion, and other time-sucking activities. From editing, to designing bookmarks, to creating cover photos, an Indie author wears a lot of hats that distract from getting words on the page.
Nan:  Oh yeah!!

NAN'S GOTTA ASK:  What has been your most rewarding publishing experience?

JACIE'S GOT TO ANSWER: Undoubtedly, holding the print copy of my first book, MEET YOUR MATE, in my hands for the first time. The gratification of knowing that the dream had come true, against all odds, due to hard work and perseverance was a moment I will never forget.
Nan: Best feeling ever!!

Thank you for celebrating your May launch with Get Lost in a Story!

Twitter: @jaciefloyd

Your next release after EVERYBODY KNOWS
I’m planning to release box sets (with bonus material) of both the Good Riders Series and The Billionaire Brotherhood in early summer. And I’m working on the fourth book in the Good Riders series to be released in August. The hero is Elliott, Mitch’s brother from Meant For Me, but Elliott’s book, alas, is as yet untitled. No title = no cover. Hopefully, coming soon. But here’s how I picture Elliott. Thumbs up, or thumbs down?

Nan:  Thumbs up from me!!

JACIE WANTS TO KNOW:  In EVERYBODY KNOWS, there are little tidbits that everyone assumes everyone else in town knows. Everybody Knows Nettie Larson can’t cook. Everybody Knows Tony Gerrigan cheats on his wife. And in real life, there are also little bits of universal wisdom that everyone supposedly knows, whether they’re true or not. Everybody Knows you shouldn’t wear a hat at the table. Everybody Knows you don’t wear white shoes before Easter. Everybody Knows good girls don’t get tattoos. What is it that you know that everyone else should know? If you have no snippets of conventional wisdom to share, feel free to post a greeting to be eligible for the drawings.

For 2 lucky commenters - signed copies of The Good Riders Series or The Billionaire Brotherhood Series (three books each)--Winners choice!  [North America only]

Nan"  Thanks for stopping by -- Jacie!


Sandra Owens said...

Enjoyed the interview, Jackie. And all your covers are just awesome!

Sharon Wray said...

Great interview, Jacie. I love real-life perseverance stories! Congratulations on your books and I can't wait to read Everybody Knows. :)

Miranda Liasson said...

Jacie, what beautiful covers! As far as conventional wisdom, all I can think of is don't discuss religion or politics in a mixed crowd! So happy for you! Putting Everybody Knows on my Kindle now!

Nan Dixon said...

Fluffy Top is finally fed! Welcome to the Crew - Jacie!

India Powers said...

Great interview, Jacie! Especially loved the picture of you on your lanai. So awesome that you got to move to Florida and live your dream! Everybody Knows sounds like a fun book. Can't wait to read it!

Amelia Autin said...

Fun interview, Jacie, and interesting challenge question. Common sense seems to have fallen by the wayside these days. The one thing that comes to mind that everyone SHOULD know is, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a's a duck. Don't make up wild theories that maybe it's NOT a duck in some alternate universe. It's a duck. Period.

Jacqueline Floyd said...
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Jacqueline Floyd said...

Thanks for stopping by Sandra! I love my covers, but it's always nice to get a compliment on them. You have some seriously gorgeous ones, too!

Jacqueline Floyd said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for stopping by. Perserverance is one of the most under-valued characteristics, isn't it? Or in my case, it could be called stubbornness!

Angi Morgan said...

Welcome to GLIAS, Jacie !!
The stories sound awesome.

Jacqueline Floyd said...

Thanks, Mirands. Covers are one of my favorite parts of the publishing process, but my cover-artist, Kim Killion, should get all the credit. Good conventional wisdom about religion and politics. That should be at the top of everyone's list these days!

Jacqueline Floyd said...

Hi Nan! Thanks for inviting me to come here to play today. Always happy to talk about books with readers and other authors. And congratulations on the new grand baby. As a long-time fan of Harper Lee, that's one of my favorite names.

Jacqueline Floyd said...

Hi India! Oh, yes, my lanai! It is one of my favorite places. I do feel like I'm living the dream these days. Writing my books, living in Florida, enjoying the sunshine. It's all good.

Jacqueline Floyd said...

Hi Amelia. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom. That's a good one about the duck and I'm adding it to my list!

Jacqueline Floyd said...

Hi Angi! Thanks!

Vickie Cox said...

Jacie, it has been an honor to know such a great author. I have read all your books and am looking forward to your next series! You make your characters seem so real that I forget I'm reading fiction! Good luck on the new series!!

Jacqueline Floyd said...

Aww, Vickie, thank you! I'm so touched by your comments. It's really my honor to know readers like you! That makes all the computer time worthwhile. Thank you!

Colleen C. said...

Ooh a new to me author!!! I enjoyed learning about you and your books today! Thanks for sharing! greenshamrock ATcox DOTnet

Jacqueline Floyd said...

Hello, Colleen! Always nice to meet readers looking for new authors.

Lynnette Austin said...

Jacie, I'm preordering Everybody Knows the minute I hit send on this comment! It sounds wonderful, and I love how you've characterized your heroine so well with so few words.

My everybody knows? Everybody knows you shouldn't go swimming in that beautiful pool of yours till thirty minutes after you've eaten. Do you think that's really true? :)

Nan Dixon said...

So glad you are here! Can't believe this is your first time on GLIAS!

Jacqueline Floyd said...

Hi Lynnette! Thank you so much for the pre-order. I hope you like Harper and Zach as much as I do. I will admit, I don't follow that 30-minute rule anymore, but it was something Everbody was supposed to know when I was growing up.

bn100 said...

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Mary Fetz said...

Very nice interview. I'll be looking for your work the next time I'm shopping for books!

Jacqueline Floyd said...


Jacqueline Floyd said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Becca St. John said...

Just like your books ~ and you ~ fun and interesting. Love the premise of 'Everyone Knows' Can't wait to dive into it. BTW ~ my mother-in-law told me, what she said everyone knew, you never put new shoes on a table. It brings bad luck.

Gail Hart said...

That lanai looks like a great place to read and write! Congrats on your move, as well as on putting all those books out in the world.

Jacqueline Floyd said...

Hi Becca! I hadn't heard that one about new shoes on the table. That's definitely making my list. Thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by.

Jacqueline Floyd said...

Hi Gail! It's been a jam-packed two years, that's for sure, but I live the writing and living in Florida! Looking forward to San Diego. Thanks for stopping in!

Leslie Lynch said...

Love the lanai! I'd love to write there, too, Jacie! I've enjoyed all your books so far, and have been waiting a looooong time for Everybody Knows!

Natasha Persaud said...

Congratulations on the book everybody knows when a black cat crosses your path it brings bad luck... I know more but that's the only one that I can remember

Jaciefloyd said...

Thanks, Leslie! Everybody Knows has a special place in my heart because it's the manuscript that was the 2013 Golden Heart finalling manuscript where I met so many wonderful authors... like you... and Nan! I'm really excited about its upcoming release, too.

Jacie Floyd said...

Hi, Natasha! Thanks for stopping by and providing the Everybody Knows tip about black cats! That is a good one to know.

Diane O'Key said...

Great interview, Jacie--and book looks wonderful! Pre-order coming up :-)
Everybody knows...or should...that there's a gentility about small towns, especially in the 'real' South, unlike anywhere else in the USA. Just sayin' :-)