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One of my new Aussie friends is award-winning author, Kendall Talbot. I love her energy and daredevilness. Writing about treasure-hunters seems right down her..uh...safety-line.

Treasured Series, Book 3
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When Rosalina discovers a devastating family secret, the world as she knows it is shattered and a madman from her past reappears. 
Rosalina’s love, Archer, finds a clue to a treasure stolen during World War II—but when Rosalina is kidnapped, he must either comply with Nox’s demands that he find the treasure, or risk his life to save her. Archer, a man who knows what he wants, won’t stop until Rosalina is back in his arms.
Everyone believed Nox was dead, but somehow he survived the latest attempt on his life. Now this dead man walking is out for revenge—and there are still so many on his list.
Can true love conquer all, even a madman hell bent on revenge?

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ANGI: If you were a treasure hunter…what’s the first thing you’d go after?
KENDALL: I love this question. I’ve done a huge amount of research on missing treasure for my Treasure series of books and the one that fascinates me this most is the Lost Loot of Lima. In 1820, Lima was verging of revolt so as a preventative measure, the Viceroy of Lima elected to transport the city’s extensive wealth to Mexico for safekeeping. The treasures included jewels, diamonds, gold, candlesticks, and two life-size solid gold statues of Mary holding the baby Jesus. The treasure was valued at between $12 million and $60 million.

Captain William Thompson, commander of the Mary Dear, was in charge of transporting the cache to Mexico. Thompson and his crew couldn’t resist the valuable temptation and they turned pirate. They cut the throats of the guards and accompanying priests, and threw their bodies overboard.

Thompson headed for Cocos Island, off the coast of Costa Rica, where he and his men apparently buried the treasure. They then split up to lay low until the situation calmed down. They planned to regroup later to divide up the loot.

However, the Mary Dear was captured and the crew were convicted for piracy. All but Thompson and his first mate were hung. To save their lives, the two agreed to lead the Spanish to the stolen treasure. The pair took the Spanish as far as the Cocos Islands and then promptly escaped in the jungle. Thompson, the first mate, and the treasure were never seen again.

How’s that for a fascinating missing treasure story. To this day people still look for that treasure.
ANGI: Hugh Jackman or Chris Pine?
KENDALL: oooh, I’ll have both please.

ANGI: What's your most favorite thing to do in your country?
KENDALL: I love going to the beach, but not to sit in the sand or to surf, I just love the sound of the waves crashing into the shore. There’s something so romantic about it.

ANGI: Sand or Snow?
KENDALL: I cannot stand sand in the cracks, so definitely snow.

ANGI: What might we find in your heroine's purse?
KENDALL: My heroine’s purse contains a little slip of handmade decorative paper. Folded up within that paper is a couple of flakes of gold that a wrinkly old Japanese woman gave her for good luck.

ANGI: Would you rather be in a Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
KENDALL: I love a good kick arse, action movie. I grew up with Indiana Jones, Die Hard and Jurassic Park - so without a doubt it's Action Adventure. I love writing action adventure too, there’s nothing like creating an adrenaline rush.

ANGI: Who’s your favorite villain?
KENDALL: In my Treasured Series, I have a villain, called Nox. He’s an evil priest, who’ll do anything to get his hands on the treasure, and murder is just the beginning. I loved being in the head of this bad guy when I wrote his chapters... is that bad? He had some really interesting ways to kill people, including poisonous mushroom risotto. But he isn’t just a bad guy for the sake of it, his history is gut wrenching and complex, whilst it doesn’t justify what he does, it certainly gives the reader insight into his warped thought processes.
ANGI: Hiking Boots or Dancing Heels?
KENDALL: As my book Lost in Kakadu was inspired by a three-day hike over the Milford Track in New Zealand - it has to be hiking boots.

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: What’s one thing from your bucket list?
KENDALL’S GOTTA ANSWER:  I have 101 things on my bucket list. I have already done 38 of them. The one that I absolutely must do is see the Terracotta warriors in China.

Breathless Encounters - Award winning romance and suspense author Kendall Talbot brings you a collection of romantic short stories with a little twist in their tail. These stories are all inspired by real life events and are perfect for a quick getaway.
The Blue Diamond: The mystery letter from her grandfather’s will offers Gemma the ride of her life.
Stolen Love: Will love and tragedy inspire Rachel to believe there is a future?
Creepy Neighbor: Everything is not as it appears.
The Plumbers Secret: A handsome stranger tests Kellie’s first rule of engagement.
Charlie’s Angel:  War torn London provides an ultimate escape.

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The Blue Diamond:

I stared at the trembling fingers of the frail man opposite and wondered if my grandfather’s will was the reason for his agitation. My parents and two older stepsiblings, Margaret and Peter, glared at the lawyer with greed in their eyes, but I wasn’t prepared to listen to how Poppa’s belongings would be divided.
I’d been living a bad dream since his sudden passing, and the sadness in the lawyer’s eyes only heightened my loss. The day before he’d died, Poppa and I had joked about his health being stronger than mine, and I cringed at the memory of our discussion about my broken heart. Clearly it was his heart that had been damaged.
The bald lawyer cleared his throat and ran his hand over his beaded brow. “Kenneth Griffith has bequeathed the following items,” the lawyer said in a slow Australian drawl.
I picked at imaginary lint on my skirt as Poppa’s assets and various other items were shared out amongst my family. Yet, there was no mention of my name. My heart squeezed. I had hoped to receive something from Poppa. No matter how little, I would’ve cherished it forever.
An evil grin from Margaret confirmed my stepsister was enjoying this moment.
“Finally, Gemma,” the lawyer said, “your grandfather left very specific instructions for you.” He glanced at me over his glasses before he began reading again. “I leave the blue diamond—”
My sister gasped and the lawyer held up his hand, shushing her.    
“I leave the blue diamond to Gemma and hope she enjoys her beauty as much as I once did.” He placed a yellow envelope on the desk. “The details are in here.”
I rested my hand on the envelope. My mind raced to catch up to the moment. Poppa and I had spent many days together, and not once had he mentioned a blue diamond. Other than the wedding ring he never removed, I’d never seen Poppa with any jewelry.
“Well . . . open it,” my sister said, snapping me back to reality.
“I um . . . I think I’ll wait until later.” I slipped the envelope onto my lap.
“But you can’t do that. We’re here to read the will,” Peter said. My stepbrother believed that being older than me gave him the right to boss me around.
“I have read the will, Mr. Griffith.” The lawyer peered over his glasses at my brother. “It is up to Gemma whether or not she divulges the information pertaining to her bequeathment.”
A glint in the lawyer’s eye had me blinking at him as I was itching to know what the envelope contained.
With my mind buzzing and my stomach churning, I heard very little of the remaining meeting.
We left the room with Margaret tugging on my arm and insisting that I open the envelope and tell her what was inside. But, unlike my thundering heart, I remained stubbornly silent.
As I drove home alone, dozens of questions ate at me. I recalled the final scene of the movie, Titanic, where the blue diamond necklace tumbled from Rose’s frail fingers into the depths of the freezing ocean. Where had Poppa got the diamond from? Why had he never spoken of it? I wondered if Poppa’s nickname for me, Little Gem, had anything to do with it.
I sat the envelope on the table, deliberately prolonging opening it as I made a simple dinner, drank a glass of wine and fielded calls from both Margaret and Peter. Both stepsiblings were furious over my decision to keep the contents of the envelope hidden.
I didn’t care. There was something thrilling about having my own little secret.

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Oct 2015
Treasured Series, Book 2
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Sept 2015
Treasured Series, Book 1
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Companion Cook Book to my “Treasured” Series of books.

Sept 2015
MIRA publishing
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KENDALL TALBOT is an award winning author, thrill seeker and a hopeless romantic. She has travelled extensively, some 36 countries and counting, and she's addicted to experiences that make her scream... white water rafting, scuba diving with sharks and hang gliding are just a few. Her stories reflect her sense of adventure and her long running love affair with her very own hero.

Kendall collects junky jewelry and expensive perfume, her favorite night out is with great friends and a fabulous bottle of wine or two, and she rarely watches TV. She lives in Brisbane with her hubby, her two grown boys and her little dog, Josie McLuvin.

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KENDALL WANTS TO KNOW: Would you commit a felony to save the person you love? I explored this question with my book Double Take. I’d love to know your thoughts.


  1. Hey Angi, thank you so much for interviewing me. I love being on your blog. By the way, I wanted to share that both Treasured Secrets and Treasured Lies are on special at just 99 cents as a little celebration for the final book in this trilogy coming out next week. YAY. Cheers to you

  2. I might at that, but it would depend upon the nature of the felony too.

    1. I agree Mary, the circumstances would have to be extreme.

  3. No, I don't think that I would. I enjoyed the excerpts from your books and I've put them on my wish list.