Come Get Lost in a Story with Shelly Alexander and IT'S IN HIS SMILE

I'm excited to welcome another Golden Heart sister--Shelly Alexander to Get Lost in a Story. This is her first time with the crew--so make her feel welcome folks.

Shelly is giving away a Kindle copy of Book 1 in the series: IT'S IN HIS HEART. 
Comment to win!
The drawing will be open through Wednesday June 22nd!

A 2014 Golden Heart® finalist, Shelly Alexander grew up traveling the world, earned a bachelor's degree in marketing, and worked in the business world. With four older brothers and a sister, she watched every Star Trek episode ever made, joined the softball team instead of ballet class, and played with G.I. Joes while the Barbie Corvette stayed tucked in the closet. When she had three sons of her own, she decided to escape her male-dominated world by reading romance novels and has been hooked ever since. Now, she spends her days writing sassy and steamy contemporary romances while tending to a miniature schnauzer name Omer, a tiny toy poodle named Mozart, and a pet boa constrictor named Zeus.

Nan: Let's talk about Book 3 of the Red River Valley series--IT'S IN HIS SMILE.

Miranda Cruz isn’t just the best darned waitress in town anymore; she’s Red River’s newest innkeeper. But first, she has to find the contractor who’s disappeared with her life savings so she can start renovations. Not so easy for a woman who never depends on anyone, especially a man. And when a gorgeous old flame shows up, the fire between them is reignited and threatens to send her dreams up in smoke.

Acclaimed environmental architect Talmadge Oaks returns home to Red River on family business. He plans to get in and get out quickly because a professional catastrophe is waiting back in Washington. When an unforeseen snag keeps him in Red River longer than expected, he finds himself entangled in the renovations of his late grandmother’s Victorian inn. Handy with a hammer, he offers to help the beautiful new owner, but his motives aren’t completely selfless. Will his secret demolish everything they are building? Or can their undeniable passion keep them together?
Nan: I can't wait. I'm just finishing Book 2 and loving it!

NAN: How often to you get lost in a story?
SHELLY: Daily! I spent an hour doing cardio at the gym almost every morning, so I’m reading most of that time. It makes exercising less monotonous.
Nan: An hour? Yikes! Good for you.

NAN: What sound or noise do you love?
SHELLY:  I love the sound of water: a waterfall, a stream, a fountain. It evokes so many things in me. It’s peaceful, wistful, romantic, relaxing…all at once. It simply magical.

NAN:  What’s your favorite movie of all time?
SHELLY: My favorite movie of all time has to be Shakespeare In Love. It’s funny, witty, and brilliantly written.
Nan: Love it!

NAN: What is your biggest vice?
SHELLY:  My biggest vice without a doubt is cheesecake! If there is no cheesecake handy, then coffee flavored ice cream is a close second.
Nan: Num--now I'm hungry for cheesecake.

NAN:  Tea or Coffee? And how do you take it?
SHELLY:  Coffee! Strong. Very, very strong with cream and sugar.
Nan: And your characters take it that way, too. Right?

NAN: What has been your most rewarding publishing moment?
SHELLY:  Getting the email from my publisher saying they were interested in publishing my Golden Heart finalist novel. That was a euphoric moment.
Nan: Oh yeah. What a fantastic experience. (Mine was a phone call from my agent.)

NAN:  Benedict Cumberbatch or Chris Pine?
SHELLY:  Chris, baby.
Nan: Oh yeah!

NAN:  What’s your favorite rerun?
SHELLY:  I love watching Friends. It’s such a great enactment of how people from such vastly different backgrounds with vastly different personalities interact and can love and accept each other unconditionally.
Nan: Classic.

NAN'S GOTTA ASK:  What’s the last show you binge watched?
SHELLY'S GOTTA ANSWER:  I’m currently binge watching Outlander and loving every minute of it.
Nan: Nice. I'm binging House of Cards. Addicting!

Contact: shelly.c.alexander@gmail.com
Website: http://shellyalexander.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShellyAlexanderAuthor/notifications/  
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShellyCAlexande
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/list/12166814.Shelly_Alexander
Amazon Page: http://www.amazon.com/Shelly-Alexander/e/B00R8FOU06/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

The 4th book in this series, It’s In His Arms - will be out January 2017, so stay tuned for Lorenda’s story!

SHELLY ALEXANDER WANTS TO KNOW:  My favorite book boyfriend from my own series is Blake Holloway in It’s In His Touch. My favorite book boyfriend from another author is Reyes Farrow from Darynda Jones’s Charlie Davidson series.

How about you? Do you have a favorite?

One lucky commenter will win a KINDLE copy of Book 1 in the Red River Valley series - IT'S IN HIS HEART.

JULIE O is the winner of the drawing! Make sure you contact Shelly (see above) so she has your email.


  1. I read a lot and am rather fickle. My book boyfriend changes with each new book.


    1. I hear you. I'm currently catching up on Outlander. Jamie is the only book boyfriend that's come close to Reyes. LOL.

  2. I believe I would need a group of book boyfriends...
    Reyes is rather awesome...
    I also adore Wrath, Rhage, and Zsadist from J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood.

    1. Love those names. It makes me want to read the books, so I'll be adding them to my TBR.

  3. We watch friends reruns every night, and lately I've gotten into The Big Bang Theory. So funny. In the later seasons, I love how they've highlighted the female friendships. As far as book boyfriends, I will always love Alec from Garwood's The Bride. I've reread that book countless times.

    1. I haven't read Garwood's The Bride, but I do catch The Big Bang Theory once in awhile. It's too funny.

  4. Welcome to Get Lost in a Story - Shelly. So glad you're here! I think I fall in love with almost every hero -- sigh. (And Blake was wonderful.) But Clayton Westmoreland in Whitney, My Love is so wonderfully flawed. I think I love most of the heroes in Judith McNaught's books. Alpha males! And also Jude Deveraux's Velvet series heroes!

    1. I love both of those authors. I think one of Jude Deveraux's books was the first romance I ever read.

  5. I agree with you, Nan! I'll swoon along with you for any/all of Judith McNaught's heroes. I enjoy shows like "The Voice" or "So You Think You Can Dance" but then I forget to watch a few weeks in a row and I'm lost or no longer invested in the contestants. Which is probably why I stick with Netflix reruns of How I Met Your Mother.

    1. I love Neil Patrick Harris! He's adorable.

  6. Hi Shelly and Nan! Fun fun post. I watch Friends reruns almost daily. I love them! As for book boyfriends, I'm reading Asa's Viking Warrior Rising and that Leif is pretty awesome. ;-)

  7. Hi Shelly and Nan! Fun post! :) I watched Friends religiously when it was on, but maybe I should be watching the re-runs- you've made me want to! I love me some Lisa Kleypas heroes. My two top book boyfriends are (John)McKenna from Again the Magic and Derek Craven. Oh, and Jack Travis. And Hardy Cates. LOL

    1. I know, I know...hard to choose. But those are winners!

  8. I have two book boyfriends. Lord St. Vincent (Lisa Kleypas), and Dom from Laura Florand's Chocolate series. I don't watch much TV--just in the mornings when I work out--but I've fallen in love with New Girl. Hilarious@

    1. I loved The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florand.

  9. none
    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  10. My book boyfriend is Dewey from Good Guys Wear Black by Lizbeth Selvig. (waves to Lizbeth) I don't know how many conversations I've had with her about him. :)
    But, I'm a fickle hearted woman and open to new relationships. LOL

    1. Julie O ....... You're the winner of Shelly's Giveaway! Please contact her (See above) to let her know your email!