Texas Billionaires and Babies

Harlequin Desire

Can a billionaire SEAL find love in the arms of a hometown girl?

When Navy SEAL Chance Masters returns to his Texas Ranch, he can’t wait for his next deployment. Civilian life doesn’t suit him anymore. But then he runs into Holly Anderson. The young girl he remembers is all grown up and raising her orphaned niece.

Soon Chance gets close to Holly and the baby- too close. The situation sends up red flags. It feels like family.  After what he’s seen in the line of duty, Chance can’t let himself get attached. 

But can Holly teach him that you can come home again?


How she wanted to kiss him. Right here. Right now. Right or wrong.

She couldn’t think of a better place for something she’d waited a lifetime to do. Moving closer to him, her focus dropped to his mouth.

“Holly.” He shook his head.  “This is not a good idea.” His voice was rough.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Her focus remained on his lips which had haunted her for over a decade, now a mere breath away.

“Yeah. You do.” But despite his hesitation, he reached out and smoothed some strands of hair back from her face. He caught the back of her head in his hand and gently pulled her toward him. His lips touched hers, gently, tentatively. But then he drew back making her heart cry out. He watched her, carefully, intently.

It’s just a kiss,” she whispered.  She could hear the pleading in her own voice.

“We both know it’s a hell of a lot more than that.”


JAN: You were on the blog a year ago with your first release. How has your “writing life” changed?
LAUREN:  Busier than I ever imagined I could be and I see this as a good thing. I’m doing what I love and meeting some fantastic people along the way who share my love for the written word.

JAN: What are you reading?
LAUREN:  When I get the chance to read I select mostly the books of my friends and other Desire authors.  

JAN: Plan to travel anywhere this year?
LAUREN:  Maybe short trips inside the US.  I’ve never seen the Great Smokey Mountains. That would be a wonderful trip. And I’ll be headed to San Diego for RWA Nationals this year. That’s always fun.

JAN:  What is your least favorite housekeeping duty?
LAUREN:  Folding and putting away clothes.  We’ve dubbed an extra bedroom as the Pile & Pick room.  So far it’s working pretty good.

JAN: Does your heroine have any of your character traits?
LAUREN:  Absolutely.  Let’s see…stubborn, mouthy, tenacious…to name a few!

JAN: Most writers have to find their zone before the words start flowing. Describe your ideal writing day.
LAUREN:    Terrible weather outside, Hubby gone to friend’s house, dogs are asleep and parrot finally shuts up.  Usually the best time to write around my house is ten to four am.

JAN: What’s the best part of living in Texas?
LAUREN:  Friendly people who will always jump in to help without waiting to be asked. Sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico and plenty of wide open spaces.

JAN: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
LAUREN:  Chocolate.  Any size, shape, form or fashion.  Being diabetic, getting chocolate on occasion is really a very big deal.

has always been in love with love. When she began to write, stories of romance and unbridled passion flowed through her fingers onto the page. Today Lauren is a multi-award-winning author, including winner of the prestigious Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award. She lives in Texas with her own real-life hero, four dogs and a mouthy parrot named Bird.  

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Her baby's father isn't the cowboy he claimed to be—he's a Hollywood hotshot in hiding! 

Kelly Michaels was fooled once—when a sexy stranger seduced the socks off her. It wasn't until the rancher left her Texas town that she discovered he was Hollywood heartthrob Jace Compton—and she was pregnant with his baby. Now he's back, and Kelly won't be fooled twice. 
Jace bought a local ranch to escape the rat race. But when he runs into Kelly and finds out she's had his child—that settles it. He's ready to make Kelly his, no matter how many demons from the past are standing in his way…

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The contract says she must marry if she wants to save her ranch… 
Because of a two-hundred-year-old deed, modern Texas rancher Shea Hardin must wed wealthy landowner Alec Morreston to save her family home. She says yes—and swears this marriage will be in name only. 
But she underestimates Alec. One look at this suave billionaire and Shea knows staying out of Alec's bed will be the toughest challenge of her life. His hungry lips and skilled touch may seal the deal—and her fate. Will he take her heart and her land? Or, on the brink of losing it all, will Shea gain everything?

Lauren Wants To Know: What makes the perfect story?


  1. Good morning Lauren and Angi. What makes a perfect story for me? I like character driven stories where the hero and heroine really have to go deep in their soul and figure out that one thing about themselves that they need to either change, accept, or deal with to move on.

  2. A perfect story will make me laugh and cry with a satisfying ending and a compelling plot

    1. Oh- I love that. Isn't that what a great book needs to be like? Thank you for your input. It is valued!!

  3. Glad you're joining us again, Lauren. Always a pleasure.

  4. A perfect story will have good over evil and a HEA

  5. So much tension in that exerpt! I love stories where the characters have opposing agendas, but somehow make their way through to love.

  6. I love a story that when I am near the end I don't want it to end. A lot of good questions and answers in this I just loved reading it.

  7. The best stories for me touch my emotions and leave me with a great big smile on my face when I am done!

  8. A heartwarming story with an HEA

  9. I love stories where the characters feel real, where I can feel their joy, pain & love and where I feel as if I am inside the story myself.

  10. Wow. From what I read, all three books sound like an entertaining read. Carolyn Rae Author - facebook, Royal Wedding Cake

  11. Stories with a HEA and strong friendships are always a good book.

  12. As long as their are good, strong characters and friendships, I like many types of tropes!