Do you have something special you like to do outdoors?  Picnic? Fireworks? Boating? It's the Fourth of July weekend in the states. Full of celebrating the red, white and blue with great friends and awesome food and some family traditions.
by Angi Morgan

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Fireworks, picnics, camping, grilling, eating out doors, hikes, bike rides...I absolutely love it all. My problem is getting away. Fortunately, we're surrounded by small town firework shows.

When we do get to camp...we now have a pop-up camper with air conditioning (mainly for the dogs...and if you believe that...). I did plenty of years of tent camping and sleeping on the ground.

Tips for camping: Have two coolers. One for food with blocks of ice (which can be made with old milk jugs). And a second cooler that you open more often. Your food will stay colder, longer. Another huge time saver is to prepare your food prior to leaving the house. If you are planning on hamburgers --season and shape the patties at home, then freeze them. Clean up is easy and prep time is almost nill. There will be lots more time for singing around the campfire instead of slaving over it.

In the summer I love spending time with my horse, Jedi. He’s probably the most sadly neglected “pet” on the planet in terms of actual riding time, but I do see him most days and he looks on me as his personal treat dispenser. I love to groom him and shine him up even when I don’t have time for a ride, but the hours I do get out on the trail are heavenly. A little about my boy:  he’s a ten-year-old Arabian gelding my daughter Jennifer rescued several years ago from a local horse dealer. He was a day away from being shipped out for slaughter, and he was so cute Jen couldn’t leave him. She searched for his papers and background but never had any luck, even though he was clipped and had four relatively new shoes on even then, so wasn’t abused or sick. She named him Jedi, and I bought him from her two years ago--my mystery man. He’s snorty and a little spooky and lots of fun. And he loves gummy spearmint leaves!  

The summer is my favorite time of year for so many things—but exploring the woods and trails on horseback tops the list! Here’s a picture of sweaty Jedi and me after our last trail ride a week ago, and I added a picture taken for fun by a professional photographer practicing on some lovely subjects. Can you see why I include horses in every book I write? 

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My idea of the best outside dinner is a t-bone steak on the grill and fresh corn on the cob.  I also love strawberry pie..especially if Mr. Wonderful made it.  The best hot dog I ever ate was the night we celebrated my first sale.


My favorite summer activity is the Concert in the Gardens series my local symphony puts on at the Botanic Gardens.  Picture it: sitting outside in the Botanic Gardens, listening to great live music and watching the fireflies come out as the sun goes down.  They have a pretty decent mix of concerts--we've gone to hear movie soundtracks with laser light shows, a 4th of July patriotic show, a Journey cover band, and the 1812 Overture.  There's really a concert for every musical taste.  And the best part?  Every concert ends with fireworks!

It's become something of a tradition for Mister and I to pack a picnic dinner and attend a concert.  Unfortunately, we won't be able to go this year, since Baby Girl has just arrived.  We'll definitely take her next year though! 

Every summer, I take my daughter to western North Carolina to summer camp, and then we spend a week visiting friends and enjoying the mountains. It's how I get rejuvenated!

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by Rick Minick
Living in the Land of 10,000 lakes, I head to the lake for the summer holidays. My parents started the cabin in 1951 and as our family grew, they kept adding bedrooms. We can now sleep over twenty friendly people. My father's family all had cabins on the lake, so we get to see cousins, aunts and uncles. My sisters and their families will be scattered between two cabins. On July 4th, we celebrate Julymas. (A July Christmas tradition involving gifts and rolling the dice and lots of laughter.) There's tons of food and perhaps drinks, water toys and fireworks. I can't wait! 


There's always been something magical about drive-in movies for me. I love the cool night and the energy of a bunch of people watching a movie together, yet not quite together with the freedom to talk and move around that you can't get in theatres. Don't forget the crunch of gravel when someone walks by and also the concession stand. Yes, don't forget the concession area. 

Where I live in Texas, we have to drive about an hour to Granbury to experience an authentic night at the Brazos Drive-In. You can read about our adventure taking our boys to their first Drive-In here. Gotta say, I think the nostalgia was lost on them. Maybe if we had a truck...

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Nothing puts me in the mood to celebrate the 4th of July like watching a flick or a TV series that features the patriots we so respect. Here are two series and two flicks I’ve enjoyed and recommend. 
First, two series, both of which are excellent and will make you proud to be an American: TURN, Washington’s Spies. It’s now in season 2. I love the George Washington character in this one. You can see season 1 on Netflix or on DVD. From the History Channel, Sons of Liberty, an excellent portrayal of the role of Sam Adams and Paul Revere as well as others. It’s also available on DVD. I dare you to watch it only once!
Then there are theses movies: The Patriot with Mel Gibson, a grand epic that tells the story of a man who wanted to remain neutral but was compelled to join the fight for independence when the British slaughter his young son and burn his home. The Last of the Mohicans with Daniel Day Lewis tells of Hawkeye, raised on the frontier and resentful of the arrogant English, who protects a British general’s daughter for the sake of love. It shows the motives for independence that were deep in the American conscience years before 1776.

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Happy 4th of July! I fully intend on spending the holiday weekend on my couch, channel-surfing and binge-watching my favorite shows. 

My first experience with binge-watching happened during a marathon month of writing The Moonstone and Miss Jones. I had four chapters written and exactly thirty days to finish the manuscript. My reward to myself after grueling 12 hour writing days was to binge-watch LOST, a series I hadn't tuned in for when it originally aired. I credit JJ Abrams with saving my sanity and inspiring my creativity during that month of marathon writing.

Here's a brief list of some holiday marathons you might be interested in: 

Star Trek: The Next Generation (6 a.m.-9 p.m. Saturday, BBC America) Jaws franchise (Noon-5:30 a.m. Saturday, AMC) NCIS: LA (Noon-8 p.m., Esquire) Twlight Zone (8 a.m.-3:30 a.m. Sunday, Syfy) Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Noon-9 p.m., Pivot) Sex and the City (1-6 p.m. Oxygen) Saturday Night Live (10 a.m.-8 p.m., VH1) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Noon-11 p.m., USA) 

Happy Fourth of July everyone! 
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by Angi Morgan
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  1. My favorite thing to do in the summer.... sit in front of my air conditioner. :) In early morning I do like to go fishing with the hubby. Evenings we sit on our deck and watch birds and small animals (ok, we do have some larger raccoons and possums that wander by too)

    1. Nice Nice Nice
      I appreciate those who fish, even if I can't make myself. Too much of it growing up.

  2. So fun to read about what we all like to do to celebrate our country's Declaration of Independence.

    1. We binged watched JOHN ADAMS. Very interesting.

  3. We used to do fireworks 🎆 get together with family. Now don't really do much. Watch fireworks 🎆 on TV

    1. We have friends with an airplane hangar right in front of the Kaboom Town fireworks. Camping is reserved for "off" prime days for other families. We must be getting old.

  4. Love to sit outside in the early evening with a glass of ice tea and read a great book.

  5. Summer vacations. Right now we are in Boston. We have visited every New England state even Mains and Vermont

  6. My oldest daughter had a get-together Saturday and we all went and spent time there visiting. My brother came up from OKC and we had a very nice visit.

  7. I am not an outdoors person but I am fortunate enough to live on the Texas coast. It might not be a beautiful as the East side or the Pacific but it is my home. I love walking along the beach. Somehow even though it is hard work, I can walk much further than in our park. The breeze makes this Texas heat more bearable and even with crowds it seems peaceful.