Hard Core Law Day 2

Traveling and getting back into my routine delays... my apologies for posting late.

I love to incorporate real locations and history into my stories. 

Waco is actually full of history. Crossing cattle across the Brazos river was very dangerous, so they built a suspension bridge. Locals use the bridge for all types of photo opportunities...including weddings. On a personal note, my first time to walk across the bridge was my daughter's 20th birthday when we took photos. 

I mention the bridge twice in HARD CORE LAW. The second is a big secret reveal, but here's the first.
~ ~ ~
“They have a new phone listed in my name. Bought it pre-paid at a kiosk. No idea what the number is. Handed us another and told us to head to the Brazos Suspension Bridge.

“You can cross that on foot. Right?” McCaffrey was asking someone on his staff. “You know they’ll be waiting on the other side.”

Tracey kept watch, walking back and forth along the wall. She’d look out the storefront window, then make the horseshoe along the outside walls again to look out the other side.

Josh kept his head and his voice down. “I can’t contact you on this again. It’ll be in the car.”

“We’ll have men on the north side of the bridge waiting,” McCaffrey stated. “Trust me, Josh.”

“For as long as possible.”

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If you'd read part of the series... who would you like to see return next?


  1. I love this series, reading Gunslinger right now. Entering under the name of Virginia

    1. That is awesome to hear! Hope you enjoy.

  2. I love this series, reading Gunslinger right now. Entering under the name of Virginia

  3. Garrison's boss Aiden Oaks maybe?

    1. I love that guy. He was married in Garrison's story. I thought about making him a widower in Josh's...now I can't remember if I added that to the book. I'll have to look it up.

  4. What a neat way to celebrate your daughter's birthday! It's a lovely bridge! As for secondary characters who might need to return? Hmm... it's so hard! We readers always want ALL the stories! But if it's an already married character, I'd love it if you did it as a second-chance kind of story, where they find their way back to each other, rather than he loses his wife tragically :( Just my two cents!

    1. Awesome idea Fedora !
      And after what he does in HARD CORE LAW...she might have pushed him away.