Wednesday Fun in San Diego

An uneventful trip from Dallas to San Diego.
Friends on the plane. Friends greeting me at the door. Friends at registration. Friends. Friends. And more friends who all have the same (yet different) voices in their head.

What do I love about being with other writers? Just being with other writers. Discussing the ins and outs, the journey, career paths, what's new...all important. But there's a vibe, a camaraderie.

Or it could just be those voices playing a trick on me.

Here are some pictures from walking around the Marina.

My trip was a bit longer than Angi's but I had the pleasure of sitting next to Sarah Hegger, a Denver author who was also on her way to San Diego. The funny thing about RWA is that I can pretty much talk to anyone about anything. No one is ever a stranger for long.

After checking into the room, Angi and I went downstairs to grab our registration packets and ran into even more people we knew. It pays to take the time to stop and say hi because when the hotel is packed with 2000 attendees, it's hard to find someone you met the first day.

We also spent some time outside near the fire pits. There was comfortable seating and great conversation that honestly helps you learn more than the workshops! We're packing it in for tonight but are ready to tackleWednesday and the PRO Literacy Book Signing being held here at the Marriott Marquis in San Diego from 5:30-7:30. If you're in the area,stop by and meet a few authors who would love to autograph books for you. All the proceeds go to PRO Literacy and RWA is on track to hit one million dollars in donations in the last twenty years!
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What's the first thing you do when you get to a hotel?


  1. Change into comfortable closes. Then check out the rooms features and extras.

    1. Excellent !! That sounds just like me.