New Release: Rules of the Heart

Rules of the Heart pictureAbandoned on her wedding day, Constance Chambers flees the humiliation of being stood up and goes on her honeymoon with her bridesmaids in tow. 
The owners of The McCagan Inn, in small town Chapel Pines, Texas, go out of their way to make the jilted bride’s heartache lessen, including shoving their eligible brother Dance McCagan at her as a heart-easing distraction. 

Constance is further distracted when she finds an antique bridal comb lost in the walls of the inn. What bride once wore the comb and how did it come to be lost?

Dance wants nothing to do with being the designated distraction, even as Constance’s bridesmaids prescribe that a little harmless flirtation is just the thing to take her mind off of her truant groom, and the mystery of the bridal comb piques his curiosity.

But isn't being the rebound guy breaking all the rules?

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