In search of a THEME SONG

Music has always played an important role in my life. I began singing in church youth groups and performed throughout high school. Throughout college, I was a backup singer for music majors. I can’t tell you the number of times I was singing surrounded by egg cartons. So when I hear the poetry in a well-written song…I’m inspired to write.

I mainly use the soundtracks from R.E.D., Sherlock Holmes or Knight & Day for writing. But there are a lot of love songs that are my go-to to set certain moods. Billy Currington’s Until You; Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now and Love This Pain; Rascal Flatts…Okay anything from them.

Side note: I was introduced to Billy Currington with the song LIKE MY DOG by my best friend Jan Schliesman. (He's not bad to look at, either.)

When writing PROTECTING THEIR CHILD, a story about a couple that divorced in spite of loving each other, I began by listening to Let It Hurt. There’s more than one time that my family made fun of me singing this at the top of my lungs before I settled in to write.

I’ll be attending RomCon this year. One of the reader workshops has karaoke and of course I signed up. But wait… we had to choose one (1) –YES ONE!–song that encapsulated our work…or one book. What? Just one? It took me six weeks. Not kidding.
I could have gone with Smash Mouth’s EVERYDAY HERO. Of course my guys are all “average, ordinary, everyday super heroes” but that didn’t work for my heroines. So I kept looking… 
One of my husband’s favorite singers is Phillip Phillips. He’s super popular and you hear HOME all the time. I was actually practicing this, but something was still missing when using it to describe my books. Hmmm…action. And then…the next track on the album comes up…

“When enemies are at your door…”  YES !! That’s it exactly. I write on-the-run heroines caught in the wrong place at the wrong time books. AND !!! 
“You're my back bone.
You're my cornerstone.
You're my crutch when my legs stop moving.
You're my head start.
You're my rugged heart.
You're the pulse that I've always needed.”


His key witnesses dead, Texas Ranger Garrison Travis had to protect innocent bystander Kenderly Tyler. Her crucial evidence had two very dangerous Texas crime families willing to do anything to keep her quiet. But Garrison’s undercover status had branded him a killer, and now the bad and the good guys were after them both.

Hiding out with a handsome protector, on the run for her life, was so beyond anything Kenderly had imagined. While there was more than just adrenaline pulsing between them, the Ranger vowed his job was his life. Dare she wonder what would become of them should they actually make it out alive?

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Here's a theme song for your weekend! or maybe longer. Looking for a Rascal Flatts video, I came across this 2010 UNSTOPPABLE. Very COOL.

So what do you think? Do the words make you think of an On-The-Run-Romantic-Suspense? I hope so, I’m memorizing for the Karaoke event.

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