Get Lost in a new Contemporary Western series: Welcome to River's End Ranch

Today, we're heading up to Idaho to a very special place called River's End Ranch. This fictional dude ranch is the brainchild of USA TODAY Bestselling Author Kirsten Osbourne, Pamela Kelley and Cindy Caldwell. Add Caroline Lee and Amelia Adams and you have a fun new series of sweet Contemporary romances coming out this fall.

Here's a peek at the first in the series, Short-Order Sheriff from Kirsten Osbourne. 

Kelsi Weston, the youngest of six siblings, loves life. She has a job she adores, is surrounded by people she loves, and gets to work with people she cares about. If only she could keep cooks in the café she manages, life would be perfect. When her long-time boyfriend announces he’s leaving town for a new job on the same day her cook leaves with no notice, she does what she always does. She handles it.

Sheriff Shane Clapper has loved Kelsi for years, going to her café for lunch every day simply so he can see her. When he hears she’s broken up with her boyfriend, he immediately goes to the café to make his move. Why let grass grow under his feet? He knows what he wants, and he plans to get it! Will the sheriff be able to convince Kelsi she would be happier with him? Or will she give into her mother’s demands to date the man picked out for her?

Here's an excerpt:

Sheriff Shane Clapper, the chief of all law enforcement in Riston, Idaho, sat down at his desk and looked at the paperwork that had been piled there while he was out on patrol that morning. He was already looking forward to going down to Kelsey’s Kafé for lunch. He loved to watch Kelsi Weston in action. She could charm an entire café full of ranchers and cops and guests in five minutes flat. It was the highlight of his day, most days.
One of the three deputies that worked under him, Bartholomew Bigelow, wandered in from the kitchen, a donut in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. “Hey, Sheriff.”
“Must you be so stereotypical?” Shane mumbled under his breath. “Anything going on in town?”
Bart sat on the edge of his own desk to answer. “No crimes or anything to report. But rumor has it that Donn Samuels left town pulling a U-Haul trailer behind his truck.”
Shane felt his breath catch for a moment. “Really? Any idea where he’s going?” Did that mean Kelsi was finally free of the idiot?
Bart shook his head. “Nope, but I bet you aim to find out.”
Most people in town knew how Shane felt about little Kelsi Weston, except maybe the woman herself. “I think I may have to go over there and get myself a cup of coffee right now. Paperwork can wait.” He wasn’t sure he’d have been able to remain at a crime scene with the news he’d just been given. It was like a giant magnet was pulling him toward the River’s End Ranch and Kelsey’s Kafé.
He stood and put his hat on his head, striding toward the door. If Kelsi was available, he wasn’t going to wait for her to find someone else. No, this was his chance with the sweet woman, and she was going to be his.
Once he was in his car, he seriously considered turning his lights on to get to the café as quickly as he could, but he was sure someone would spot him and follow him. People in Riston didn’t have the kind of respect for the law he would like to see, because they were just a bit too curious about whatever crime could be taking place. It was different where he’d come from. He loved the town too much to complain about it a lot, but he did frequently warn its citizens to wait in their cars if he was approaching with his siren blaring. Of course, sirens were usually only used for traffic stops in Riston.
Ten minutes later, without the use of his lights and sirens, he pulled up in front of the café and went inside, nabbing one of the corner booths. It was after eleven, so he could order his lunch and take his time with it.
He didn’t have to wait long for Kelsi to come and see about him. She was wearing a pair of black slacks and a bright pink top under her apron. Her hips swayed as she walked to the booth and sat down across from him instead of standing to take his order. “You’re early today, Sheriff. Did you forget to eat your Frosted Flakes before heading to work?”
Shane grinned. “Nope. I heard tell of a certain idiot leaving town pulling a U-Haul, and I thought I’d come find out for myself what the story is.” He was never one to beat around the bush. After ten years of law enforcement, there didn’t seem to be a reason.
Kelsi shrugged one slender shoulder, her ice blue eyes meeting his. “If you’re talking about my idiot ex-boyfriend, Donn, he decided he was going to give up his job here at the ranch, with no notice, to go and make cotton candy at Disneyland. He’s going to get discovered by some big Hollywood producer there, or maybe he’ll be one of the Disney princes. He’s not sure yet.”
Shane looked at her carefully. “You don’t seem too broken up about it.”
“I’m not. We should have broken up years ago.” She pushed her blond hair out of her eyes. “He wasn’t right for me. Never has been.”
“Why did you date him for so long then?”
She shrugged again, her eyes intense. “Habit, I guess. He asked me out in our junior year of high school, and it seemed like more effort than it was worth to break up with him. Besides, it was always good to have a date for weddings.”
“So how long do you think a man should wait after a girl he’s had his eye on breaks up with her boyfriend of eight years? Is there a set amount of time that’s best?”
Kelsi looked at Shane, with his dark brown hair and eyes of chocolate brown. She hadn’t thought of him as potential boyfriend material, because she’d been part of a couple for so long, but now that she considered it, the idea seemed like a good one. “Oh, I don’t know. Depends on the man who’s wanting to know.”
“What if it’s me who wants to know?”
“Let me think about it.” She tilted her head to one side, tapping her index finger on one cheek. “I think maybe ten minutes is a long enough wait.” She had little butterflies in her belly at the idea of going out with him, but she’d play it cool. It was never good to give a man too much power in a relationship from what she’d read.
“That does seem sufficient, doesn’t it?”
“Well, it’s not like you’re asking me to marry you.” Although that idea was intriguing as well. She wondered if a child of theirs would have his dark looks or her eyes like blue ice?
“Well, I considered it, but thought it might be better if I took you to a movie first.” He winked at her, doing his best not to let on just what he was feeling. Kelsi was his dream girl, and everything he’d ever wanted in a woman. He needed to take things nice and slow so she wouldn’t be scared away.

Let's meet Kirsten
USA Today bestselling author Kirsten Osbourne knows how to write romance. Each book is an experience that transplants the reader, indulging them in decadence, intense emotion and sweeping love.

Hailing from the state of Wisconsin, she has lived in Texas for over thirty years as a mother, writer and wife. Married to the love of her life for more than fifteen years, she knows that true love exists and shares that vision with the world. 

She writes contemporary and historical romance and also ventures into the realm of paranormal romance. She invites you to join her in her world of fantasy, love, and make-believe, no matter the location, where there is always a happily ever after at the end.

Find out more about Kirsten's books at her website and her Amazon author page:  https://www.amazon.com/Kirsten-Osbourne/e/B005G995IS

Where did this series idea come from and who is involved?  

Pamela Kelley, Cindy Caldwell, and I were in Chicago together in May for a conference. We decided we needed to write something together. Our first day there, we were hungry, and followed some street signs to this pizza place. Our waitress was named Kelsi.  Little does she know that her name was used to create an entire series of books. We brought in Caroline Lee and Amelia Adams to round out our group.  I'm very very excited to write in this world. It's the adult equivalent to playing with my favorite friends in the sandbox!

What about your heroine drives your hero nuts, and visa versa? 

Her obsession with finding Bigfoot amuses him. Not sure anything drives him nuts. He is a bit too worried about her safety for her tastes, but he's a sheriff!

What other books are coming up and when? 

Pamela Kelley, Veterinarian’s Vacation, Oct. 17, 
Amelia Adams, Accidental, Oct. 24, 
Caroline Lee, Whitewater Wooing, Oct. 31, 
Cindy Caldwell, Honest Horseman, on Nov. 7

Today, Kirsten is giving away an eBook of Short Order-Sheriff and a print copy of Wyoming Wedding. Just comment and enter the drawing. 

Have you ever been to a dude ranch? If so, what was your favorite activity? If not, would you like to visit one and what do you think you'd enjoy most?


  1. No dude ranch for me. Apart from my daily walks through the park I am an indoors person.


  2. I went to dude ranch...with Kirsten! Wasn't in Idaho, but we had a blast exploring and I learned how to throw a rope, and I suspect she got very inspired watching me. ;)

    This series sounds like so much fun. In fact, I wish the ranch was a real place we could go visit.

  3. I think I'd like to give a dude ranch a try.

  4. I've never been to a ranch however if I am to go to one I think what I would enjoy most is caring for the animals

  5. I am in uk, we don't have ranches, just farms :(

  6. I could live and work on a dude ranch easily!

  7. Never been to a dude ranch, but did go on a trail ride that included a steak dinner with my parents and sister. That was fun!

  8. Never been to a dude ranch. The only way I would consider it is if Kirsten were going to be there too. I'm pretty sure the best part would be laughing as the two of us were people watching and turning those people into book characters.

  9. I have never been to a dude ranch. But I would love to go to one. I love houses and other animals . I believe I would find my dream cowboy as well. Lol

  10. Never been.would like the bar-b-que best and the camp fires.

  11. I have never been to one, but have thought of it... love horseback riding! greenshamrockATcoxDOTnet :)

  12. would visit; BBQ

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  13. I have never been to one but I would love to visit and spend time with the horses, and the cowboys! Thanks Elisabeth!

  14. A dude ranch has been on my bucket list. Hopefully one day.. This sounds like a great book.