E.E. Burke's Best of the West: Meet A Cowboy Under The Mistletoe

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Are you ready to settle down in front of the fire for some great holiday reading?  

A Cowboy Under The Mistletoe is a boxed set of six Christmas novellas about two of our favorite subjects—cowboys of the old west and Christmas. 

Stacey Coverstone, Livia J. Washburn, Donna Alice Patton, Kaye Spencer, Gail L. Jenner and Tanya Hanson come together to bring you six heart-wrenching, sigh-worthy tales of love under the mistletoe. 

With poignant stories of rediscovered feelings and unexpected new love during the holidays, Prairie Rose Publications is proud to bring you this special boxed set of seasonal tales that will have you reading far into the night. 

Here's a sneak peek at what's included:

A CHRISTMAS GROOM by Stacey Coverstone

Her past or her present? Who will Mariah choose as her Christmas groom?
Having fought nearly three years for the Confederacy, Captain Tom McCann returns to Arizona Territory just in time for Christmas with plans to marry his sweetheart and buy a ranch. More than one surprise awaits him, however…including the news that Mariah is to be wed on Christmas Day. Shock at Mariah’s decision grips him, but he gradually realizes that everyone believed him to have been killed in the war.
Heartsick at the promise she’s made to another, Mariah feels honor-bound to go through with her wedding. But Tom’s waited too long to get back to his one true love and his dream of owning his own spread to give up without a fight. Now, the entire town waits to see who will be A CHRISTMAS GROOM…

Stacey Coverstone wrote her first novel in 2006 after an inspiring week at Cowgirl Camp in New Mexico. When that western romance was quickly accepted for publication, there was no looking back. She now writes in several genres, but historical western romance remains her favorite to write and read. Stacey is also a freelance fiction editor.
She and her husband call the charming lakeside town of Mount Dora, Florida home, where she works in Special Events Sales at the historic 1883 Lakeside Inn. Stacey enjoys the beach, bicycle riding, camping, traveling, photography, and her rescue dog, Buster.


Will he rescue the beautiful outlaw leader just to have her steal his heart?
When Clay Terrell rescues Jessamine Barlow from a Comanche raiding party, he has no idea how much trouble he’s letting himself in for—because once the beautiful blonde dons range duds, and buckles on a gun belt, she’s also known as Jess Barlow, leader of a fierce outlaw clan from Kansas. Clay may have to make the hard choice of defending his range or protecting the family of the woman who has stolen his heart—and some of his cattle!
Jess Barlow knows that Clay will be better off without her. Grateful to him, Jess figures the best way for her to repay him is to make sure he doesn’t have a chance to fall for her. But when they wind up under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve, what comes next may make it impossible for the two of them to ever be apart!

Livia Reasoner has been writing professionally for more than 30 years. Under her maiden name Livia J. Washburn, she received the Private Eye Writers of America award and the American Mystery award for the first Lucas Hallam mystery, WILD NIGHT, and the Peacemaker for her short story, Charlie’s Pie. She lives in the small Texas town she grew up in with her husband, NY Times bestselling author James Reasoner, and a pack of rescue dogs. Her website iswww.liviajwashburn.com.

ANOTHER AULD LANG SYNE by Donna Alice Patton

Christmas Eve, Mistletoe and a love from the past—will Hudson Meade make it home to Another Auld Lang Syne?
It's Christmas Eve, and Hudson Meade is hurrying home to his family.  A brief stop in Stockton to escape the biting cold for a few moments leads him to an unexpected meeting with an old flame he’d thought never to see again. Will seeing Aurelia again and the memories of another long-ago Christmas Eve leave him with regrets about what might have been? One last parting kiss under the mistletoe results in yet ANOTHER AULD LANG SYNE…and his eager desire to be in the arms of the one he truly loves beyond all reason…

Donna Alice Patton is a gardening and history enthusiast from the Midwest who has won numerous ribbons and trophies for her flowers and vegetables. In the winter when she can't play in the dirt, she soothes her creativity by writing instead.  She is the author of five books for children including: Saddle Up! based on a real California horse camp, and Snipped in the Bud: A Tale from the Garden of MysteriesFind out more at: www.donnaalicepatton.com.

SILVER AND GOLD by Kaye Spencer

All he needs for Christmas is a big bag of dynamite...
Bad luck and wrong turns make up the greater part of ex-con Joe Halden’s past. When he learns he has a five-year-old son Joe knows he can do something right by giving the boy a decent home. But the only way he can save him is to employ the trade that landed him in prison—explosives expert. Sydney Allard’s heart is hardened against the townspeople she blames for her husband’s death. When a fire destroys the town near Christmas, Sydney wants to continue harboring her hatred, but her conscience won’t let her. Two strangers share a journey of self-discovery. In this season of SILVER AND GOLD, the hurts of the past can lead to love if they open their hearts and give their trust to each other.

Native Coloradoan Kaye Spencer lives in a small community located in the heart of the infamous Dust Bowl area of the 1930s. While drawn to cowboys and the Old West, all genres and time periods are within her story-creating realm. Growing up on a cattle ranch and reading Louis L’Amour’s westerns and listening to Marty Robbins’s gunfighter ballads all influenced her love of the American Old West. Retired from a career in education, Kaye lives the dual life of writer and spoiler of grandchildren. Afflicted with ACDD (Accumulative Cat & Dog Disorder), she always has a houseful of furry friends.


Sometimes the most perfect Christmas gift is not what we expect—and comes as a great surprise.
Katherine Jessup has come west with her dashing, perfect husband—but she is devastated when he leaves her to seek his fortune. R.J. Crawford has traveled west to escape his own past. After rescuing Katherine Jessup from a fall, he finds himself entranced by the young bride. When he takes a job as a sheriff,  he must bring a murderer to justice—and that trail leads him back to Katherine and the hope that he can provide her with THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT.

Gail L. Jenner is the wife of a fourth generation cattle rancher. Her first historical novel, ACROSS THE SWEET GRASS HILLS, won the 2002 WILLA Literary Award and was re-released by Prairie Rose Publications in 2013. She has coauthored five nonfiction histories in addition to writing several stories for Prairie Rose Publications, including “July’s Bride,” “The Prettiest Little Horse Thief,” “Just in Time for Christmas,” and “Valentine Angel.” Her work has appeared in a number of magazines, and she writes for Jefferson Public Radio. She has appeared on History Channel, PBS’ “Oregon Experience,” Fox’s “Legends and Lies,” and “Mysteries at the Museum.”


The greatest Christmas miracle is the gift of love.
When vagabond Alder Dale arrives at his brother's Colorado homestead for Christmas, last thing he expects to find is a beautiful widow raising kids who don’t belong to her. Suddenly, the wide-open range he loves seems cold and lonely. Walls and hearth call out to him.
Mail-order bride Sadie Dahlstrom leaves Kansas for a new life, unprepared for widowhood. When she tends the war wound of a rugged, yet gentle, stranger, her heart swells with a warmth far different from a Christmas fireplace. Can her journey have a happy ending after all? It’s said that miracles happen on Christmas…

California beach girl and country grandma Tanya Hanson is blessed to live with her firefighter husband on the central coast. They enjoy family and travel, and she stays busy volunteering at the local horse rescue. This story is dedicated to her dear friend, Karen M. Berkeland, who now celebrates Christmas in heaven. You left us far too soon, my friend.

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What was your most memorable Christmas, and why?

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  1. A new holiday box set for me to check out! Thanks!

  2. Oh, my most memorable Christmas, I have to answer a question? Well, I would say the Christmas when I got the first 60+ books in the Sweet Valley High book series as a present. And, of course, my children's first Christmases.

  3. Can't wait to read this. Thanks.

  4. Most memorable was my children's first Christmas. Now watching grandchildren and great granddaughters first Christmases.

  5. The ones that stand out for me were the ones when I was younger... waiting by the window to see when my grandparents would arrive... running out to greet them and have the best feeling inside knowing they were there!

  6. My most memorable Christmas still tears my heart. Our newborn daughter was stricken with bacterial meningitis when she was two weeks old, on Dec. 21 some thirty years ago. Terrifying...On Christmas Eve, the neonatal pediatrician informed us she would completely recover! Talk about a Christmas miracle! Now she's a young mom with a darling boy and new baby girl of her own.

  7. My most memorable Christmas Eve checking for newborn calves in a snowstorm and bringing a 'rejected' twin home. The little guy lived in the house for a week until we found a mama for him. I remember the drive back home in the front seat of the pickup holding a wet, smelly calf. It was great. lol

  8. I had always wanted a Pooh Bear and I was 18 and I said to my mom you know I never did get my Pooh Bear and She got me one that year

  9. I want to wish all of you fantastic success with A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe anthology. There is nothing like a Christmas romance to warm the heart and brighten the heart.
    My most memorable Christmas was when I was five years old and still believed in Santa Claus. It was such a wonderful, magical feeling I will never forget.

  10. The first Christmas when my children were old enough to know what it was all about. We had a blast opening and playing.

  11. Ladies, these all sound terrific and I'm looking forward to snuggling up by the fire place and reading these. What better fun to celebrate the Christmas season than relaxing with these cute and interesting stories that get us into the holiday spirit and warm our hearts at the same time. My most memorable Christmas is when I was but 12 and my dad had another heart attack but that time his heart stopped propr to Christmas-- yes that story is in the PRP's MFMS The Best Christmas Ever for sure. I have your book so please disregard me in the giveaway. Congrats to all of you and wishing you much success with this one. And a very Merry Christmas to all of you.

  12. Most memorable Christmas. My daughter was born in December and we spent her first Christmas in the hospital. It was the first night she stayed in my room and we went home the nest day. She will be 18 this December.

  13. My most memorable Christmas is a bit of multiple way tie. The one I'll mention is not entirely happy. Our first Christmas after we were married didn't go as planned. My husband was in the Air Force, a crew member on a B-52 stationed on Guam and flying bombing runs over Vietnam. After an illness, I flew over to spend his last month there with him. We were getting ready to go to dinner and then him taking me to the airport for my flight back to the States, when the pilot's wife came to the apartment and said all crew members had been recalled to the base and restricted to quarters. We didn't get dinner and the pilot's wfe took me to the airport. The big secret about their recall was easy to figure out. They started bombing Hanoi the next morning in the push to force an end to the war. I had gone to join his mother where we had planned to spend Christmas. The first B-52 was shot down a couple days later. No cell phones or internet back then, so you had to wait for news. He called after every plane was shot down to assure us he was OK. He did finally make it home the first part of January. We had a Merry Christmas, just a few weeks late.

  14. Can't go wrong with this great set of stories. We all can snuggle in, share our past memories and make new ones here. Congratulations to all the authors, and the winners are in for such a treat. Doris