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Some authors use their words to paint a story. Other's use imagination, technical skills, and a digital brush to paint a story. For my talented friend, Ciana Stone, it happens to be both.

I first met Ciana years ago at a writer's conference and the kindness and warmth I saw back then is as brilliant as ever. Since then, I have come to know her as a friend and my 'go-to' graphic and bookcover designer. Please welcome the one, the only--Ciana Stone.

About Ciana:
Ciana is a wife, mother and grandmother – a country gal at heart and am pretty keen on cowboy and home-grown heroes. Happily-ever-after is something she believes in with her whole heart. Love may be a bumpy road and there are bound to be some perils along the way but in the end love should win. She tries to take that attitude into her writing and thinks that love, hope and laughter are some of the best medicine there is. Along with books. 

Amanda: Before we get to know YOU an bit more, let's take a look at your latest release now out for preorder!! That's one yummy cover!

Longing (Legacy series book 1)

The Man Who Has it All. 

That was the title of the magazine article on LJ Legacy. He has it all. Or so it seems from the outside looking in. But looks are all too often deceiving, aren't they?

Yes, his family has great wealth and power, but you know the old saying "you can't buy love." After several failed marriages, LJ has accepted that marriage is something that doesn't work for him. He's learned to be content with his life. 

Then the letter comes - the one with no postmark and no return address, the one with his full name handwritten on the front and nothing else. 

Logan James Legacy.

Only one person in his life has ever called him that and he hasn't seen her in ten years -- not since the night she made love with him and was gone when he woke. Now there is a letter from her with a cryptic warning. "A Judas wolf walks among you."

Memories of their night together ten years ago and darker memories of a time when they were children flood back in and LJ knows he won't rest until he finds her.
The problem is, uncovering her whereabouts also means uncovering dark truths about her and his own family -- truths that might just get them both killed.

Can love really conquer all? 
They are about to find out if they will walk away together or if they are fated to walk alone ... longing for what they cannot have.

 His gaze fell on the envelope again.

With a snarl, he ripped it open and withdrew the single folded sheet of paper. A Judas wolf walks among you.
Reading those words lit the fires of anger within him, and awoke a fear he thought he’d long buried. LJ wadded the paper in his fist and as he stood, dropped it on the desk and picked up his phone.  As he headed for the office door, he placed a call.  “I need you to find Remy Sabine Beaudreaux,” he said as soon as the call was answered. “Now.”
There was no need to wait for a response.  He knew his order would be carried out as quickly as possible. 
LJ had no conscious awareness of the walk to the elevator, the ride to the basement, the short walk to his car or even leaving the parking garage.  His mind was held captive by thoughts of that night thirty years ago.  Despite his fervent desire to escape it, he could not and once more the events of the past unfolded in his mind.
“Sabine, get the hell out of here.”  LJ grabbed Sabine by the arm and pulled her deeper into the woods that surrounded the cleaning.  He didn’t release her until he felt they were far enough away from camp to be overheard.
“You’re going to march yourself home right now.”
“No, I’m not, I told you—”
“Yeah, right, we’ll all die without you.  You’ve been reading too much. Now leave.”
“Logan James, you know I can’t leave you.  I love you and one day when I’m grown you’re going to love me and we’re going to have babies and be a family and— “
“Leave!”  Frustration had him acting without consideration.  He shoved her and watched with remorse as she fell back.  Remorse turned to concern when he heard her head impacting against a rock.
LJ hurried to kneel beside her.  “Sabine?”  He shook her gently.
She didn’t open her eyes and concern morphed into fear.  LJ lifted her head.  There was blood on the rock.  “Damn.”  He needed to get her home.
“LJ?”  Allison’s voice behind him had him jumping to his feet and hurrying in the direction of her voice.  He cut a look behind him as he moved forward.  Sabine would be okay.  There wasn’t that much blood.
He collided into something.  As he stumbled and turned, he heard an expulsion of air and then saw Allison falling backward.  LJ caught her before she hit the ground.  When he looked at her, his body involuntarily started, and all thoughts of Sabine fled his mind.
“What’s happened? We have to get you to the hospital!”
She was covered in blood.  It stained her clothing, her skin, even her hair. LJ had never seen that much blood.  He held onto her, lifting her fully to her feet.  “Can you walk?”
She smiled up at him.  “Of course.  I thought you’d stood me up."
“I’d never do that.  Are you sure you can you walk?  I can carry you.”
She ignored his questions.“Why don’t we stay here?” She tugged on his hand as he took a step. 
She had to be in shock, or suffering a concussion or something. LJ looped his arm around her waist to support her. “Come on, we need to go."
Allison looked as if she would argue but then smiled.  “Of course.”
LJ looped his arm over her shoulder and breathed out in relief. The camp was only fifteen yards away, and she didn’t seem to be having any trouble walking.
They stepped from the cover of the trees into the clearing and for a moment LJ’s brain couldn’t reconcile reality with that met his eyes.  When it did, he did something he never imagined he’d do.
He screamed.
Preorder your copy of  Longing (Legacy series book 1)

Okay to the good stuff!! Let's get to know more about YOU!!

Amanda: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
CIANA: First, thank you for buying my books.  I know how precious reading dollars are so it means a lot to me that you use some of those dollars on my books.  Second, if you follow me on social media and notice me being irreverent at times about issues, please don’t take offense.  There are so many issues that upset people and so many people looking for issues to upset them that I tend to lean toward funny, sweet and irreverent.  There are a blue million people out there bringing us down- I think we need to balance that out with some smiles.

Amanda: Do you write while listening to music? If so what kind?

CIANA: Whatever is a complement to the scene.  I see the scenes so the music needs to fit like the score of a film.  Yeah, that was clear as mud, right?  Okay, straight answer - sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.  There are no rules or set patterns in my writing world.

Amanda: If you couldn’t be a writer anymore, what profession would you take up?  
CIANA: Intergalactic space pirate
Amanda: What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?
CIANA: Back up my file.  Or wait, that’s dull - I back up my file and THEN I get wild and crazy with a bottle of tequila.  Or I take a bubble bath.  Or kill zombies.  I really like killing zombies (hey, they’re not alive so it doesn’t make me evil).
Amanda: If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and specifically why?
CIANA: I would never travel to the past.  That’s already done and recorded, why would I go back.  Now the future?  That’s a different tale.  We already know what HAS happened, let’s take a peek forward to see what MIGHT happen.
Amanda: What question are you never asked in interviews, but wish you were?
CIANA: The most important and pressing question of all. Batman or Superman?  And why. And the answer is …Batman because if his superhero career fails at least he is still a billionaire and has the cool suit, gadgets and vehicles (not to mention the bat cave).  And you know Bruce Wayne likes to have some fun and is probably just a little bit on the kinky side.  Let’s face it, Bruce is like one of the original bad boys and you know how we love those bad boys.
Superman, on the other hand - if his superpowers fail what do you have left?  A farm boy who grows sorghum and is a reporter( and apparently not a very good one because he is not even on tv.) And being good is great, but every now and then a gal needs a dose of bad boy and unless he’s under the influence of dark Kyptonite Superman just doesn’t do bad very well.
Amanda: What do you do to unwind and relax?
CIANA: I kill zombies. Ride my half bike, work out, run on my elliptical, read, watch a movie, work in the yard, talk and laugh with my honeyman.  And kill zombies (Left for Dead 1 and 2)
I'd like to thank Ciana for coming by for a visit today!! Be sure to check out her new series and her other great books!! 
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  1. Ciana, welcome to Get Lost in a Story. What a hilarious interview! And that excerpt, brrr. I need to know what happened...rather, happens. You picked a great teaser!

    I don't like zombies. Feel free to get rid of them.