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Most Lone Wolves have a story—a pack they left behind, a love they lost, or worse, one they buried. Some leave their packs to roam because they crave freedom, and independence. Some leave because, in their hearts, they can’t bear to stay. Some leave because they see no way to go back…

Most wolves will roam at some point in their lives, fledgling adults leave to explore the world while more senior wolves may undertake a journey they always wanted to take. Many came home again, but Mitch Jackson didn’t. He loved his life on the road, first as a roadie for a rock band, traveling from city to city, then later as an animal trainer for a circus. He’s had a lot of jobs and all of them fun. Two years as an Enforcer hasn’t curbed his smile, but a rogue invasion of Russian wolves are enough to put a damper on anyone’s party, especially when they set their sights on the packs’ more vulnerable members.

Amelia Sullivan couldn’t stay in Willow Bend, not after her sister embraced the life she’d always wanted. It aggravated her that Shiloh’s defiance earned her a free pass from their family, and parents who’d raised them all to reject the idea of going wolf. Taking the first excuse she can to go to a cooking school on the west coast, she flees. The last thing she expected was an order to return home within three months of her getting away. She wasn’t a wolf, she doesn’t have to obey. Of course, not following the rules proves even more costly than she can imagine when she finds herself a prisoner and the change she always thought she wanted forced upon her...

Rescuing Amelia seemed a straightforward job until Mitch realizes what they’ve done, then saving her life proves to be the easier task as she undergoes her first transformation far from any alpha. Can a happy go lucky Enforcer find the strength to keep her sane

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When their front bumper slammed into theirs, he gritted his teeth. When he crested 120 mph, they slammed into him again. They were not going away and it was growing harder to keep the vehicle on the road with every hit.
Double checking Amelia had her seatbelt on he put on, he ripped his down and locked it in.  Another glance at the review mirror showed him two figures in the car, though he could make out the backseat.
Trusting the airbags would deploy, he jerked the wheel to the left then slammed on the brakes. The SUV began to spin as its inertia took over. The other vehicle clipped the corner of his bumper jarring him as it shoved them further off the road and they slid sideways. He turned into the spin, but it was too late. The SUV flipped. He had no control as it bounced over and over rolling and until it finally came crashing down and sat on all four wheels. His jaw ached from the airbags deploying. The friction burn left his face raw, but Amelia slumped in her seat, unaware.
He listened for a split-second, determined her heart was still beating and her breathing was a little rough. Though it had been harsh before.
After breaking the seatbelt off, he wrenched the door open, then exited the vehicle. He made it out just in time to catch the side blow of a crowbar as one of their wolf pursuers brought it crashing down against his shoulder. He blocked the second blow, then jerked him forward and ripped out the other wolf’s throat. He had no time for games.
The beast gurgled but dropped still gripping the crowbar; Mitch abandoned him then rolled over the hood. The second wolf had gone straight for Amelia, and ripped off the passenger door. The wolf, sensing his assault struck upward with the discarded door and caught Mitch hard in the side, knocking him back several feet.
 Undeterred, he lunged into him They grappled, the wolf getting in more than his fair share of blows, including digging his claws into the injury Mitch sustained just above one kidney. Pain arced along his spine and sent hot lances digging into his brain. Snarling, he jammed his elbow into the man’s arm, twisted then snapped the bone. Pivoting, he jerked the wolf over his shoulder, and locked his hand against his chin. One yank, the wolf’s back broke. As the wolf went down to the ground Mitch turned his head they gripped each side of the man's head, then twisted hard.
Both wolves dead, Mitch headed to their abandoned vehicle.  Damaged and leaking fluid, the interior was empty. But at least the motor still ran, more than he could say for the bashed in vehicle he and Amelia had used. Retrieving his little human, he carried her over to the new car. After settling her inside, he turned up the air conditioning to help combat her fever.
Locating a gas can in the back of the car, he put the two bodies in their soon to be abandoned vehicle. After coating the bodies in gasoline, he pulled out the vodka and shattered them inside until it ricked. Finished, he tossed a lighter inside and left it to burn.
He didn't have time to stay and wait for everything to go –, but it should be more than enough to destroy all DNA any evidence of the wolves. As much as they needed to know who these wills were exactly, and their plans—the protection of pack secrecy was paramount. Retreating back to the new SUV he winced as he opened the door. Fresh blood slid down his side and soaked his jeans.
He couldn't put off shifting much longer.
The goals of escape remained the same. It wasn't until he turned the vehicle back on the road and started driving that he realized he'd forgotten it empty the phones off the other wolves.
Slamming his fist against the steering wheel he cursed.
Next to him Amelia let out another moan. She was hurting, and he’d added a car wreck to her experiences. 
“Hang in there, little sister. We’ll be safe soon.”
Though he might not have it in him to get her to the hospital, we wasn't that far from a turnoff which would take him east into the Sierra Nevada. His cabin was there—and completely unrelated to his passenger. They were also high enough up, the temperatures would drop and visitors would be noticeable.
He could get her fever down there, then seek medical assistance as soon as he was capable of defending her again.  A cough racked him, and flecks of blood sprayed the back of his hand.
Great he had internal bleeding too.
“New plan little sister,” he said adjusting his own expectations. The SUV he was driving was too noticeable for one, with the damage to the fender. But it was also one of the wolves the Russian wolves. If they had a way of tracking the vehicle he needed to ditch it before leading them to her.
They also needed a new vehicle. And they needed to disappear up into the Sierra Nevada.
After, he would shift. And shift again until he healed his injuries.
Another cough brought up more blood and he grimaced.
Of all the times to be without a phone, it had to be today. They lived in a digital world, where communication was easily accessible in a message sent in a heartbeat could be reached across the world. And right now—they were all alone.
“We got this little sister,” he told her. Faking it until he could make it. “I swear to you I will get you home.”
And if it was the last damn thing he ever did, he would.

National bestselling author, HEATHER LONG, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories—her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them, you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.

ANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
HEATHER:  As often as possible. I grew up loving books, and I’m a totally television and movie junkie. The better the story, the more likely I am to be lost in it. One of the greatest joys I experience as an author is getting lost in the writing.
ANGI: Hugh Jackman or Chris Pine?
HEATHER:  Hmmmm—Chris Pine! I love his eyes and the roguish smile.

ANGI: Can you tell us about a real-life hero you’ve met?
HEATHER:  I’ve been lucky to meet a lot of heroes, but my greatest hero raised me. My grandmother gave me the love of reading, and the will to pursue my dreams. She grew up in England, lived in London during the Blitz and drove an ambulance. She survived the war, then she married, raised two kids, and transplanted across the Atlantic. On the heels of losing her husband (he passed away in his sleep), she also fought cancer and had to wrangle a bratty kid (that would be me) and she never told me once I couldn’t do something. She used to read to me from her Harlequins cause she didn’t like picture books, and whenever something risqué happened, the characters took a nap or did their chores and I had to do the same. When they opened Star Tours in Florida, we went together to see it and it was the only point of the trip. Nan rocked.

ANGI: What do you like about the hero of your book?
HEATHER:  Mitch is the kind of carefree character who works hard and plays hard, but when he doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff. Nor from the tough love. He was pretty awesome, particularly when faced with a situation he never thought he’d have to deal with.

ANGI: Sand or Snow?
HEATHER:  I love snow, cause it’s pretty even if the cold leaves me aching.

ANGI: Superman or Batman?
HEATHER:  Batman!

ANGI: Would you rather be in a Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
HEATHER:  Can’t I be in an action adventure fairy tale? :D

ANGI: What’s your favorite rerun on television?
HEATHER:  Um…I don’t watch straight up television much because I have so many streaming options though I am a huge fan of Stargate SG-1, The West Wing, and Gilmore Girls (yep, my likes might give you whiplash) and I tend to rewatch them annually from beginning to end.

ANGI: Are you a Star Wars fan? Favorite thing about the reboot?
HEATHER:  I grew up on Star Wars. Before it was Episode IV, when it was just STAR WARS, I saw it opening weekend about four weeks after I turned 5 years old. I fell in love with Luke Skywalker, wanted to be Princess Leia, and adored R2D2. To say I loved those movies would be an understatement. I saw Return of the Jedi more than 300 times in the theater, and stood in line to see it for eleven hours…I even like the prequels, though I wish the story in the books had been more revealed on the screen. Amidala, like Leia before her was a kickass heroine, and capable of saving herself as much as saving the heroes. Those were as important to me in my late twenties as it had been when I was 5. I waited with nervous anticipation for The Force Awakens and didn’t read a single spoiler because I wanted to see if they could wow me. What I loved about the movie (and the subsequent prequel Rogue One) is too much too enumerate so let me simplify it: Rey and Jyn. They are carrying the torch Leia lit in 1977 and they’re doing her proud. Seeing General Leia was another thrill, this was a woman who never gave up fighting for what she believed in and yes, she’ll always be royalty to me, too. But the princess of my childhood became the General of my adulthood. It’s all the more bittersweet as we had to bid farewell to Carrie Fisher and her mother as both passed in December, but my affection and respect for both the character the actress created and the actress will never abate. Finally, I admit to a squee at the end when Rey finally gets to Luke, my little 5 year old heart sighed. I can’t WAIT to see Episode VIII

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: What’s one thing from your bucket list?
HEATHER’S GOTTA ANSWER:   I want to go visit the Parthenon in Athens, and to spend time in the sun there…to walk amongst the ancient structures and savor the taste of the past.

Website  Facebook    Amazon   Twitter: @HVLong

Wolves of Willow Bend 10.5

When a matchmaker gets toasted at the after party, she finds the perfect wolf for her in the most unlikely of places. Of course, the last thing he wants is a mate, much less a matchmaking one.

Hugo Ferrar is one busy Hound. Acting as a messenger for his alpha, he spends more time out of New Orleans than in it. Home in the Big Easy for only three days, Hugo has a strict schedule to adhere to—celebrate his brother’s mating, eat and drink his fill, and find a lovely wolf at the masquerade for a fling.

Lesley-Anne Saucier is drunk on life and one too many hurricanes. Her masquerade is just the kind of party Delta Crescent needs, especially since they are celebrating the mating of a popular couple—a match she helped to make. Avoiding her eager fans, Lesley-Anne is bowled over by a wolf in the garden—a stunning, male, perfect for her. The moon is full, the masquerade is in full swing, can the matchmaker find her own perfect mate?

First in the series
Rule #42 – Don’t be a hero. Heroes do shit for free and get themselves killed. It’s a lose-lose proposition.

From his leather Stetson to his long coat and choice of weapons, Shaw Sullivan is just a space cowboy who lives by his own code. A loner by choice, he accepted the contract to conduct a stellar census under duress…it was the only way to save his family’s ranch.

Sullivan has four years to complete the mission, and he has zero intentions of letting anything get in his way least of all a desperate woman who wants to hire him to be a hero.

Warning: This novel is not a romance. It’s a wild, space romp with some rough and tumble characters who aren’t all that likable most days.

Wolves of Willow Bend, 9.5
The wolf days of summer are here...

Meet Jake Danes of Hudson River—Lone Wolf, avid gamer, extreme sports enthusiast, and surfer. He’s spent the last two years roaming free, exploring the world and escaping the dark place his pack had become after betrayal and murder tore them apart. Sure, life changed back home, but Jake’s having way too much fun to return—riding the waves in Monterrey and living out of a van. It’s the perfect life, one he never wants to give up, no matter how many calls he’s fielding from his big brother…then he catches her scent.

Mimi Chase wanted one perfect year. Time away from pack politics and her mother’s matchmaking efforts. Ever since her big brother settled into mating with a healer, Mimi’s mom seems to have gone into overdrive—throwing her at every eligible male in the pack. Choosing to roam seemed the best option, and California the ideal location to get away from everything pack related. Her plans for art classes, yoga on the beach, maybe a cooking lesson or two while living a hippy dippy lifestyle are all she cares about…until another wolf butts into her every activity. Doesn’t he know the rules?

Lone Wolves aren’t supposed to form relationships, so why doesn’t he catch a hint? Worse, why isn’t she working harder to make sure he does?

Going Royal #1
It's The Role of a Lifetime...

Living out of a car and waiting tables to make ends meet is hardly the stuff of fairy tales. So when a gorgeous man approaches Alyx Dagmar with a wild story about her royal lineage and an even wilder proposition, the aspiring actress is sure he's got the wrong woman. 

Self-made billionaire Daniel Voldakov needs connections before he can expand his software business into Europe. A blue-blooded fiancée would open all the right doors--and Daniel's certain he can tempt the pretty but penniless Princess Alyxandretta to accept the part she was born to play.

Alyx can't resist Daniel's offer, and throws herself into the role. But as the paparazzi fall in love with their "storybook romance," Alyx finds herself drawn to Daniel in ways she'd never imagined. Are his returned affections true, or all just part of the plan? He'll do anything it takes to prove his love, and to make her see that the only happily ever after he wants is with her...the real her.

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