A Sexy Wild Ride into the Dark Heart of the Zombie Apocalypse.

"I've always wanted to write an action-packed zombie book filled with humor, horror, and of course—a red hot romance. My latest release is a sexy wild ride of a novel that takes you straight into the heart of the zombie apocalypse." —Jillian 

Setting: Sometime in the near future, 190 kilometers SE of Zaatari Refugee Camp, Syrian Desert, Jordan
Backstory: It took less than six weeks to turn seventy-five percent of the population of the Middle East into the walking dead. Another fifteen percent took their own lives before contracting the pathogen. "That left the rest of us hanging on by our fingernails. Radio reports from the region called us survivors—like we were some bloody reality TV show." —Lizzy Davis 

Here's the back cover blurb: The zombie apocalypse is on, and Lizzy Davis is determined to survive any way she can. As a surgeon, she’s used to saving lives; not cutting into the basal ganglia to make sure the patient stays dead. When the refugee camp is overrun by zombie hordes, Lizzy manages to escape only to run into Black Hawk pilot Chris Oakley in the middle of the Syrian Desert.

Lizzy and Chris fight off zombie attacks as they make their way toward a joint military air base northeast of Kirkuk. Just one problem, they’ll have to pass through the drone-patrolled DMZ— Dead Meat Zone. To get there, they form uneasy alliances with French-Arab commandos and a black ops interrogator who’s slowly rotting before their eyes.

Along the way, Lizzy and Chris manage to find time for each other—the sizzling red-hot lovemaking kind of time. And who knows? They might have a chance at love if they live long enough. 
Warning: Features red hot to erotic love scenes.

Meet the Characters

Greetings from the z apocalypse.
Speaking of a badass partner, Black Hawk pilot Chris Oakley, Night Stalker Spec Ops 160th Airborne SOAR.
Imagine you're out of gas in the middle of the Syrian desert, fighting zombies with a machete, and this guy shows up. 
    After his chopper is shot down by an RPG, Chris rolls into Lizzy's life on a monster Ducati motorcycle—just in time to help her fight off a zombie pod. 

   Chris jumped off the hood of the truck.“We need to fall back.”
  “Why?” I protested. We’ve almost got 'em.” He flipped down my night vision goggles.
   Chris reloaded the M4 and the two pistols, while I scanned the surrounding desert. “Nothing—no wait.”
   Several new pods were coming in fast.
   “At least two dozen biters. Crap—we’re doomed.”
   “Not if we fight from higher ground.”
     He grabbed my hand and we scrambled up the rise toward the motorcycle. “Maybe we ought to take off on the bike?” I asked.
   Chris dug into a saddlebag full of ammo. “Our food and water is in the truck, along with your clothes and a medical kit. He looked up and flashed an irresistible smile. “Man up, Lizzy, we can take these guys.”

Make love, not war—unless it's zombies.
Lizzy Davis, M.D., has survived for three days alone in zombie infested territory.
   “I angled low and parallel to the ground to keep the blood spray out of my eyes. Three strikes usually does it, but not always. I've had to chop away at some brains, especially when I'm tired. I sucked in air, and moved onto the next z, and the one after that. Comic book fight sounds come to mind as I hack my way through undead bodies. Wap! Thwack! Splooge! It helps.
    Between swings of the machete, I glanced north. A dust cloud raced along the ridge in the moonlight. Too fast for zombies and the wrong decibel level, but different enough to roust me out of my blood lust.
    Before I could hack into the next crawler, a violent sting of air ripped through the sleeve of my t-shirt. Bullets are eerie that way—a nanosecond layer—pass-zing! The bullet buried itself in the wriggling carcass behind me. 
    I kicked the biter off and spun around.
    A dust cloud in human form returned my curious gaze.
    Male. U.S. military. Possibly attractive, hard to tell, a faded bandana covered his lower face. Between the scarf and the helmet, watery eyes smudged with road grime, narrowed.  
    I stared fixedly at the intruder with a gun. It was too dark for him to see my cheeks turn red. But that didn't stop me from suffering a moment of extreme self-consciousness. I wore a cut-off T-shirt with a hole in the sleeve, skivvies, and combat boots. And oh yeah, a military issue utility belt straddled my hips. Without a mirror check, my guess was more Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus than Tomb Raider Laura Croft. 
    Zombies didn't give a shit about me in my underwear, but this guy was a far cry from undead. 
    Blood dripped from the tip of my machete. 
    I pointed the blade at him. "Stay the hell away from me."

Readers will also encounter a cast of eccentric supporting characters, including: Deranged, black ops CIA zombie lord, Ivan Ivanovich. Milky gray eyes sparked to life and roamed up and down my body like he had x-ray vision. "I don't always remember whether it's Ivan or Ivanovich, so I use both." He seemed to find his memory loss amusing.

Finally, there are the zombie hordes, which include hybrids, from zombie bats to smart cyborgs with lizard brain implants. And something else much more terrifying:
    A blue haze hung in the air and there was an acrid, chemical smell. Ten feet away, Chris and Ivan crouched behind a table they'd turned on its side and made into a barricade. I backed off and plastered myself against the wall. What where they up against? Terrorists? U.S. Army? Qatar's finest?
    Chris and Ivan both turned at once and fired at—something—but what was it? I saw nothing. Nothing but smoldering carpet and broken windows. Wait. Something was moving out there. A shimmer in the fog of debris particles…

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A word from Jillian about the giveaways: EAT, SLAY, LUZT will be available in paperback February 24th. I'm currently proofreading the print version and have ordered a few extra copies. I have three signed copies to offer GLIAS readers! 

Commenters: I've sprinkled excerpts throughout this post. Find the answer to one of the following questions and you will be included in the raffle for the following prizes: One lucky reader will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Three readers will win a signed copy of EAT, SLAY, LUZT. And three lucky readers will get their choice of the following cool zombie patches:

Here are your questions: 1. How many weeks did it take to turn 75% of the population of the Middle East into zombies? 2. What make of motorcycle was Chris riding when he came across Lizzy fighting zombies in the desert? 3. Why does the deranged zombie lord call himself Ivan Ivanovich?
Answer one question or you can answer all three and get three chances to win these prizes! Remember to include your contact information along with your answers in comments. Good luck!  



  1. I'm so excited to finally be able to share a bit more about EAT, SLAY, LUZT with all of you. This book is quite a departure for me, but I had a blast writing this novel. Enjoy the post and don't forget to leave a comment to qualify for the raffle!

  2. Looks like an interesting read. Answer to #1: Less than six weeks.

    1. Oops... Here are the answers to the rest: #2. Ducati #3. He can't remember if it's Ivan or Ivanovich.

    2. 1. less than six weeks
      2. a monster Ducati motorcycle
      3. can't remember which one, so he uses both names
      greenshamrock atcox dotnet
      Thanks for sharing!

    3. Hope you all get a chance to read EAT, SLAY,LUZT—it was a blast to write!

    4. B. Chambers: Congrats! You have won your choice of a zombie patch or a Kindle ebook copy of EAT, SLAY, LUZT. But I cannot send you your prize if I don't have contact info! Please leave here in comments or contact me: jillstone@icloud.com

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  3. Sounds interesting.
    1) less than 6 weeks


  4. less than 6 weeks

  5. It was 1. in less than 6 weeks.2.a monster Ducati motorcycle we had one in our foster home and my foster dad used to take us for a ride all down skyline and up to Woodside, ca and then all down hwy 35 it was so neat to ride on that i always thought i was in trouble he took us maybe 3 times in the 10 years i was there. oops sorry off the track. 3. he uses several names i think 2 not sure ....Wow wish i had the body of the lady who is kneeling down in the pic!! sounds good . Thank you for visiting us at Get Lost in a Story.

    1. ptclayton: I need your contact information to award you your prize! Please message me here at GLIAS, or email me: jillstone@icloud.com

  6. Less than 6 weeks to turn them, He rides a Ducati & He says it's because "I don't always remember whether it's Ivan or Ivanovich, so I use both." :)
    Thanks for the chance to win Sounds like a really great book. iamabho (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. 1. less than 6 weeks
    2. Ducati
    3. he can't remember, so he uses both

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  8. 1: Less than 6 weeks.

    2: Ducati

    3: Uses both as he can't remember whether it's Ivan or Ivanovich.


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