Harlequin Desire Author, Lauren Canan!


For wealthy real estate CEO Cole Masters, a weekend in New Orleans means meeting a beautiful woman and blowing off some steam. No names. No strings. So, months later when the same woman shows up on his doorstep, it’s a shocker. Even worse, she’s an anthropologist with a court order to access his property and temporarily shut down his current project.
For Tallie Finley, this mission is both professional and personal and Cole could prove too tempting a distraction. Will her efforts to uncover her family legacy be derailed? Especially when she discovers she’s expecting his child?


One Night With The Texan is part of the Masters of Texas series.


Lauren Canan has always loved the written word. Her first stories about dragons and puppies will never see a bookstore shelf, but writing has been a life-long love affair. Add in a great romance and she's hooked. She can’t really see herself doing anything else.

Lauren lives in Texas with her hubby, Terry, her Tennessee Walker, Tobias (Toby), two Wire Fox Terriers and a mouthy parrot named Bird.

Jan Schliesman: Do you ever get lost in your own stories?
Lauren Canan: Yes, I do! I don’t think I could write the story otherwise. I have to get in the character’s head, become part of their life and experience the emotions they feel as the story develops. Happiness, sadness, completely in love, the devastating grief when they can’t be together and the emotional swell when the miracle happens and they work it out – I’m right there with them every step of the way!

Jan: Name three things on your desk right now.
Lauren: My cell, a picture of my horse, and dust bunnies growing in one corner.

Jan: Do you struggle to find fresh ideas or do they come naturally?
Lauren: It does take quite a bit of thinking to create the basics of a story. Once I have an idea and get the first few chapters down on paper I generally let the characters tell me the rest. It’s just a matter of keeping up!

Jan: What do you love most about your latest release?
Lauren: The heroine is an anthropologist who believes she may find proof of her family’s heritage on the hero’s land. I’ve always loved things from the past. I’ve found razors, compasses and belt buckles from the Civil War era. American history intrigues me. It always has. Then, of course, there is the hero…  J

Jan: What are you currently reading?
Lauren: A manual on how to put ink in a new printer! It isn’t very romantic.

Jan: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Lauren: Absolutely.

Jan: If you had the skills to be in any other profession, what would it be?
Lauren: Oh gosh. This is a tough one. I’m doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing. I guess maybe a pilot. A bush pilot in Alaska. I love the mountains and I love to fly!

Jan: Best vacation you’ve ever taken?
Lauren: Back packing around Europe one summer. Met some great people and saw some wondrous things.  

Jan’s GOTTA ASK: My hubby works for Tombstone/DiGiorno. What do you like on your pizza?
Lauren’s GOTTA ANSWER: Anything and everything EXCEPT those little fish. J


THANKS SO MUCH, Lauren, for sharing your writing world with us. Check out the Rafflecopter below for you chance to WIN a copy of One Night With A Texan!

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  1. Welcome back, Lauren! Looking forward to reading One Night With The Texan!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am a sucker for books like this one!
    As for fav Valentine's candy.... lately I have been on a kick for Russell Stover's Pecan Delights! Yummy! :)

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