Get Lost in Angel Unleashed by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

A fine line between vengeance and desire…
As an immortal Blood Knight, Rhys de Troyes is familiar with quests. It's obvious that the ethereal beauty who just arrived in London is on one of her own. But Avery Arcadia Quinn seems intent on keeping her secrets, even as Rhys strips away all her defenses.
A grounded angel, Avery seeks to recover the wings stolen from her centuries ago when the Knights were created from her suffering and pain. She swore vengeance, but her burning connection with Rhys threatens to consume her anger, her mission…and even her vow to destroy him.

A Sneak Peek at Angel Unleashed

   She had come for tattoos. Those new tats were vivid, red and raw, adding an overlay of color that contrasted greatly with her skin. She’d chosen wings. Dark blue, light blue and gray feathers with blood-red tips spanned from one of her shoulders to the other, expertly filled in. The result was spectacular.

   Rhys stared intently at this incredible apparition.

    Strands of her white hair—long, straight, shiny—cascaded over one of her shoulders to partially cover the right side of the tattoo. Both shoulders quaked slightly, not from cold, but as if the violence of the needles used to create the wings had affected her. Her emotional turmoil was discernible from where he stood.

    Although she was aware of him, the graceful creature on that cot didn’t turn around. Maybe she waited for him to make the first move. Unfortunately, that move didn’t include any of the demands he had planned on using for getting to the root of who she was and what she was up to. What bubbled up from him instead was a show of sympathy.

    “Bloody hell,” he whispered hoarsely. “What have you done?”

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More on the Blood Knight Brotherhood

Immortals. Angels. London. Deadly quests... Welcome to the world of the Blood Knight Brotherhood, where danger lurks around every corner, and there's always something new in the shadows.

You  might have already met some of my sexy Knights in this stand-alone series of books. If you haven't, here's a brief rundown on the tales.

Made immortal in the time of the Round Table and recruited for a specific quest involving the Holy Grail, seven knights became known as the Blood Knight Brotherhood, or The Seven. One knight per book is how we meet them today, in our century, still pursuing their quest. I guess we could say my Blood Knights are the knights of old, much updated, much sexier . . . and way more dangerous.

In "Golden Vampire," we met Lancelot, going by the name of Lance. In "Guardian of the Night," and "Immortal Obsession" we met two more dark, hunky Blood Knights. In "Immortal Redeemed" we met a gloriously leather-clad Galahad, now calling himself Kellan and riding a Harley instead of a steed.

In "Angel Unleashed," we find Rhys de Troyes, another Blood Knight, in London. This time, however, it might not be a mortal woman who attracts his attention. It just might turn out to be another immortal with a quest of her own.

What could bring downed angel Avery Arcadia Quinn to London, and why is she hiding from the Blood Knights? Where are her wings? Why is the attraction between Avery and Rhys so immediate and overwhelming?

 Immortal versus immortal is how this goes down . . . Blood Knight vs Angel. And plenty of sparks fly.

Avery's story was inspired by a couple of images I had found and taped to the wall above my desk. I've included them here so you can see a bit of what Avery should look like... and also see an image of Rhys.

I love fast-paced stories about danger and the supernatural. I love writing about forbidden love, and how that might work out.  So, if, like me, you adore magical words like danger, sexy,and forever... this book is dedicated to you.

Cheers for now-

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom is an award-winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance novels and novellas, with books published by Kensington Brava, Amazon Montlake, Harlequin Nocturne, Harlequin Desire, and GothicScapes.

Linda lives in the west, and is a teacher by day and a writer by night. She loves more than anything to write, and hopes you will come along on the wild, wonderful ride with her.

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