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Love Inspired Historical
Bound by a Child 

Hoping to overcome her reputation as Leadville, Colorado's biggest gossip, wealthy socialite Flora Montgomery offers to help a miner care for an abandoned child. But her growing affection for the sweet boy's handsome rescuer could be a problem. Especially since her parents insist she must marry for money. 

Undercover mine owner George Baxter is digging himself into a dilemma. The once-spoiled Flora has become a delightful, generous woman, and she'll be devastated by his deception. Yet if he can't discover who's sabotaging the mine, George will lose any chance of making a home for Flora and Pierre. Can the little boy who holds both their hearts help them lay claim to a new dream of family?

A self-professed crazy chicken lady, Danica Favorite loves the adventure of living a creative life. She and her family recently moved in to their dream home in the mountains above Denver, Colorado. Danica loves to explore the depths of human nature and follow people on the journey to happily ever after. Though the journey is often bumpy, those bumps are what refine imperfect characters as they live the life God created them for. Oops, that just spoiled the ending of all of Danica’s stories. Then again, getting there is all the fun.

ANGI: What will always make you smile, even on a bad day?
DANICA: My Fluppies, which is the nickname for my dogs. They even have their own hashtag, #fluppies, so go find them if you’re having a bad day.

ANGI: Favorite date night…fancy or at home?
DANICA: I have teenagers! Get me out of my house!!

ANGI: What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?
DANICA: Take a nap.

ANGI: Daffy Duck or Donald Duck?
DANICA: Well, I’ve had a duck named Daffy and a duck named Donald. But since Donald died, we’ll go with Daffy.

ANGI: What’s your favorite thing about your book’s hero?
DANICA: I like that he really cares for others and takes serious responsibility for those he considers under his care.

ANGI: What has surprised you the most about your book’s heroine?
DANICA: That she even got a book. She’s been somewhat of an irritating character in a couple of the other books, so I didn’t think she was heroine material. But then she spoke to me and made sure I knew I was wrong.

ANGI: Got a favorite song? What makes it special?
DANICA: 40 by U2. I love that a rock band took a Psalm, made it into a song, and it’s loved by people from all walks of life.

ANGI: What’s your perfect day?
DANICA: Waking up when I want, doing a little exploring in some new place I’ve traveled to, then hanging out by a pool and writing.

ANGI: Soup or salad?
DANICA: We just had soup for dinner, and I’m craving a salad, so salad it is.

ANGI: Geek or Jock?
DANICA: I am a geek through and through. No one would ever accuse me of being a jock.

ANGI: Favorite inspiration
DANICA: Traveling to various historical sites. I am always curious about the people who lived there and what they were like.

ANGI: The most daring thing you’ve ever done… Care to share?
DANICA: I never think of myself as a big risk-taker, and I don’t like a lot of daredevil type things, but a lot of people say that our move to the mountains was pretty daring. We’d always wanted to live in the mountains, and I was getting tired of saying, “someday,” so I told hubby we needed to make a plan. Well, that turned into selling our house much more quickly than we anticipated, without knowing where we would live. We literally had no place to go, because the market here is so hot, both for buying and renting homes. Long story short, it was an 11th hour miracle finding our mountain home, and now we’re living in a construction mess as we add on to this crazy old mountain house that we’re turning into our dream home. We’ve been under construction for about two years, and still a lot more work to do. Did I mention we’re doing all the work ourselves? 😊
ANGI: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
DANICA:  Wakko Warner.

ANGI: Champagne or Soda?
DANICAChampagne. Always.

ANGI’s GOTTA ASK:  Please share a picture of your favorite shoes and tell us why you like them?
DANICA’S GOTTA ANSWER:  I’ll admit, I’m not a shoe person. I have a handful of pairs of shoes, most of which I never wear. However, because of the construction at the house, and because my feet get cold, I always wear my slippers in the house. They’re pretty comfy and cozy.

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Widower Luke Jeffries needs a mother for his three young children, whether or not they agree. When he meets Nellie McClain at the mail-order-bride agency, Luke thinks his problems are solved, but they've only just begun. Though the beautiful widow awakens his grieving heart, Luke won't betray his cherished wife's memory. 

A marriage of convenience is exactly what Nellie wants, since she's been wounded by love before and doesn't plan to risk her heart again. But despite her chilly reception at Luke's family's simple Colorado cabin, her feelings for Luke and the children grow deeper every day. Can Nellie and Luke heal the pain in each other and finally make their family whole again?





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  1. I would love to know where those slippers came from!!! They do look cozy warm!!

  2. I'd like to read more Leadville books.

  3. The slippers came from TJMaxx, so I don't know where you'd find them now. They're aerosols brand, so maybe hunt for them online.

    Thanks Rita! This is my 6th book set in Leadville.

  4. Small world! Nice to see you here, Danica!

  5. matchmaking women ranchers

  6. Thanks for having me again, Angi! I always love hanging out with you!

    Nice to see you too, Nancy!

  7. I am unsure. I hope it is a surprise.